Ups Shipping Restrictions (what You Can & Can’t Send + More)

Companies such as UPS and FedEx have the ability to ship anything they want. In the case of the USPS, they can only send what they receive. That means they need to have a large warehouse of products to be able to fulfill their delivery commitments.

The rules for shipping to Australia are very straightforward. Just be patient and wait for the items to arrive! If you’re worried about delay, you can always take advantage of postal discounts, and the shipping costs are included in the original price, so once you’ve paid for the items, there’s no hidden costs.

Of course, don’t forget the safety of your package!

What Are the UPS Shipping Restrictions In 2022?

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service regulates, restricts, and/or prohibits shipments of items that have an “inherent vice, which by their nature are likely to soil, impair or damage persons, merchandise, or equipment, or to be hazardous to health or safety” and goods that require special safety precautions, permits, or facilities in order to be safely transported. These goods fall into the “restricted items” or “prohibited items” categories as of 2022.

If you are shipping to the United States, you should make sure your items allow for international shipping. Items prohibited on UPS air shipping such as alcohol, firearms, and illegal substances aren’t allowed on shipments being sent through the mail or ship by sea. If your item is restricted, you’ll need to make sure you use a courier service like UPS, FedEx, or DHL for air shipping.

What Does “Shipping Restriction” Mean?

In the shipping industry, a “shipping restriction” is a business term meaning items that are heavily regulated and may not be shipped.

In order to comply with these regulations, you must be sure that you are following the instructions that the label provides. Also, certain items must be stored in a specific way.

It includes any weaponized, toxic, radioactive, biological, or chemically weaponized or any other item that can cause harm to people or other shipments.

There are 3 types of “inherent vice” for UPS:

Inherent vice is an inherent defect in the property resulting in a perishable product that would deteriorate if not removed immediately. This results in a shipping problem where the product would otherwise be damaged or spoil. This condition can be caused by a number of inherent characteristics of the product, such as heat, moisture or age.

What is the Difference Between Restricted and Prohibited Items at UPS?

While shipping restrictions is a general term used to describe shipments that are subject to higher regulation or denial, there are two categories of shipping restrictions: restricted items and prohibited items.

If you have a restricted item then you can still ship it but you can’t send it through the USPS. If you have a prohibited item then you can’t ship it and if it’s in a package you can’t take it out of the package.

All shipments are not processed at the same rate. Some are sent quicker than others due to various operational factors and priorities.

All those persons/facilities must have the ability to comply with all local laws/regulations and only be carried under certain criteria.

A restricted item would be liquor. While a normal person couldn’t ship liquor with UPS, UPS does allow liquor manufacturers or distributors to use their services under contract to ship liquor to bars and distributors around the country.

No item is able to be shipped by UPS, unless, the sender has been provided special permission. It is also true for FedEx. If FedEx or UPS attempts to deliver something that is not permitted to be shipped, then a crime will be committed.

Anything can be shipped through the mail, but some things are not allowed. One of those items is hazardous waste. Another thing that can’t be shipped is body parts, or human/fetal remains, and that includes even a tooth or a toenail. But there’s one other thing that is a big problem, and that is embryos. Embryos are so much like other living things that they’re shipped all the time, and we want to be sure people don’t send them.

UPS may charge a fee for placing an item into your box. This fee is applied if UPS finds out that your shipment contains a prohibited item.

This fee is, at $150 and does not mean that your package will be delivered or that you are released from any liability surrounding the contents of your package, nor is it a means of UPS waiving its rights or accepting any liability.

6. I’ve been to the place before and I won’t be a problem.

What Items Are Restricted By UPS?

The above mentioned regulations are not compatible with our service. It is not possible for us to accept returns for restricted items.

My understanding is that these items are restricted to US and foreign government end

If you’re shipping with UPS, be sure to look up the restrictions on items like nails and other sharp objects, batteries, and flammable liquids and aerosols as well as the restrictions on any hazardous materials in your shipment.

What Items Are Prohibited By UPS?

Anything that is prohibited is not allowed to be delivered by UPS. Anything that UPS prohibits cannot be delivered by UPS.

If a business is trying to get a contract with UPS to ship these goods, the business will be told that it can not ship because of the contract they are using to ship other products.

You see, there is this thing called… wait for it… Prohibition. That is a very strict rule that only applies to some things. If it applies to something at all, then alcohol and some other substances are not allowed to be consumed. But some substances are considered so dangerous and harmful that they are banned entirely.

This list is a good one to work with for this year, as it’s a great representation of the things UPS has said they aren’t going to ship.

How do I get around this?

You can use the Amazon-owned company Amazon S3 to store your data in the cloud.

If you’re interested in seeing the current comprehensive list of all items that UPS will inspect for security issues, you can check out page 5 of the terms and conditions handbook here.

For more information, you can read our posts on how to track a package without a tracking number, how to use a polymailer for UPS, and the speed of UPS ground.


The process of tracking a package from beginning to end is called delivery validation. Delivery validation is a key stage in the service lifecycle. In the case of UPS, the tracking process begins when the package hits its destination location.

In order to ensure that your package gets to you in a timely manner, we have some conditions regarding the shipping methods.

If the package that you send is prohibited from shipping, it will not get to the destination.

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