Usps Shipping Restrictions (what You Can & Can’t Send)

There are a few exceptions to what can be shipped and some countries cannot be shipped to.

To be clear, prohibited and restricted items are not allowed to travel between Canada and the United States without additional documentation from a federally licensed customs broker. Restricted and prohibited items are defined as those that are subject to an approved protocol for medical purposes. This includes items that require temperature control or medical monitoring while they are in transit.

What Are USPS Shipping Restrictions?

USPS requires that all shipments contain a packing slip that includes the sender’s identification information, the shipper’s identification, and the item’s identification. Failure to meet USPS requirements can result in items being returned at the sender’s expense.

There are many aspects to mailing, so be sure to find out the different types of packages that can be used when shipping.

What Can You Ship With USPS?

The postal service is known for being able to send most packages.

If you buy things online, you need to be careful about the mailing services you choose. USPS is great for most purposes.

You can also use USPS to ship all kinds of items such as guitars, furniture, furniture, and more hazardous materials such as dry ice.

Shipping USPS limits the number of packages you can send per day, per address so the more packages you want to send the less efficient it will be.

You can not ship items that are either prohibited by USPS, or restricted by your shipper.

The subcategories of restricted mail are hazardous, perishable, and classified mail.

What Is The Difference Between Restricted And Prohibited Mail?

The “Restricted” category on your USPS mail includes things like: live or dead fish, asbestos, household chemicals, live bacteria, etc.

When mail is not an original package, it can be sent only if USPS has an agreement with the sender. This could be an original book, a used book, something that has been repaired, or any other product that USPS does not have a license to ship.

Mail that cannot be shipped on any type of postal vehicle because it is considered too dangerous to be handled properly and runs the risk of causing harm to employees, handlers, or the public while the mail is in transit.

What Are The Restricted Mail Categories?

Mail that has a hazard warning or notice placed on it is considered hazardous. Hazardous mail must be opened in a way that prevents the sender, recipient or addressee from being harmed.

Mail that is deemed hazardous is mail that could be dangerous, but it’s also dangerous because of its physical properties or composition.

You should not put hazardous or flammable materials through the mail.

Restricted mail is defined as any article that has restrictions imposed for reasons other than harm to people or property involved in transporting the mail.

Examples of restricted mail include things that can cause harm to yourself or others if brought into the U.S. and mail that is suspicious or could pose a threat.

The postal service is not allowed to accept an item that is not sent in a container that would keep the item live until it can be delivered and received.

What Is Categorized As Prohibited Mail?

Mail that is rejected by the recipient or the delivery service.
Mail that the recipient refused to accept.
Mail that was refused because it was deemed to be hazardous to the delivery service.
Mail that the recipient refused to accept because it was rejected by the delivery service.

All of the items in the list cannot be shipped because they represent a risk to employees or property while the item is in transit, or because the item isn’t federally legal.

Items that contain a threat, as well as a weapon, can be considered prohibited mail, although there are often gray areas.

The USPS restrictions apply to marijuana. It was a mistake to list hemp as a controlled substance, but we made it clear that marijuana is not allowed in the mail.

How Can You Mail Restricted Items?

You must check with the local postmaster to ensure that you can mail the item.

The following information must be provided to obtain a ruling on the mailability of your perishable or restricted item. Please provide as much detail as you can to help us process your item accurately and effectively.

It is required for shipping hazardous materials that you list the chemical composition by percentage of weight. The law also requires toxic properties to be listed.

In order to get a ruling on any restricted matter for shipping with USPS, you need to adhere to the requirements for obtaining a ruling on any restricted matter for shipping with USPS.

Once you obtain a mailability ruling for a restricted item, the rest of the shipping process depends greatly on what kind of restricted item you’re looking to ship.

If they are shipping an item that is considered restricted, there are a lot of things that are determined by whether the package passes inspection or not.

The rules for restricted mail are very strict, and it is often cheaper to buy tickets at the terminal than to send them through the post, as you cannot send through restricted mail to other EU countries.

You’ll want to make sure that you’re labeling your container so that you’re not leaving it open.

If you are shipping food, you need to be sure that the product is completely dry with no moisture on the surface or the box to prevent rot, securely packaged per the standards set forth by the US Postal Service, and typically must include a method of cooling to prevent rot.

For more information about USPS international shipping, you should visit our International Shipping guide.
For more details about USPS shipping zones check our USPS shipping zones guide.


USPS cannot ship alcohol, firearms, ammunition, fireworks, hazardous materials, explosives, flammable, controlled substances or radioactive substances.

We are unable to ship prohibited items.
For example, the prohibited item will not leave our warehouse.

There are three subcategories to restricted items: hazardous, perishable, and not perishable.

The basic requirements for each subcategory of mail are different. The USPS website can be helpful to see if an envelope for a postcard is acceptable for your service.

To ship a restricted item from your location, you must receive a shipping permit from the post office.

Alternatively, you can also rent out an 8ft mini storage container, especially if you’re sending out a good number of items.

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