Usps Restricted Delivery (meaning, What To Do + More)

But, because of the Trump administration’s changes to the rules for mail delivery by the United States Postal Service, the people of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Massachusetts are losing the ability to get their mail delivered by mail.

Restricted Delivery is for when you need to have an express service like next-day, or 2 day delivery. If you are an international customer, you might have different policies, but for sure USPS Restricted is important to note. It costs more than other shipping methods, but if you are in a hurry, this may be your best bet.

What Is USPS Restricted Delivery In 2022?

With the introduction of the USPS Restricted Delivery method, only the recipient and a courier can be present at the delivery address. The mail is usually delivered while the recipient is out, and the signature on the package is that of the courier.

If you want to learn more about how USPS Delivery Confirmation Works and how to use it, be sure to keep reading the rest of this article for more facts!

Let’s start with the basics, first. When a package you have sent is being held from delivery, there are two different ways it can be delivered.

If you want a piece of mail delivered to you in a secure way, you can sign up for Restricted Delivery.

With this method of delivery, you can only be sure that the email will arrive in the hands of the intended recipient. By signing for the delivery, they confirm that they are the intended recipient and that the email has not been tampered with in any way.

All the items in my home address book are addressed to me personally, so that way I can easily check if a package has been sent to me right away.

If a Restricted Delivery package is addressed to more than one person, then both parties have to sign for the package.

The postal inspectors are tasked with ensuring that the contents of packages are in accordance with the restrictions listed on the package. The USPS is required to notify the sender when there is an attempt at restricted delivery.

When you send something through restricted delivery to a minor, an adult with guardianship is allowed to sign in place of the minor.

Because USPS Restricted Delivery has been around since the inception of the Postal Service, it’s been working with shipping, but there’s an issue with how it works.

You don’t have a guarantee on a certain time to delivery, tracking features, expedited delivery, or signature receipts with the restricted delivery service.

You can find your delivery times online by visiting, but there is no promise that you will receive the item within the given delivery time. You can find your delivery times online, but there is no promise that you will receive the item within the given delivery time.

Does USPS Restricted Delivery Require A Signature?

The USPS Restricted Delivery Service requires for the mail to be signed and delivered to a specific location.

Postage is charged to the order that contains the product in the parcel. The contents of the package are only delivered to the specified party.

Therefore, the USPS require the signature of the addressee as well as verification of their identity with an approved form of ID for packages to be released.

One of the rare exceptions is an agent who has authority to accept service on behalf of an addressee when that person does not attend the original service.

When it comes to a “restricted delivery” the USPS requires a signed receipt if you are to get your package through the network. This means that you must sign for your package and include your name or other contact information to prove that you are receiving it.

How Do You Request Restricted Delivery For A Package?

Restricted Delivery is a feature offered by USPS that makes the address the package is being shipped to part of the message.

To use restricted delivery on your package, you must purchase it in conjunction with UPS Insurance Over $500, Certified Mail, or Registered Mail.

* USPS Insurance and UPS Insurance may not be mandatory for certain service levels.

If you have a service priority, the item will be shipped from the address listed on your shipping label. See Shipping Requirements for more about service priority shipping.

You need to pick up the packaging slip from your local Post Office and show it to the postal employee at the counter.

After you make it to the local post office, you can let the postal worker knows that you’d like your package to be delivered using Restricted Delivery, or you can clearly mark “Restricted Delivery ” on the outside of your package.

If the package was delivered to the wrong address, it is possible that the delivery person did not open the package. So if you mark the package as “Restricted Delivery”, it will be delivered to the carrier and will be opened by them. If there is a problem with the package being delivered to a delivery address, the carrier may return the package to our office for re-delivery.

-If you don’t need something delivered right away, you shouldn’t use a restricted delivery. And you should be aware of the fact that most people won’t be very happy that you did this.

How Much Does Restricted Delivery Cost?

The delivery time is not affected by this process. The price is affected if you choose one of the following shipping options: Priority Mail Express, Express Mail, or Global Priority.

The cost of using a registered and insured delivery method with services such as Registered Mail or Insured Mail is $5.85, which will be added on top of the base price of your shipment.

If you’re looking to learn more about whether or not USPS delivers to your door, what is a USPS tracking number, and how long does USPS priority mail take to arrive.


USPS delivers packages to the recipient to ensure the package is received safely and undamaged. To do this, the recipient must provide identification and sign for the package.

For Certified and Registered Mail, the cost per item is $8.75 per item. For Insured Mail, the $1.00 delivery fee would be added, and the $8.75 per item would be applied.

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