What Does Delivered To Agent Mean Usps? (+ Other Common Faqs)

Sometimes a customer won’t have enough time to pick up their package. When that happens, their package will be left with the Postal Service until they can, or a delivery agent can pick it up.

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What Does Delivered To Agent Mean USPS In 2022?

The phrase “Delivered To Agent For Final Delivery” means that your USPS mail carrier put the package in the hands of another person — a delivery agent — to complete delivery. The “delivery agent” may be a resident, roommate, friend, coworker, or some other person.
However, keep in mind that someone else may be holding the package for delivery. And, if your package is lost or stolen, the “delivery agent” may not be responsible for it.

To know more about what a delivery agent is, what you should do if your parcel has been delivered to a delivery agent and other important details, keep reading!

What Is A USPS Delivery Agent?

They might work for the USPS but some do contract work for other companies. The position is a “job,” not a career, and a temporary employee can be given an opportunity to work in a different position or department at some point.

If it’s their first year, or their first time living away from home, there’s certainly a lot to deal with.

Sometimes, Postal carriers decide whether to make a delivery or not based on whether they look trustworthy.

The most important thing to remember is to keep calm, and if you do get stuck in a delivery situation, you can always phone up the company’s customer service to arrange a pick-up.

What Do You Do If Your USPS Package Was Delivered To An Agent?

For those of you following your USPS tracking and see that your package has a notification reading “Delivered To Agent For Final Delivery,” don’t panic. This is not a problem as the package is now at the home delivery agent’s delivery location.

[Narrator]: There’s a number of different locations you can find a delivery from your favorite app. You can look at the name of the place you’re at, the name of the person who ordered it, or even if the recipient has been tagged in a post.

Another example of an address that your post office has access to is the location that your home address is located on.

If the phone number is in your contact list, call it.

If you are not sure where your package was delivered, contact your local post office and someone will help you locate it.

What Happens If Your USPS Package Says Delivered To Agent, But It Wasn’t Delivered?

If your package says “Delivered To Agent,” but can’t find the agent, don’t panic, as there are a few things that could have happened.

First and foremost, someone living at your residence could have received it on your behalf, set it somewhere out of the way, and then forgotten about it.

So this kind of thing is a little hard to detect as it requires someone to intentionally remove the stamp.

If you ask everyone in the delivery location for a favor, it will be much easier to get the result.

But if they insist nothing got delivered, give it an extra business day.

Further, it may take an extra day because the postman may and does consider himself a delivery agent.

If the mail is not delivered to the house, it will be returned to the post office and the USPS pays the delivery fee.

In addition, you can click on the “Add to my schedule” button on the top navigation bar to add the delivery address to your calendar. The delivery time is automatically added to your calendar based on your setup and the delivery destination is automatically added to your “Delivered To Agent” page for reference.

However, you should also make sure that you have all your mail in your hands before filing a claim. This applies to any mail that you have already sent and gotten a confirmation on – it’s still important to get the mail so that you can be sure that it didn’t go astray in transit or get lost.

What Does It Mean When USPS Says Picked Up By Shipping Agent?

A shipping company has sent USPS a request to pick up and process your package. You can find this information on the shipping confirmation you were sent when you purchased your package.

The user’s own agents are allowed to use a third-party agent, but they have to do that in such a fashion that it’s transparent to the user.

The wording for “Picked Up By Shipping Agent” for returns is the same as for deliveries.

If a package shows a tracking number saying it is “in consolidation” at a particular zip code, it’s likely you’ll be seeing it at the delivery location instead of the designated address listed on your order.

They will be shipped to your mail carrier by a third party that will complete shipping back to your mail distributor. This will be picked up by the distributor who in turn will either deliver the package to you or drop it off at your local USPS distribution center.

To learn more about USPS, you can look up whether or not USPS delivers on Sundays, what to do if USPS delivers to the wrong address, and what you can do if USPS delivers to your door on a Sunday.


When the United States Postal Service marks your package as “Delivered To Agent For Final Delivery,” that simply means that someone at your residence has received it and is entrusted to get it into your hands.

However, if you cannot find your package, give it at least one business day in order to claim it from the local Post Office. Beyond that, you can reach out to your local Post Office to file a missing package claim.

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