Can You Use An Amazon Gift Card At Walmart? (guide)

A gift card is the perfect way to show appreciation to your family, friends, and business associates. Not only are they a great way to say thanks for a great meal or a great business deal, they’re a much better value than the typical gift card.

While using a gift card at Amazon won’t be the same as using it at Walmart or elsewhere, it’s definitely better than using cash. Some places like Walmart even offer rewards programs for using your card or checking out with one.

Can You Use An Amazon Gift Card In 2022?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not accept Amazon gift cards as a form of payment in-store or online as of February 22, 2020. Walmart only accepts Walmart, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express gift cards as a form of payment.

If you want to know why Walmart doesn’t accept Amazon gift cards, where to use an Amazon gift card, and which ones are accepted at Walmart, read on!

Why Can’t You Use Amazon Gift Cards At Walmart? 

However, other stores do take payment methods from Amazon gift cards and they are listed below. These are stores that are not Walmart, but are affiliated with Amazon like Walmart. You can tell that some of these stores are affiliated with Walmart because they also accept payment methods from Walmart.

Amazon is a digital retailer that does not sell products directly to customers. Therefore, you cannot use Amazon gift cards to purchase things from Amazon.

Furthermore Walmart will promote its Walmart gift card to purchase Walmart products, including their own audiobooks and eReaders.

Which Gift Cards Can You Use At Walmart? 

* There is no restriction on the amount of gift cards that can be applied to one order and one transaction.
* Walmart and Sam’s Club gift cards are accepted in-store and online.
* Users can be the owner of multiple Walmart card accounts.

Visit the Walmart website here: There will be a link to the site at the bottom of your email. Your card will be sent via email. You can use the standard plastic card or an eGift at any of the listed locations.

Additionally, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express prepaid or standard gift cards are accepted payment methods at Walmart.

You can also choose Walmart e-Gift cards. Simply visit [](, click ‘Shop Now’ on the top right of the page, and follow the instructions.

Where Can You Use An Amazon Gift Card? 

Amazon’s gift cards are for and Amazon Fresh stores. You can get gift cards from and Amazon Fresh if you’re not interested in shopping in pop-up stores.

If you have a gift card balance on your Amazon account, you can use it to purchase anything but anything that involves purchase using Amazon Pay, subscription payment, or an Amazon gift card.

Amazon gift cards can be used at the Amazon Fresh locations to purchase products like produce, meat and seafood.

For more info on whether or not Walmart accepts Visa gift cards, where to buy Walmart gift cards, and if Walmart sells Amazon gift cards, check out this post.

Conclusion: Can You Use An Amazon Gift Card At Walmart? 

It is good to see Walmart and Amazon being good competitors instead of enemies after the announcement. The customers can now use their gift cards for shopping in Walmart and Amazon at the same time.

Amazon gift cards can be used to purchase the Kindle, Kindle for Android, Fire TV, Fire tablets, and Fire sticks. These are the only items that you can buy with an Amazon gift card.

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