Why Is Usps Mail Forwarding Not Working? (try These Fixes)

The main thing you need to worry about when moving is whether or not your mail will arrive.

We also tried to reduce the number of words in the questions by reducing the word count to 4.

Mail forwarding is not always a piece of cake to set up and work well, but if you are worried about it, then have a look at our guide to how to do it.

Why Is USPS Mail Forwarding Not Working In 2022?

The problem is that it is not possible to track all changes of address. They are handled on a local level and the USPS does not have a central database to track whether a customer has changed their address. It’s not possible to know when a customer has changed their address with current systems. If a customer has moved, but hasn’t updated their address online, then the USPS won’t be notified. They’ll just deliver mail to the old address.

Mail forwarding was not working, and you have a few questions about it, so be sure to keep reading to learn more!

Does USPS Mail Forwarding Work?

It might be better than nothing, but you might want to check your local postal facility to see if they have any complaints about the service.

You can check your address online to see if your mailbox is located in a ZIP code where USPS is unable to deliver. You can also request that the USPS forward your mail.

To complete the form online, you must pay a one-time identification verification fee of $1.10 or complete it in person without payment.

The postmaster will begin processing request for mail forwarding in 3 business days. However, it’s best if you submit the request at least 2 weeks before moving.

How Does USPS Mail Forwarding Work?

If you want to have packages forwarded to your new address from your current address, you’ll need to fill out the forwarding form, print it out, have it notarized, and mail it to us.

The new address will be printed on the back of each piece of mailpiece. You can expect to get one piece of mail per week, for at least a month.

So, it’s definitely worth noting that using a mail forwarding service to redirect mail when you move is likely to result in more issues than it solves.

While this is a great temporary solution, it’s not a long-term solution. USPS will only forward your mail for the amount of time you request (from 2 weeks up to 1 year).

You will want to give your new address to your bank and government agencies so they can update your records and avoid any errors in your tax filings, etc.

Mail from service providers and government agencies is not eligible for forwarding. So it has to be sent to the appropriate address as soon as possible.

Mail forwarding is dependent on the type of mail service you have. Some require their own addresses. Others require a forwarding address. And some send only a copy of your mail.

Why Is My USPS Mail Not Being Forwarded?

There’s some problem with your DNS records (mail.foo.com resolves to 2 different IPs), or your hostname is not listed on a valid MX record.
You did not setup your mailserver correctly (and forgot it in the first place) – check out the help on configuring it.

How Do I Fix USPS Mail Forwarding Issues?

If you’ve changed your MX settings, double check your settings before you send off the message.
If you’ve tried to set a specific IP for your mail server, check your IP settings, especially if you’re using a dynamic IP.
Ensure that your SMTP server is functioning, and that there is nothing blocking the port you’re using.

You need to contact support to determine why your request may not have been submitted.

The change of address request should be reviewed as soon as possible. As soon as you receive the confirmation code via email or letter, you should check that the code is correct. If it is not, complete another change of address request as soon as possible.

If you suspect a clerical error in an order, you should contact the clerk of the court, the party who caused the error, or the clerk of the court, by mail, e-mail, or fax.

Because you don’t have a permanent residency visa in the United States, you are not eligible for employment authorization.

Try contacting government agencies you were expecting to get mail from. Check to see if they’ve sent you any mail recently. If so, request an additional copy, and be sure to update your new address.

The e-mail you just received has a ‘do not forward” request.

I have sent an email to the sender indicating that your address needs to be updated.

The request has exceeded the time limit
You can send a new request or make your change directly from the
table edit form.

Send messages to contacts and update their contact data with your new address.

In order to learn more about how your postcards are delivered to your customers, you can also read our post on the delivery status report.


Mail forwarding is a great service when it works, but unfortunately it’s prone to errors, both from the person applying for mail forwarding and from USPS. Luckily, it’s not a terribly technical fix and a simple Google search will turn it up.

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