Can You Split Payments On Amazon? (Do This Instead!)

Sometimes it is easier to split your payments between different credit/debit cards when you make a large purchase. Many retailers make it easy for customers to do so.

This begs the question: Does Amazon allow customers to split payments across multiple credit cards? Can you purchase products with only one payment method on Amazon?

Amazon allows you to split payments

Amazon currently does not allow customers to split payments between credit/debit cards. To split payments, you can use an EBT or gift card. If you want to split payments with an EBT/gift card, Amazon will not accept it.

For all the details on Amazon split payments, read this article.

How do I add an Amazon gift card to my Amazon account?

These are the steps to add a Amazon gift card to your Amazon account.

You can purchase multiple gift cards if you plan to spend a lot on a purchase. This will allow you to spread the cost more evenly between your credit cards and gift cards.

How do I split a payment on Amazon with a gift card?

These steps will allow you to split your Amazon gift card purchase:

This will enable you to use your gift cards and credit/debit cards to “split” the payment for Amazon purchases.

Can I use a Visa/MasterCard gift card to split a payment on Amazon?

Amazon allows customers to split payments using their Amazon gift cards, but not with pre-paid Visa or MasterCards.

Visa and MasterCard gift cards work in the same manner as regular credit cards. Amazon will accept it just like any other credit card.

Pre-Paid credit card codes are not like Amazon gift cards and can be entered at checkout just like a credit card.

To purchase an Amazon gift certificate, you can use your Visa/MasterCard gift cards. You can split payments using the Amazon gift card.

Why doesn’t Amazon allow split payments with credit/debit cards?

These restrictions are in place for online shops to prevent fraud. If a customer uses more than one method of payment, it makes it difficult to verify their identity.

Amazon is not an exception to this rule and cannot authorize split payments using credit/debit card cards. These restrictions are placed by credit card companies that Amazon uses.

What payment methods does Amazon accept?

Although Amazon does not allow split payments, they accept many payment methods.

Amazon allows you to pay using any of these payment methods:

  • Visa Debit/Credit
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Amazon Pay
  • EBT cards
  • Amazon Cash

What stores and websites allow customers to split their payments?

Split payments are not allowed by Amazon, but there are some websites and retail stores that allow customers to make split payments.

Walmart and Crate & Barrel are two examples of stores that allow split payments.

Online split payments are not allowed by most retailers because it makes fraud more difficult to detect with more cards.

Some stores allow customers to split their payments. It’s okay to not allow it.

Many retail stores allow you to pay part of your purchase with cash, and the remainder on a credit card.

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Amazon prohibits customers from splitting payments on multiple credit/debit card accounts.

Customers can still use an EBT or gift card, as well as a credit/debit card to pay the balance.

This can be avoided by buying multiple gift cards and spreading out the payments.

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