What Is Proof Of Delivery Usps? (+ Other Common Faqs)

The USPS provides different features for each shipping service. For example, USPS offers tracking numbers and package insurance for both Priority Mail and Express Mail.

What does this mean? This means that after you’ve sent your package out, you can track where it is and when you expect it to arrive! If you want to know more, keep reading this article.

What Is Proof Of Delivery at USPS In 2022?

Proof of delivery is a receipt issued by USPS that contains the delivery information and the tracking number for a package. Typically, proof of delivery is emailed however, you can also request for a physical copy to be mailed to you as of 2022. Generally, proof of delivery is used for extremely important and/or valuable packages.

If you ever are not sure whether or not you should request proof of delivery for a package, you can keep reading to find out more useful tips about shipping!

When Is Proof Of Delivery A Good Idea?

Purchases that are being shipped to multiple locations, and especially purchases that are shipping internationally.
Purchases that are being shipped to businesses in particular regions, such as “California only” purchases or packages being shipped to a business address instead of where the package is to be delivered.
When the sender is mailing a package with a return address as the sender address, for example, when a delivery person is mailing a package to an employer.

For example, if the package contains something valuable or contains sensitive content, like legal documents or contracts, obtaining a tracking number will offer additional proof of your package’s arrival and/or alert you to any delays.

Proof of delivery is also critical for packages because it helps to prevent theft by ensuring packages are safely delivered and not left out in the open for someone to grab.

Another reason you may want to consider using the USPS proof of delivery feature is because it provides evidence that your package was received by someone at the stated address (this is especially important if you’re shipping legal or financial documents).

In terms of mailing the envelope, there are several steps you can take. Note that you will need to make sure that the return address is legible to the postal worker when they deliver your package.

The post office makes their data on packages available for up to two years, so if there’s any dispute about whether or not the package was ever delivered to the address, you and the recipient can check the status for up to two years.

While not used in a wide variety of apps today, these features are incredibly useful – they allow you to see a user’s real time location and identity, ensuring your app is the most secure and convenient one.

How Do You Receive Proof Of Delivery From USPS?

Proof can be sent to your inbox,
Proof can be sent to a specific address,
Proof can be sent to your mobile device.

The old way to check on your package was to go to the post office and look for your package there. The post office has a long white envelope that says what the recipient’s name is on it. It also has an online system that allows you to check whether your package has been delivered or not. If you find that your package has arrived, open the box and check your stuff.

Another option would be to ask that proof of delivery be sent to you, which means you’ll receive a physical copy of everything delivered.

There is no need to confirm your order if you have received delivery confirmation email. Your order confirmation will be sent to the email address you registered with our site.
You may contact [email protected] for any concerns, if you do not receive our delivery confirmation email, please contact them and they will reply to you within 24 hours.

If you have an account with the e-junkie, you can also confirm delivery of your package using your account. Please follow instructions.

Finally, to request proof of delivery, you can request them to send you a picture of it. This is basically, a picture of what the carrier of the mail has. This includes the delivery information and the signature of the recipient.

What Types Of USPS Mail Require Proof Of Delivery?

In the first paragraph, I said that some types of mail will require you to prove that it was actually delivered to your recipient, but Certified mail and registered mail are two of the rare exceptions.

A certified letter is typically used for legal and regulatory purposes, so it provides both evidence of sending and proof of delivery, which is critical in ensuring that sensitive documents reach the right hands in a timely manner.

Besides the fact that you can track your package with this option, it’s more affordable and faster.

The “Suffix” button below will take you to the page that tells you how to set up your package’s return address.

Can You Request Proof Of Delivery From USPS?

A postal worker uses a barcode on the mail to confirm it arrived at their office. The barcode is read by a machine before the mail is sorted.

In terms of adding proof of delivery, the only stipulation for adding proof of delivery is that the shipping service you are using most either already includes the Signature Confirmation service or has the Signature Confirmation service added on.

Air Express and the U.S. Postal Service’s Priority Mail and the U.S. Postal Service’s Express Mail.

If you need proof of delivery for your mail, you can access the USPS tracking tool page of their site. Next, select the option for “proof of delivery,” and follow the given instructions.

However, you CAN get proof of delivery for any package that is delivered domestically, but you are not guaranteed to get it for international delivery.
For example:
For an international shipment, you DO have the option to require your customer to sign for the package.

To get proof of delivery or proof of mailing with the USPS, you’ll need to request it within 30 days of your package delivery.

How Much Does Proof Of Delivery Cost?

Note that the “Paraphrase” text can be displayed when either the sender or the receiver has a disabled keyboard or can’t use a keyboard. For example, in Windows, if you have a touch keyboard and the keyboard layout doesn’t have a US keyboard layout, then the “Paraphrase” text will be displayed.

The least expensive of all of these options is Delivery Confirmation, which costs $3.99 online and $4.49 at the post office and enables delivery to a specific person (and requires a signature when the package is delivered). Delivery Confirmation is the most secure option, but for security reasons, you’ll find that it’s only offered by a handful of carriers.

If your business has a need for additional delivery services, this is the way to go. You can even have the person who picks up the package sign for it with their own unique account.

Adult Signature required adds a signature clause to the USPS’ mailing standards. It costs $6.90 and requires that someone 21 years or older be the one to sign for a package when it’s delivered. The policy is used to keep packages from being delivered to minors or minors living under a different name.

This method requires that the person who signs for the package be 21 years of age or older.

In order to apply for the services offered, you have to visit the USPS website and fill out the necessary forms and pay the service fees.

Now that we have covered a basic overview of what USPS is and what it does, we’ll go into the details of how to ship using USPS.
For more information, check out our post on shipping with USPS.


The US Postal Service provides a service called proof of delivery, which allows for the recipient to receive information such as the recipient’s signature, address, and other information once the package is delivered.

If the sender is using Registered Mail and they do not want proof of delivery, the sender can sign for the package. If you are sending a non-registered package, we can provide you with a signature service so you can track your package on its way to the recipient.

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