Does Tj Maxx Sell Gift Cards? (all You Need To Know)

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When purchasing gift cards, first, check to see that the card will work at your store. Some gift cards are limited to certain locations and/or locations that may not accept international cards.

Does TJ Maxx Sell Gift Cards In 2022?

The gift cards that can be used at TJ Maxx and Marshalls retail stores and online can be purchased and used in amounts up to $200. Gift cards in amounts up to $200 can be purchased in-person at a TJ Maxx store, mailed in a flat rate Priority Mail box or sent as e-gifts. The gift card can also be purchased online and shipped to a US address; the recipient needs to provide their mailing address in the shipping screen.

So, if you are interested in knowing more about the TJ Maxx card, then carry on reading below for more useful information.

Does TJ Maxx Sell Gift Cards?

If one’s going to buy a TJ Maxx gift card, the best thing to do it is to buy a Target gift card for someone else.

A gift card is always a thoughtful gift, because they can either use it to buy something they would normally have to buy themselves or they can spend it on someone else.

You can buy Target gift cards in stores and online. You can also use them when purchasing items on the Target website.

How Much Can I Put on a TJ Maxx Gift Card?

If you have a TJ Maxx card, you can purchase a gift card in any denomination.

Can I Add a Message to a TJ Maxx Gift Card?

TJ Maxx gift cards are like a blank canvas, allowing you to express your creative side.

You can send a gift card, either e-gift card or physical gift card, to anyone who is using your Microsoft account, just like you would send a gift card to anyone you know. If the person you want to send a gift card to isn’t using your Microsoft account, you can choose to send a gift card to that person, which can be redeemed at one of the places where you can buy gift cards.

E-gift card designs include holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays. They are available in Spanish language versions.

Where Can TJ Maxx Gift Cards Be Used?

TJ Maxx gift cards can be used at all TJ Maxx stores (US and Puerto Rico) and Marshalls stores. They may not be used at any other TJ Maxx or Marshalls stores.

The list of items they do not accept is also available here:

These gift cards can also be used in the local stores, Marshalls and Target.

If you would like to purchase a gift card online, you should choose the gift card option on your payment page during Checkout. You will have to enter the 19-digit gift code into the payment form and the 4-digit CSC security code.

Gift cards can be used as a substitute for a card number, promo code or one credit card to make up the total payment for your online order.

How Do I Buy TJ Maxx Gift Cards?

You can buy TJMaxx gift cards on the web at the TJMaxx website and at some grocery stores. You can also buy them at some other stores that sell gift cards, like big grocery stores and drug stores.

How Do You Check the Balance on a TJ Maxx Gift Card?

You can look at your TJ Maxx card balance online and see if it’s been credited with the amount you spent at your favorite TJ Maxx store. If you’re unsure about your balance, just stop by your store or call customer service at 800-966-3511.

To check your online balance at TJ Maxx, visit the Check Your Gift Card Balance page on TJ Maxx’s website. The page will have a link to enter your card number and security code (CSC) in the online form.

It is extremely important when opening a TJ Maxx Gift Card, that you are wearing gloves.

You cannot add more money to the card. If you try, you will receive a message stating that the card has been declined.

Does TJ Maxx Sell Third Party Gift Cards?

If you have a gift card for a store that you want to use, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal gift cards.

However, if you’re going to a gas station or a restaurant, you can use your card to pay for merchandise.

Do TJ Maxx Gift Cards Expire?

There is no expiration date on TJ Maxx gift cards, and they can be used any time in stores or online.

What Happens If a Gift Card Gets Lost?

If a lost gift card gets lost, a customer can call customer service to help by transferring the remaining amount from the lost card.

Can I Use a Marshalls Gift Card at TJ Maxx?

Gifted cards can be used for purchases at the TJ Maxx retail stores and at

If you want to learn more, you can also see our post on whether or not TJ Maxx can take credit cards, and if you can get the price match guarantee.


The TJ Maxx gift cards you can purchase online are gift cards that are linked to your TJ Maxx account. You can use these gift cards at the TJ Maxx stores you’ve linked to your account.

TJ Maxx gift cards can be delivered by mail or by hand, and can also be emailed as e-gifts. They can be used online and at Marshalls, Home Goods and Sierra Trading Post stores.

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