Amazon Gift Cards In Exchange For Reviews (is It Real, Penalties + Other Faqs)

And the answer is no. While it is technically possible to offer Amazon gift cards in exchange for product reviews, it’s highly discouraged by Amazon’s Quality Rating Program.

However, it is technically possible with other payment services, but it’s not recommended.

If you have an Amazon account, you know that Amazon sells gift cards which can be given to a friend or someone else and they can pay for their orders or anything else on The great thing about this type of gift card is that you actually don’t have to wait for the person who will receive the gift card to get it, the person can pay for it immediately.

Do I Get Amazon Gift Cards in Exchange for Leaving Reviews In 2022?

You need to be very careful when offering Amazon gift codes to clients. Amazon strictly forbids giving out anything that will incent or encourage users to post good reviews in the futures. If you do break the rules, Amazon may not only ban you from offering gift cards for purchases, but they may also remove your reviews from the site completely.

Read on to learn about the best, most legal ways to create a gift card giveaway that will get you more reviews on Amazon.

Is It Illegal for Marketplace Sellers to Give Shoppers a Discount for Leaving a Review on Amazon?

While this policy was in place, sellers would ask to be compensated for reviews. In addition to this, there are many ways to manipulate a review including paying for reviews.

Can Amazon Marketplace Sellers Give Gift Cards for Reviews?

While giving a gift card out of incentive for a good review at a website is against the terms of service, gift cards are sometimes given for a fair review of a product.

What Are Penalties for Marketplace Sellers That Offer Incentives for Reviews?

And in a move that could further alienate Amazon from their existing customers, the company is now offering incentives to its sellers to encourage reviews.

Failure to maintain sufficient inventory
Failing to fulfill customer orders in a timely manner
Failing to ship orders that have been shipped to the customer
Failing to have the right to sell items across multiple selling accounts.

If a seller’s account is found to be in violation of the Amazon terms of service, that seller may be prevented from having reviews on their business account on Amazon.

Can Shoppers Get in Trouble for Leaving Amazon Reviews?

When you sell on Amazon you are allowed to have requirements for the reviewers, not just the shoppers.

Don’t accept a gift card offer if the terms and conditions include any conditions about not re-selling the card or to return it if you change your mind.

What Should Shoppers Keep in Mind When Writing a Review?

When writing a product review, you should understand the product, and how well it fits its category.

You must provide us with the facts and the truth. Your review should be honest and objective (in other words, you should be truthful).

Second, they want you to focus on the product for the purpose of writing the review and they want you to avoid bias.

Third, your review should be at least 100 characters. Anything less than 100 characters will be trimmed.

What you write should give the reader a complete idea of what the book is all about.

The next chapter talks about editing text, which might be more useful to you (especially if you need to write a lot of text).

This means that you could make a bad impression on someone if you say something bad about their item.

How Do Shoppers Claim an Amazon Gift Card or Code After Leaving a Review?

To claim the gift card, log in to your account and then go to the My Account link on the top navigation.
Select the “Gift Card” option under “My Orders” on the left navigation.
Select the gift card that you would like to claim in the drop-down menu.
Select “Claim Gift Card” to confirm the gift card will be claimed and the funds will be sent to your Amazon Payments account.

Can Amazon Gift Cards Be Exchanged for Cash?

If you have a gift card balance, you can use it to purchase items for yourself or others. However, you cannot use it to purchase Amazon gift cards.

Are Amazon Gift Cards Good to Buy Anything on Amazon?

You can use gift cards for most of the products you can buy on the Amazon website. These are mostly physical goods and digital products. You can also use them to get the Prime membership.

However, your Gift Card cannot be used to purchase other gift cards or Prime Video subscriptions.

Do Shoppers Have to Spend the Entire Amazon Gift Card Balance at Once?

You do not have to spend the whole gift card all at once. The cards can be used to make partial payments, and any unused portion will remain on the card until it is used.

If you are not aware, there is a company called Amazon where you can purchase items online. This is similar to Amazon gift cards, you do not have to enter your own payment information. An Amazon gift card is a pre-paid card that you can use to purchase any item on the Amazon website.


You should be careful with offering to give out gift cards for reviews, as Amazon takes its terms of service so seriously, that if you offer to give out gift cards for the sole purpose of increasing review scores, you would ultimately be banned from using the site entirely.

And don’t get me wrong, a company’s product is just as important as Amazon, but as a consumer, nothing is stopping you from leaving honest, independent reviews.

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