Ups Jewelry Shipping (can You Ship It, Price, Steps + More)

It’s hard enough trying to make sure you can afford your next piece, but now you’ve got to worry about insurance and the security of your package.

Let me tell you about my research: I took a look at UPS’ Jewelry Shipping, and I looked for ways I can save money without sacrificing the quality of my package.

UPS Jewelry Shipping In 2022

You can ship jewelry with UPS provided that the jewelry is not made with industrial diamonds or real precious metals like gold or silver, as these are prohibited items. You can only ship jewelry worth $500 or less, as UPS only assumes a maximum liability of up to $100 unless additional insurance is purchased.

Can You Ship Jewelry With UPS?

When shipping a package to a different country from the one listed on the address, it cannot be larger than a flat-rate box. This includes jewelry, clothing, luggage, and other goods. The flat-rate box is $35 USD (or $40 CAD) and has a maximum size of four cubic feet. Your package must fit inside the box, and the box must fit inside the shipping container.

If you select UPS as your shipping method and choose to ship jewelry with any of the restricted/prohibited materials, we will refund the shipping cost to you.

If your jewelry doesn’t contain precious gems, such as diamonds, precious metals, or pearls, then it is considered costume or costume jewelry.

The package must be sent to the address of the consignee. The packages that are being shipped internationally will be charged as prepaid. If the package is being shipped internationally to another country or territory, the package must be shipped to the address of the consignee. The consignee must clear and bill the package as prepaid. The shipping of the packages is done by United Parcel Service (UPS).

UPS doesn’t ship precious metals because they’re not responsible for what happens to what they ship, and precious metals/stones have a very high risk of being stolen once they reach their receivers.

Theft of expensive packages is always an issue, because of the high value they could yield.

It is difficult and costly to insure a package for its declared value. The risk is, however, covered up to $100 for every package.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Jewelry With UPS?

You can add the jewelry to your purchase order and we will use our standard shipping method for the remainder of the order.

When it comes to shipping rates, UPS mainly depends on the weight of the package, how far the package is needed to go, and how soon the package needs to be delivered.

Because most of the time jewelry makes for a fairly lightweight package, you can assume that the total weight of your shipment will be up to about a pound.

To see what the cost of sending your package could be, we need to understand a few things first. We need to know how far the package will travel and the weight of the package.

Next-day delivery is only available for ground shipments, and is offered for the first $40 and then by the shipping weight. The service will be guaranteed to arrive by the promised date.

For next-day deliveries, you can choose from UPS Next Day Air Early, UPS Next Day Air, and UPS Next Day Air Saver.

You can also track the status of your UPS Next Day Air shipments on the UPS website. You can do this by tracking the shipment on the UPS website.

UPS Next Day Air Express will cost you more money than the Next Day Air Early option. UPS Next Day Air Express shipping costs $101, but guarantees delivery within one business day of shipping the item.

However, using the UPS website you can also get a $10.00 flat fee for shipping by using the free shipping option (for orders of $200.00 or more).

The cheapest of the “next-day” delivery options is UPS Next Day Air Saver, which is $65 and promises delivery by the end of the day.

Next, UPS offers 2-Day Air Early, which offers next day delivery or 2-Day Air, which offers same day delivery. In addition, UPS offers its Ground service.

While there is nothing guaranteed about when you will receive a delivery for 2nd Day Air, it will arrive the day after you order regardless of whether you order before noon or after.

Amazon’s 2nd-Day Air shipping option is more affordable than overnight shipping, which is the most popular shipping option. It costs $7.60 to ship a 2nd-Day Air package that travels 1,100 miles.

Second day air charges around $27. I have not seen the same package delivered on a same day with United.

UPS ground is the cheapest service, and it is suitable to send small parcels like jewelry, handbags and luggage.

If you use the FedEx courier, they may not be in your area and will not leave a tracking number, whereas with UPS, they will. You’ll also need to find the FedEx location for your area and call them.

If you’ve ever ordered something from, like a Kindle, you’ve probably noticed there’s a $3.95 shipping charge to your doorstep. That’s Amazon Prime.

So, the U.S. Postal Service and UPS both charge about a $12 fee for shipping the same package, and both of them use a truck.

If you need a large size suitcase for a trip, check out the online shopping site You can get a used one for less than $200.

While UPS standard ground delivery takes about a week for delivery, you should expect to wait about three weeks for next day.

So it’s a good idea to keep an eye on our prices while you’re shopping around.

In order to estimate what the cost of shipping your package will be, you can simply enter the weight of your package and the cost of shipping for that package.

How To Ship Jewelry With UPS?

All of your jewelry should be shipped with UPS in good condition and in accordance with their policies.
UPS will contact you beforehand to double check that the jewelry you are shipping is not restricted, and if any restrictions are in place, to know how to proceed.

The jewelry that you want to send must be packed in shipping boxes, be ready for shipping, and be in good condition.
Each box should be labeled and include the jewelry’s dimensions and the packaging material used (e.g., plastic bag or box).

Make sure you check the size of your package and make sure you’re not sending anything that’ll be too large for UPS to handle.

Your jewelry should be safely secured in a bag or otherwise attached to a cardboard slip/box so it doesn’t get tangled.

In order to prevent the item from being damaged in transit, bubble wrap is wrapped around the wrapping material.

After your item is safe and secured, place in the padded envelope or box that you’ll be shipping it in and print off the correct labels from the United States Postal Service website, which you can do here.

UPS Pickup: Once your label is affixed to your chosen shipping container, schedule a pickup on the UPS website. Once your package is picked up, you can rest assured that it’s on its way to its final destination!

To find out more about UPS, you can also watch our video playlist on the difference between UPS and USPS and if Amazon owns UPS.


There are a number of items that UPS does not ship. This includes (but is not limited to) most precious metals, precious stones, and industrial diamonds. These items must be shipped by another carrier, such as FedEx or the United States Postal Service.

The box was declared to have a value of $2000.
However, the box was actually worth less than $100, and UPS was only liable for the value of the box.

The fastest shipping service UPS offers is $24.99. UPS Next Day Air Early is the most expensive one.

The cheapest way to get something to my house is to ship it via Ground. This takes 3 times as long as shipping it via Next Day Air Early.

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