Target Computer Return Policy (used, Opened Box, No Receipt + More)

Target is a large retail chain that offers a wide range of products for computer use, like desktops, laptops, and accessories online.

However, it is important to note that there is a 5 day return policy on electronics, and only with a return authorization by the store.

Target Computer & Laptop Return Policy In 2022

Customers can return computers, tablets, and laptops they bought at Target within 60 days. They can also return computers, iPads, and laptops that were purchased with a Target RedCard.

If you are returning a computer you purchased online you can ship it back
to Target free of charge and the shipping will be waived and the cost

How Strict Is Target’s Computer Return Policy?

The Target return policy for electronic stuff is different from the regular return policy for opened and unopened items.

Under this policy, computers, laptops, and accessories must be returned to the store within 30 days in unopened and unused condition for a full refund. There is no warranty for the products. Any computer and accessories purchased from Kmart may be returned to one of our Kmart stores or to a Kmart store in your area.

Additionally, when you return the item you must bring the original receipt of purchase to the store.

Can I Return Used Computers To Target?

You cannot return items that you purchased online. We do however allow returns of in-store purchases.

– The current situation is that the items are kept in the warehouse and can’t be exchanged (even when I use the website).
– I’d like to be able to get them in my home country.

Can I Return A Computer To Target Without A Receipt?

As Target’s policy regarding the return of computers is strict, it is possible to be denied a return if you do not have the original receipt.

In any case, the worker must exchange the gift card they were given at the stores, at a store that’s open, for cash, which may then be used for Amazon purchases.

The Target store will not be able to provide you your merchandise if you cannot provide proof of purchase. If you are unable to provide proof of purchase, or the proof of purchase is damaged, stolen, or missing, the Target store will not be able to replace your merchandise.

– Credit Card
– Debit Card
– Cash
– Gift Card

** You acknowledge that any purchase transaction you make at Target may be tracked and verified by Target.

Make sure you have a receipt from your purchase or have the digital barcode or receipt from your account to prove your purchase. If you have the receipt, you can access the receipt via your account.

If you paid using cash and are unable to provide any proof of purchase, a merchandise return card will be mailed to you. This card can only be used in-store at Target.
If you paid using a gift card and are unable to provide any proof of purchase, the gift card will be returned to the card issuer. The gift card issuer will then issue you a merchandise return card.

Can I Return A Computer To Target After 30 Days?

You’re right, but they cannot return an empty box. You do not have to return the product to them or anything, as we can simply send out a replacement if you wish.

If you are using the app to find discounted merchandise and have been disappointed in prior purchases, I would recommend finding something you have purchased in the past that has a similar or lesser value as the $10 gift card so you can at least use it if the app doesn’t work out for you.

So, for Apple computers, you can get a full refund and can only return within 14 days. You cannot return the product before 14 days.

As you can see above, the above policies, specifically for Apple products, are very clear.

Can I Return A Gifted Computer To Target?

If you have a gift receipt, check your receipt to see if it covers the purchase, if it does, take the receipt to your local Target and ask for a refund.

The Target gift card is valid for a year from when it is purchased and may be redeemed towards any purchase in the Target store.

If a merchandise card was used with the transaction, you will be refunded in the form of merchandise cards.

If you have a gift receipt you can exchange for your purchased item on a different day than the one you purchased it on, please wait for that specific day to expire before exchanging it.

The other option is to have the item shipped back to you via a company like UPS or FedEx. You can call their customer service at 1-800-GO-UPS or 1-800-FPO-GIFTS (1-800-342-9797) to arrange for a carrier to pick it up and send it back to you.

How Do I Return Computers Bought In A Target store?

You can return an unopened computer or laptop to any Target store within 30 days for a full refund or exchange if you have the original receipt.

When you return your items through the Amazon return system, it’s important to be careful of what you send back. If you send back an Amazon Gift Card the amount of credit on the card may be reduced.

Head over to an in-store Target Guest Services Representative to have this card replaced. You will need a copy of your receipt and photo of your card with you. If you cannot get ahold of Target Guest Services, contact customer service by calling 1-800-591-3869.

Paypal: 2 days
Debit or Credit Card
Visa: 5 days

We will not be able to refund your order if you pay with a gift card.
However, we might be able to reorder the item(s) for another customer. If we
reorder the item(s) for another customer, then we will refund that customer
once the original order is cancelled.

If you return a product that is faulty then you are covered by the guarantee and can get a refund within 14 days.

How Do I Return Computers Purchased On purchases can be returned to any other Target store by bringing along any of the following.

Instead of returning a computer through the mail, you can also go to your account, select ‘Return’ and print the return shipping label. You will have to pay for the return shipping fees unless Target made an error during shipping.

If your order is being shipped to an address in the United States, we may ship your order by either a United States Postal Service or a United Parcel Service carrier.

How Do I Get A Longer Returns Window At Target For My Computer?

They announced that the target redcard doesn’t affect the return window for computers, but it’ll give Target RedCard holders an additional 30 days to return.

If you bought a computer with a Target RedCard, your credit card has sixty days to be used to return the item so you can get a full refund.

In addition, if the computer or product you purchased was a Target-owned brand, you will be able to get a refund, even if the computer was used or opened. However, you will have to get a receipt for the item you’re returning, unused and unopened.

To make the most of your Target shopping, you should check out these Target return policy posts: the Target return policy without a receipt, the Target return policy after 90 days, and the Target return policy for online orders.

Conclusion: Target Computer Return Policy

You can return a computer you bought from Target within 30 days of purchase as long as you have the receipt and the item is in new condition.

If an item is returned or exchanged, the customer is responsible for shipping the item through [Paraphrase]. If you return a Target item back to us, for any reason, your refund will be based on the same terms.

You must return a computer or item to store before you can receive a return authorization. You can return a computer or item to store without a receipt if you can provide alternative proof of purchase.

The item will be refunded at the price of the item.

Please keep your receipt. We are also unable to issue Gift Certificates for items returned in the Target Return Shipping Container nor can we refund your Gift Certificate. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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