Tj Maxx Return Policy (used, No Tag, No Receipt, Damaged + More)

You never know when you’ll find quality items at discount prices, but you’ll find a lot of them at TJ Maxx.

While TJ Maxx does allow you to return clothing items to the store at any time for store credit, the return policy is quite strict. For example, if you return a piece of clothing that is damaged, you will receive store credit only for the damaged area. They will also not let you return shoes that are not damaged or boots that have any kind of defect.

TJ Maxx Return Policy In 2022?  

TJ Maxx customers can return items within 30 days of purchase for a store credit, exchange or merchandise credit, while customers who purchase items online can receive a store credit or merchandise credit, as long as the return is made through the TJ Maxx website within 30 days.

You have to read about the TJ Maxx return policy to learn more about what that means! There are a lot of rules for this, so make sure to check them out.

What Is the TJ Maxx Return Policy for Items Purchased in Stores?

In order to ensure that we fulfill our customers’ trust, we accept returns within 30 days of purchase as long as you have a receipt.

If they paid with a debit or credit card, they should have received a refund. If they paid with cash, the retailer is not legally obliged to return the cash. If they paid with cash or a check, they should have received a refund.

A 10-day wait period is enforced for refunding a credit
or debit card payment.

Does TJ Maxx Accept Returns After 30 Days?

If you don’t have a receipt, but it was issued less than 30 days after the date of purchase, you can return the item. If the receipt was issued more than 30 days ago, you’re out of luck; we can’t issue a refund, but we will issue you some merchandise credit.

Can I Return Something From Marshalls at TJ Maxx?

If your order was $10 or more, then you can’t return any items to any store and you’ll have to pay a return shipping fee. If you had less than $10 in your order, you can return it for free.

But the price of the product from TJ Maxx was a little higher than Marshalls, so I’m willing to buy this product from TJ Maxx.

Can You Return Used or Damaged Items to TJ Maxx?

TJ Maxx accepts returns but there are a number restrictions. If you’ve used the item, it won’t be accepted. You also cannot return items that have been damaged or altered in any way.

If anything goes wrong, you will not be able to return it to TJ Maxx.

If you discovered that it was damaged beyond repair or you found that it was not what you expected, you may report it as damaged or missing.

Can You Return an Item With No Tag to TJ Maxx?

You can return items that don’t have a tag attached, but the exceptions to this are swimwear and lingerie, which should have the original tag attached. You can return tags separately if they have fallen off and attached them to an item.

What Is the TJ Maxx Return Policy for Items Purchased Online?

If the item is not as described or is not as shown, the buyer is responsible for any return shipping costs unless the item was damaged in transit.

You can return items purchased online at by mail or at a TJ Maxx store location. To complete the return, you must return the original box and packing materials, as well as the item itself, in the original package. The return label and shipping materials will be clearly marked.

You cannot return an online purchase directly from Amazon, but you can return via the Amazon marketplace or through a third-party seller at Amazon’s request.

If you’re lucky, a store will give you a Gift Code voucher to use on a future purchase.

*You can easily get a gift code back by returning the item at the store.

You will receive a cash refund for purchases made with a gift card. You will receive merchandise credit for purchases made with a credit card or PayPal payment method.

Can I Get an Exchange for an Item Purchased Online?

It’s not uncommon for items to sell out quickly as stores place orders for items for the upcoming holidays.

Are There Any Exceptions to the TJ Maxx Return Policy?

The TJ Maxx returns policy is that the merchandise must be in its original condition and not have been used or worn.

I have found that if you clean the product with a damp cloth before you return it, you will usually get good results… just make sure you are not using something like bleach!!

Although some items like swimwear and lingerie are returned if you do not have the original tags attached we are not responsible for the return of these items as you did pay sales tax when you bought the item.

If you open your beauty item or tamper/damage it, you lose the right to return it.

Can I Return an Item Without a Receipt at TJ Maxx?

When you return an item without the receipt, TJ Maxx will give you 100 cents off the current price of the item. You can also exchange the item for something else.

The merchandise credit is loaded on a TJ Maxx gift card which can be used at [insert name of chain] stores or Marshalls.

To return a product, you will need to show a valid government issued photo ID and your receipt at the TJ Maxx Return Center. If you are using merchandise credit, you may need to show your receipt again when using the merchandise credit.

Can TJ Maxx Refuse to Accept a Return?

If a customer makes too many returns without a receipt in a short period of time, or returns item(s) that cost more than $1,000 without a receipt, TJ Maxx may refuse the return.

Customers who are not subject to this policy should not notice a change in their service, and should not use the new policy to their disadvantage.

How Long Does It Take to Process a Refund?

You can return items at TJ Maxx stores. Your bank will probably take some time to credit your account, though.

Refunds are available up to 10 days of buying after the refund posting date.

You can learn more by reading our post on TJ Maxx return policy without receipt. You can read our TJ Maxx clearance return policy post for more clarification. And finally, you can read our post on when does TJ Maxx restock.


The TJ Maxx return policy states that customers can return items within 30 days from the date of purchase. Customers can also use a receipt or proof of purchase, or get store merchandise credit. Without a proof of purchase, return merchandise will be credited.

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