Target Apple Watch Return Policy (all You Need To Know)

Apple Stores are known for providing a high-quality of service and having great variety of products for the Apple users.

If you are not satisfied with your Apple Watch then you can return it back to the store. Apple doesn’t have a formal return policy for its products, while Apple Watch has a 30 day return policy.

Target Apple Watch Return Policy In 2022

 Apple Watch can be returned to the Target store for repair or exchange if you purchased the watch online or in-store. If you paid via Apple Pay or the Target RedCard, you will need to provide the receipt or online receipt in order to get a refund. You’ll also need to provide the model number to receive a refund or exchange.

In case something goes wrong you can always return your Apple Watch to Target without a receipt. If you return the watch with a receipt they will check the receipt for you, and if the Apple Watch has any issues you will get a store credit.

Can I Return My Apple Watch To Target After 15 Days?

If you bought this Apple Watch, you could return it to Apple within 15 days
of purchase for a full refund or exchange. Just visit a Target store or
order online, and we’ll refund your money.

According to online research, it seems that Target will refuse a refund or exchange for your Apple Watch after this period, and will issue you a merchandise return card that is only valid in Target stores. If you are outside of the US, you will still be able to return it to Apple.

Apple Watch will have the same price as the most expensive Apple Watch ever sold within the last 90 days.

There are exceptions to this and if you purchased it from Target using your Target red card, you have 45 days to return the watch under their return policy.

Additionally, if you purchased your Apple Watch from Target during one of the many Black Friday events, you may or may not have a return policy.

This policy will be posted on the website, and on the digital receipt if you bought the Apple Watch from The policy will be noted at the bottom of the receipt.

Can I Return My Apple Watch To Target Without The Receipt?

It is always good to have your receipt when doing a returns, but if your receipt from Target is lost you can still return your Apple Watch.

It is possible to trace your purchase when you add your card on the Target till system.

You can ask the employee to find your purchase at Target when you used any of these payment methods: Apple Pay or Apple Store Card.

If your Apple Watch was bought online with a credit card, you should have a digital receipt or barcode within your Apple website account to allow you to return or exchange the item conveniently.

In order to get your digital receipt or barcode, sign in to your Apple website account.

Can I Return An Opened Apple Watch To Target?

Although opened electronics purchased at Target are not eligible for returns, Target may accept returns on opened Apple Watches.

To qualify for a refund, you must be within the return window of 15 days and have a valid government-issued photo ID.

Also, if you have any questions when you are in the store or while you wait in the store, don’t be afraid to ask a Target associate. They are there to help you out!

If you don’t have a Target or other Target retailer in your region, you can also ask for a refund; visit to learn more.

How Can I Return A Faulty Apple Watch To Target?

If you buy an Apple Watch at Target then you can bring it back at any time if it’s faulty.

If you have a damaged Apple Watch, it’s best to take it to the Guest Services Desk as soon as you can to ensure that you will receive a replacement.
[Original (2)] If you purchased an Apple Watch outside of Target, you can send it in for a replacement or return to the seller from whom you purchased it.
[Paraphrase (2)] If you purchased an Apple Watch inside Target, you can return it to a Guest Services Desk.

If your order is damaged in transit you can contact Guest Services to request a replacement for your package.
If your package is damaged during delivery, you may contact the shipping company.

They have the right not to accept return of a damaged item unless there is a receipt or proof of purchase.

How Do I Return My Apple Watch That I Bought In-Store?

If you bought an Apple Watch at Target, visit its Guest Services desk at any Target store within 15 days and bring the receipt, along with a valid government-issued photo ID.

Once your purchase is verified your refund will be issued back to you via the original source of payment. So if you paid using a credit or debit card, be sure to carry the same card with you.

You should have received an email from the developer containing a receipt, an explanation of the reasons for the refund, and the contact details for the developer to assist you with the refund.

How Do I Return My Apple Watch Bought On

You should be able to return an Apple Watch purchased on to any Target store with the receipt or shipping label for a full refund.

You can also use the Apple Watch App to make payments on, and in-store, for purchases that are eligible for Apple Pay.

If you are mailing the Apple Watch to Target, shipping may be subject to a fee if the watch is broken or has a defect.

You can get a different gift card for just the right amount by choosing to return your Target purchase, or you can use an app that lets you get store credit without needing to return the item. For the latter, you can check out these tools.
If you just need to return your Target purchase, head to your Target to check out the return policy and the specific Return Policy Guide for your particular product.

Conclusion: Target Apple Watch Return Policy

If the battery hasn’t completely depleted by the time you need to return it, you’ll be able to use Apple’s Battery Status app for 15 days to see if it will last long enough. If it’s under 8 hours, it’s not worth the hassle and you should buy a replacement.

Make sure to get your Target return receipt or have an alternate proof of payment ready to hand to Target in order to avoid your Apple Watch being denied as a return and given a merchandise return card instead.

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