Buying Bread From Walmart (7 Things You Need To Know)

A convenience store that sells a great variety of food products, and sometimes a variety of clothing and household items. Most such stores are “big-box” stores with extensive merchandise, but some smaller stores specialize in a particular niche.

Well, if Walmart can deliver, great. If not, you have a problem. And there are some pretty good bakeries within driving distance of Walmart.

There’s a quality and a variety that may surprise you at Walmart. The store has an impressive selection of bakery goods that even rivals its rival.

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Buying Bread From Walmart In 2022

Is Walmart Bread Baked In Stores?

A self-proclaimed manager at the Walmart told us that stores sell some of the bread they bake.

You will see these on some of the bread and rolls in the bakery.

Another person added that the bread arrived at the store frozen. We then place it in a heated oven to warm it up before it is packaged and put out for sale the bakery aisle.

What Types of Bread Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart offers its customers a lot of different bread options, ranging from pizza dough to focaccia. They also offer fresh-baked breads.

Loaf, English muffin, baguette, croutons, baguette slices, bagel, and English muffin slices.

What Kind Of Artisan Bread Does Walmart Sell?

Every time you come to Walmart, the selection of artisan loaves you can often find will differ. But here are some examples of the artisan loaves you could often find in stock.

They have their own line of sandwiches, rolls and other breakfast foods. Try their bacon sandwich for a tasty treat.

The freshness guarantee carried various kinds of specialty breads, including a garlic herb French bread.

With the Everything bagel-type topping, you get a great taste and a nice crunch.

Marketside offers a variety of breads, including honey wheat, whole wheat and chocolate chip, and offers everything from the basic sliced loaf to whole wheat dinner rolls.

To get more information about the artisanally crafted bread, a small sample should be taken from the loaf to taste.

But watch out, because you can get a fancy bread treat at Walmart for a low price.

How Much Does Walmart Bread Cost?

Although it may take some time for you to get used to the taste, it may be worth it, especially if convenience and quality are important to you.

Bread costs less than $5, and it is most commonly eaten with meals.

The Freshness Guaranteed logo was a small, simple mark of quality on the front of the package. The logo was easy to produce and it was often on the front of the package.

If you’re looking for something less fancy, the $1.19 bread and rolls will not disappoint. You should avoid items like baguettes, which are about four times as expensive.

It’s safe to say that you will spend $5 for a single loaf of bread bought from Walmart’s in-store bakery.

Is Walmart Breasy Any Good?

I do not know it.

It’s a good idea to bring your own containers, but there are some pretty good containers at Walmart to use.

Influenster has reviewed a ton of products including the French bread from Walmart. They score it with a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Comments are leaving reviews like “I never really cared for Walmart bakery bread, but this bread is so good! I was pleasantly surprised”.

~~~ I also have the same feeling like you, but I couldn’t find it, even after I searched everything in the store.

A third fan said this French bread is just good to eat in fresh condition. It doesn’t have a hard outer crust so it is easy to tear apart and eat.

It’s pretty interesting, though. I do think I’m a bit more patient with it than most other people are. It just takes a lot longer to get to the “I think it’s amazing” point with the game.

The mission took writer Amy McCarley to the store, where she sampled a variety of their breads.

Dan Kane ate the Everything Italian bread while working.

The taste of this dish is definitely delicious. I wasn’t expecting a great garlicky flavor with the meat.

They both agreed that the bread is best when it’s toasted and that once it’s toasted, it is super flavorful.

The wheat Italian loaf didn’t fare too well in the taste test. It was even dryer than the other two loaves.

I can remember as a kid getting some bread at my grandmother’s house, but even then it tasted a little strange. I don’t think anything has prepared me for the taste of bread that comes out of a baggie from Walmart.

I enjoy the fresh and hot pasta at La Spiaggia. They make everything fresh and the pasta is so delicious. I love that you can order a bottle of their house red to enjoy with dinner.

I’m always surprised when I ask about loaves at bakeries and they slice them. They should be intact if you want to use them whole.

Des Walmart Sell Keto Bread?

It appears that Walmart does not bake their own bread in the store, but they do in their own bakery and deliver their bakery goods to other stores.

It sucks for us, as a Walmart shopper, because we’d love to have our own artisan pizza bread, but the prices are way out of reach.

If you’re eating low carb, there are many store-bought options, such as Keto Culture hamburger buns, and Nature’s Own honey wheat bars.

All you have to do is check out our blog post on Walmart bakery cakes, Walmart cupcakes, and getting Walmart donuts.


Walmart sells so many freshly baked breads for around $5 that they will probably eventually sell the same price for a lot less.

These are a lot of options you wouldn’t expect at Walmart, some of them are quite fancy for the price.

The bakery department at the grocery store is full of loaves that look like they should be a hundred times their size – but are actually tiny!

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