Best Buy Laptop & Computer Return Policy (used, No Box, No Receipt + More)

Best Buy continues to provide good value for their loyal customers. They often provide a decent exchange and return policy for most of their items.

In case that any of the merchandise that you purchased from Best Buy doesn’t work as you expected, you might end up returning it to Best Buy. While your purchase is eligible for return, you must return it in a new condition.

Best Buy Laptop & Computer Return Policy In 2022?

Best Buy has a return policy that allows customers to return computers and laptops within 15 days of purchase as of 2022. If customers are not satisfied with the computer purchase, they can request to return, exchange or repair. It is recommended to bring all accessories, original packaging, and a receipt to process the return.

If you are not fully satisfied with the product that you purchase you can get that product back without any charge no matter how long you have owned it.

Can You Return A Laptop To Best Buy?

If you bought a laptop from Best Buy’s website or at a Best Buy store, you can return it within 30 days. However, you have to make a claim at the return center.

Dell, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Compaq, Toshiba, and more.

When you return the product to the vendor, you will be able to choose from several return options, including returns, exchanges or a refund.

If you need to speed up your transaction, be sure to have your packing slip or receipt, your credit card (if applicable) and your driver’s license.

A return request that lacks proof of purchase may warrant using an email address for security reasons. However, the request may be limited upon assessment by Best Buy employees.

Can You Return An Opened Computer To Best Buy?

You can return your computer to Best Buy within the return and exchange window of 15 days. After the 15 day return and exchange window, Best Buy is not responsible for your computer.

The Best Buy returns and exchange policy allows you to open the computer and inspect its functionality. If you are not satisfied with the computer, you can request repair or replacement.

You are required to present proper documentation when requesting for repair. See our Return / Exchange Policy.

If you need to return the computer, you need to include the original packaging and accessories.

If any of the products in your cart are missing, you won’t be able to add them to your cart.

Can I Return A Laptop To Best Buy Without A Receipt?

you have to return the laptop with a receipt after selling it on Ebay.

If you have multiple copies of your receipts or packing slips, please provide one of each.

Please provide your credit card information (number & expiration date).

They will try to match the SKU to the item to see if it has been stocked and will look up the order to see if the customer is eligible to return the product.

The best price is the price you see when you open a return. If you pay more for your return, you will receive an extra discount when you re-purchase the same product.

Can You Return A Laptop To Best Buy After 90 Days?

If you returned a laptop to Best Buy, you will be charged a restocking fee.

If you want to return a product purchased at Best Buy, you should do this within 14-45 days of the purchase.

How Strict Is Best Buy Return Policy on Laptops?

If you have a Best Buy Advantage membership, the warranty is extended for 60 additional days; if you don’t, it’s a 30-day warranty.

The return request must include all the packing materials from the purchase; otherwise, the items will be deducted for the missing ones.

When you make your purchase the card will be used to ensure that you have the funds to pay any balance on the card, and that the funds are not already paid by a third party. In the event you have any trouble paying with the card, we will refund you.

Some websites might sell fake software. This is a good time to compare what they are saying to what you see and know that it is 100% legit.

Can You Buy A Laptop At Best Buy And Return It?

Buying a laptop at a Best Buy and returning the laptop if it’s not the one you wanted is one thing, but buying a laptop at a Best Buy and returning it the moment you’re not satisfied with it is another.

In the current marketplace, most vendors will allow you to return, exchange or return the item if the computer isn’t working.

For instance, you can give it to the store and say, “I have a receipt and here is the receipt” and then ask about the warranty or any other products.

The return and exchange policy requires that you pack the laptop, together with original packing and contents, when returning it to the Best Buy store. This policy is intended for your protection and your protection must be our priority.

Is There A Restocking Fee For Laptops At Best Buy?

However, if Best Buy were to charge a restocking fee, it would have to give you a valid reason for doing so. In this case, Best Buy has none. If you want your return to be discounted for the price of a new computer, you’ll have to shop around.

The best buy restocking policy says if customer returns an item, they will be charged 1 or 2 percent restocking fee.

This is a list of items in which you have the option to choose the amount of damage that you want to get back.

What Is Best Buy’s Return Policy On Laptops?

Laptop returns must be made at least 15 days from the date of purchase for store credit.

If you have an encrypted laptop stored in a container, you should always have your encryption key stored in a safe separate location, and ensure that the container in which you store the laptop is also protected to prevent a hacker from
accessing the data.

If you buy a laptop from Best Buy, they will require that you put all of the original accessories and packaging that was shipped with it with the laptop; otherwise, they will deduct the amount of the package that is missing for the refund.

Best Buy reserves the right to reject your return request if the laptop has obvious damage or missing major components.

Best Buy may not be able to process your return
or refund request if you can’t prove you bought this phone online.

How Long Can You Return A Laptop At Best Buy?

The stipulated time is 15 days after the day you purchase the laptop.

The best place to learn more about the different types of computer return policies (and what to expect) is to read up on the Walmart, Target, and Costco return policies before you bring your laptop or tablet into one of their stores.


If you want to return or exchange a computer that you have purchased at Best Buy, you must follow the terms and conditions listed on the website and the receipt you received.

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