Where Can I Use My Amazon Gift Card? (Must Read Before Shopping) 

The most popular thing for any Amazon gift card is a Kindle, a digital reader. You could also just get a gift card and let them buy whatever they want.

Now look I’ve found a lot of information on where you can use your Amazon gift card but most of it doesn’t really answer the question, so I’ve pulled out some of the most reliable sources.

Where Can I Use My Amazon Gift Card In 2022?

Some Amazon gift cards can be used to purchase millions of products on Amazon.com’s website and it’s affiliate sites. Many Amazon gift cards can also be used to purchase Kindle, Whole Foods groceries, gas stations, and any retail store. Unfortunately, Amazon gift cards should not be used for purchases of Audible, Whole Foods groceries, gas stations, or any retail store.

Let’s get started with the Amazon Gift card.
As I said, Amazon Gift cards can be used for online purchases and are usually reloadable, so you can use it for other things besides eCommerce. When you buy something on Amazon, you have to sign in with your Amazon account and use your Amazon.com or Amazon.ca account. You can also use an Amazon Marketplace account that isn’t linked to a credit card.

Can I Use My Amazon Gift Card For Amazon Basics?

Amazon Basics lets you use your Amazon Gift Card balance to add to your shopping cart and purchase items. Just add your Gift Card Balance to your account and checkout. Amazon Basics can be found here.

Amazon Basics also sells a large variety of household items and other office supplies and is popular among consumers.

Can I Use My Amazon Gift Card For Amazon Marketplace?

Amazon has more than two million small business sellers as part of its Marketplace, and you can use Amazon gift cards to purchase products from any of these sellers.

Any gift card payments made via the [in-app payment system](https://docs.aws.amazon.com/appstoreconnect/latest/developerguide/in-app-payments.html) are billed and processed in accordance with the payment terms linked with your gift card.

Can I Use My Amazon Gift Card For Amazon Prime?

Customers will be able to use their gift cards for eligible services. Amazon Prime is included.

As long as the gift card is valid and attached to your account, it will appear when you are signing up for Prime.

Additionally, shoppers can also buy a Prime membership, which covers the initial sign-up fees of enrolling in the program, and is valid for 3 months, or 1 year.

Can I Use My Amazon Gift Card For Kindle?

[Original]: Amazon customers, you can use your Amazon gift card balance to buy Kindle books.

If you want to purchase Kindle digital downloads, you can add a gift card balance to your account and use it to purchase. Then, if you need to purchase more in the future, you can add the balance to your account, which will instantly apply it to your next eligible purchase. Note that you can’t use a gift card balance on Kindle books.

Can I Use My Amazon Gift Card For Audible?

But you can still use your Amazon gift cards on Audible
[Note]: Amazon offers a 30 day time limit for purchases made with gift cards. After that the gift card can no longer be used for purchases.

If you have a gift card for Amazon, you can bring it to our store to redeem it or we can use it to purchase another card.

Can I Use Amazon Gift Cards For Buying Other Gift Cards?

Amazon gift cards can never be used for anything other than for products and services on the Amazon.com site.

Amazon.com offers a large variety of gift cards for popular restaurants, shops and entertainment venues to buy for others.

To shop for a gift card, you will need to use a credit or debit card.

Can I Use Amazon Gift Card At Whole Foods?

Amazon gift cards sold in-store are a common sight in many retail stores and this is only the beginning because of Amazon’s growing presence in the retail space.

This is a common problem that occurs with gift cards. While many mass retailers accept Amazon gift cards as payment, many more do not accept them as payment for purchases.

Note that credit cards are not allowed. The credit card won’t work here. You have to use a physical gift card or cash.

Can I Use Two Amazon Gift Cards At The Same Time?

If you’re shopping on Amazon and you have an Amazon gift card, you can use it on Amazon, you can do that on your phone, you can do that on your computer, you can even do it on a gift card.

When you decide to buy on Amazon, you can use what you have in your Amazon balance, your credit cards or a gift card you’ve purchased in the past.

Can You Use Amazon Gift Cards At Gas Stations?

The reason why you cannot use this gift card to pay at gas stations is because they do not accept Visa credit cards anymore.

Is Amazon Cash The Same As Amazon Gift Cards?

Amazon’s Cash may be marketed as a way to make purchases on Amazon without a credit or debit card but it’s actually only a reward program for Amazon purchases.

You can use an Amazon gift card to purchase from Amazon or a participating third-party retailer. This includes Amazon.com, but not Amazon E-Commerce.

When Amazon Cash was announced, the company said it would not be a replacement for your credit or debit card. It would instead give you a barcode or a verified phone number on your Amazon account. This way, you don’t have to carry a card.

You can visit a store or ATM and add money to your Amazon Cash balance.

Keep in mind that the Amazon Cash balance is available right away and is the same as a gift card, except instead of a physical card, it’s all loaded onto the balance.

If you want to be more organized when it comes to your shopping on Amazon, you can also read our articles on if you should use different password when you login, and if you should login to your Amazon account on devices.


If you choose to buy products from third-party sellers on Amazon Marketplace, you can use an Amazon gift card to get the best deals.

For other ways to use an Amazon Gift Card, like a cash back rebate or Amazon Coins redemption, visit [the Amazon site](http://www.amazon.com/gp/helpful/customer/display.html?nodeId=201162311).

I want to pay with a credit card so that I can get a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime.
Would love to see that.

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