How Do I Send Certified Mail Through Usps? (full Guide)

When you are sending an important document, whether it is a court notice or a notice of an eviction, you should make sure that your correspondence is well-timed, and is delivered safely.

When you want to send yourself a letter, there are two ways you can go: either you can use the regular mail service, or go with the Certified Mail service offered by us.

How Do I Send Certified Mail Through USPS In 2022?

You’ll need to make sure you’re using the proper certified mailing method and the postage you’re using is correct.

When the postal employee checks the package, there’s really only a few things they need to know.

You’ll need to tell them if you want them to hold the package for you and/or if you’re sending it to an address in Canada.

You’ll then need to show them your certified mailing receipt.

How Does USPS Certified Mail Work?

When you ship something, a label is placed on the package, and the Post Office can use the label to identify where the package is being sent from. Using this info, they can then verify the delivery.

Usually, when you send an important letter, you want to make sure that it reaches the intended recipient. This can be frustrating during a busy period. Mailing important documents is a hassle. This is why certified mail is sometimes used.

To prove that someone has actually received your letter, you need to return the letter with a return receipt.

If you select the signature option, this will be your last chance to edit and save the signature before it is permanently submitted. You will receive a copy of the recipient’s signature either by mail or electronically.

Send a letter using Certified Mail by filling out Form 3800, which is on page 5 of your letter. This form will ask for the recipient’s mailing address, the total cost of your letter, and your signature.

How Much Does It Cost to Send Certified Mail?

If you pay for postage yourself, then the postage amounts listed in the table above (USPS or First Class International) do not include any applicable tax. However, the Certified Mail amount listed above includes both the fee and the tax. So, if you pay for postage yourself, you would add the total listed in the table above for both the fee and the tax, then the postage total would be $6.50.

If you require additional services, such as, Priority Mail, 3-Day Select, or Priority Mail Express, then USPS will do everything they can to accommodate you.

If the postal service doesn’t deliver your mail within fifteen days, you can request a copy of the item’s contents by ordering a Certified Mail Return Receipt Request (Form 3800) for only a $1.85 fee.

What Can Be Sent as Certified Mail at USPS?

United States Postal Service offers a service called Certified Mail.

* Certified Mail
* Registered Mail
* Return Receipt Requested
* Certified Return Receipt
* Return Receipt
* Insured Parcel Receipt
* Registered Mail Insured
* Registered Mail Return Receipt
* Insured Mail Return Receipt
* Registered Mail Return Receipt Insured
* Insured Mail Return Receipt
* Registered Mail Return Receipt Insured
* Insured Parcel Return Receipt

This is because there is no return address on the outside of the envelope. If the sender was expecting a signature, then they are required to have a return address on the outside of the envelope.

How Long Does It Take to Deliver Certified Mail?

 It takes 4-7 business days for First Class Mail, 3-4 business days for Third-Class Mail, and 1-2 business days for Second Class Mail.

A First-Class letter can be sent from any address in the USA, and if the letter is not sent via the USPS, the US Postal Service is usually faster to ship the letter than FedEx. Priority Mail is usually more expensive, due to the fact that the USPS does not have their own private label mail.

Do I Have to Go to the Post Office to Send Certified Mail?

As long as you have enough postage and the proper forms to send your Certified Mail letter, you do not need to go to the post office.
So we can use the following rules.

You need to send your mail from a mailing address. A mailing address is a place where the mail gets picked up by a postal service employee and then sent to its destination.

Can I Track My Certified Mail Letter?

One of the many things that Certified Mail can do is make sure that the mailing is done correctly. Tracking this package is the same as tracking a package.

To track your USPS certified letter or box, type the tracking number into the USPS website and you’ll see where your item is.

Is USPS Certified Mail Insured?

To get insured mail, purchase Priority Mail before your package arrives or sign up for Track and Confirm.

If you used Return Receipt for your package and you don’t receive a copy back, it will be refunded after 30 days.

To sum it up, USPS Certified Mail is the fastest method of delivery, and it is also a lot cheaper than other methods, like USPS Priority Mail, which is slower and costlier.


Mail sent through the U.S Postal Service can be received by the intended recipient with the help of Certified Mail, which is the easiest way to send a package all the way to a different state or country.

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