Fedex Shipping Restrictions (what You Can & Can’t Send)

No, you cannot send these items through FedEx. In fact, you can even be fined if you do. FedEx is actually looking for businesses that are trying to illegally ship some of these items.

FedEx does have some restrictions and guidelines for customers, but thankfully it’s not too complex and you can always send packages to your favorite stores with no problems!

What Are FedEx’s Shipping Restrictions In 2022?

FedEx is not yet shipping to Cuba or Iran, but you can see a list of FedEx shipping restrictions on their website.

Does FedEx Have Shipping Restrictions?

If you are shipping a package that is too large, a large or hazardous item, or something that exceeds the weight or size limits, you may have to pay extra costs to FedEx.

Restricted items are subject to prior approval from FedEx’s Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management, and Legal departments and/or after receiving special permits or licenses.

When you make an order, we will ask you to provide us with the following documents: 1) The recipient’s full name. 2) Your order information and item info. 3) If there is any additional information needed such as delivery date, tracking information and the recipient’s phone number, etc.

Shipping rules usually vary depending on whether it is local or international. There are also country-specific rules to be aware of.

Which Items Are Restricted in FedEx Shipments?

If we want your company to send items via FedEx, we must be sure to have this approved by FedEx. If this is required, we will ask for your FedEx account information so that we can get it approved.

This is a partial list of restricted items we can’t deliver to you.

If you received this message in error or if you are having problems with your
subscription, please email or call 1.800.345.1141 promptly to

Which Items Are Prohibited in FedEx Shipments?



Dead Animals




Tobacco products


Animal products


Dangerous substances


If you find that a package contains any of the items on the list, you’ll be required to return the item to FedEx before you can deliver it.

Which Items Are Prohibited in Domestic FedEx Shipments?

FedEx will not ship the following items: drugs, liquid rubbers, most chemicals, pesticides, some aerosols, some flammable liquids, and other hazardous liquids.

If you have an order that has a lot of items that are not permissible for domestic delivery, you can ask an agent to send the order to you, or you can ship items to the FedEX Office at the airport, or you can ship the items to any P.O. Box, or you can ship the items to a Fedex store.

Which Items Are Prohibited in International FedEx Shipments?

Different countries have different rules. You can obtain information about those rules by talking to a customs officer at a port of entry.

We love to support international customers, so we recommend using FedEx’s Country and Territory Specific Lists to learn about prohibited items for your destination country.

Which Items Cannot Be Sent to the US Through FedEx?

I have always been interested in global logistics and have heard people talk about international shipping for quite a while so this is the first article I am writing on it.

That means that Amazon is unable to ship anything that might be a potential danger to FedEx personnel.

– the special “All the World’s a Stage” poster.
– the special “All I Want for Christmas” CD.
– the special “Fairytale” CD.
– the special “Live in Las Vegas” DVD.
– the special “The Concert for New York City” DVD.
– the special “Live in Japan” DVD.

If you’re not sure about FedEx or your shipment, you can also ask FedEx to explain with our helpful article on how to understand FedEx Terms and Conditions. For example, are FedEx packages delivered by ground or air; Can FedEx ship to PO boxes; Can FedEx deliver to a FedEx station; and more.


FedEx has a number of shipping restrictions. It’s always a good idea to check out the company website because they’ll tell you what you can and can’t do.

It is also a good idea to ask a FedEx employee if you can ship something before you try to do so.

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