What Is Certified Mail Usps? (+ Other Common Faqs)

There are many different shipping services available when you are shipping with USPS. Each one is tailored to suit a different set of needs, for example: Registered Mail or Certified Mail.

However, if you’d never heard of verified mail, you might wonder what it’s used for, and how to use it. If you’d like to find out, continue reading this post to learn more on this topic!

What Is Certified Mail at USPS In 2022?

A mail is sent to a business with a tracking number. The sender gets a shipping receipt that is kept by the business to prove that they were sent. It provides a record of delivery and that it was received by the business. This mail is kept for 2 years as of 2022.

You may also be wondering if Certified Mail is cheaper than Registered Mail. Read on to find out about the differences between certified mail and registered mail, if a signature is required for both types of mail, and more.

What Is The Difference Between Certified Mail And Registered Mail?

Certified Mail allows you to provide a copy of the recipient’s signature to prove you properly delivered the letter or package. If the recipient is missing or is not home, then the package is returned to the sender.

There are two different types of postage. The first is regular postage and the other is Certified Mail. You can use regular postage to send regular mail to other people. Certified Mail is for when you want to send important mail with official tracking.

Generally, Certified Mail is less expensive than registered mail, but it is not less expensive than priority mail. Also, it is not automatically insured, although it can be insured for an additional cost.

A return receipt is a receipt for the package that is sent back from the post office after it has delivered the package. The return receipt then provides the sender, the recipient and the post office with the delivery details of the package.

When we think of sending certified mail, we think of sending it to a specific address and as long as the mail is found with the original sender, it would be considered a return receipt for the specific address. When we think of Registered Mail, we think of sending it to an address and if you don’t know the address and the person doesn’t have a mailbox, they can just sign for it.

The most common types of shipments are Registered mail, which is typically used to ship items with a value of $25,000 or more, and is typically used to ship luxury goods, and Certified mail, which is used to ship items of higher value or smaller size, for example, a television which could be delivered by Registered mail or courier.

What Is Certified Mail Used For?

There are multiple reasons people use certified mail, however it is mainly used as a way to notify someone that your documents or package is being sent.

Certified Mail lets you send a document to a person that you need to talk to about a payment, a document about a legal case, or to notify them of a change in your address.

When certified mail is used, the sender can be certain that the letter will arrive in the proper hands, and in this way make sure that the recipient gets mail in their hands.

Certificated Mail also works as a receipt that the mail has been received by the addressee, so that the sender knows if the mail was delivered. The signature is kept on file at the post office for at least 2 years, which can be accessed to prove receipt of the mail.

Does Certified Mail Require A Signature?

The sender must know the exact cost of the package, in order to charge a signature.

The delivery signature is an additional proof of delivery (P-o-D), and as such provides evidence to the person or persons who signed for the package (a sender) that the package was delivered.

The recipient address is in the United States or Canada.
The return address belongs to a postal office or a private carrier in the united States or Canada.
The return address belongs to a federal or state government in the United States or Canada.

If you want to include a person who has a different address on the envelope than the person receiving the certified mail, it is necessary to create an additional certified mail receipt for that person.

A new form of mailing is being introduced to the United States Postal Service. Anyone can sign for a package. This is an exciting and new form of mailing.

Adult Signature Confirmation Certified Mail is for residents over 21 years of age, regardless of whether or not they are the intended recipient.

Restricted Delivery Certified Mail is only open to a single specified person or a specific business.

Finally, an adult restricted (or underage) delivery is the delivery of a package to someone who is under 21 years of age.

How To Send Certified Mail

If you’re trying to send certified mail, you’ll have to fill out a lot of paperwork to get the post office to accept your mail, so it might be easier to ask a friend or family member to pick it up for you at the post office.

You can find this at your local post office, and ask for Certified Mail 3800. It has a white and green sticker containing a barcode, and you can use that barcode to track your post.

When you send this out, you need to attach a cover letter to each card.

1. Once you’ve added all of the information on your envelope or package, make sure it’s the right size and pop that sticker onto the right edge of your envelope or package.
2. If you’re mailing a package to more than one recipient, then you need to be sure to put the sticker on the right edge of your package.

The options you’ve chosen are the return receipt to get a signature or just a regular email receipt.

What Happens If No One Signs For Certified Mail?

If the recipient of the CMA is not home at the time of delivery or refuses to open the box, the postal worker will leave a delivery reminder slip, informing the recipient that they need to contact the carrier to arrange to pick up a box they’re delivering.

If the post office doesn’t receive the intended recipient’s name, address, or phone number, the post office will attempt a second delivery of the mail if they hear back from the intended recipient.

If the person is still unavailable, the process repeats itself and a fourth delivery attempt will be made if the mail isn’t picked up.

Once the 3 failed attempts, the USPS will hold it, this may give the post office some time to send it back to the sender, then the sender will have to send it back to the post office.

Mail is sent to the nearest post office (if you’re in the U.S.) or the address on a return receipt if you are sending to another country.


When a package is shipped via USPS Certified Mail, it can only be picked up at the USPS, so it requires a delivery signature for USPS delivery.

It could be used to inform the recipient of an email of an event, such as a birthday, even if you aren’t using mail to send the message.

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