Can You Split Payments On Amazon? (all You Need To Know)

Customers can split their payments between credit cards, debit cards, cash and gift cards.

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You can actually split your payment and pay it all at once from your online account. This way you’ll get back the full amount in your account.

Can You Split Payments on Amazon In 2022?

It’s no doubt that split payments can work with a gift card, but Amazon won’t accept payments divided between two cards. It’s possible to use a gift card to split your payment, which is the only method that will work.

If you’re running low on funds, and you need to know how to make an Amazon gift card payment, read on for more facts and tips on how to split payments between Amazon and your bank account.

How Do I Split a Payment on Amazon With a Gift Card?

Open your Amazon Payments account on the Amazon Payments website. If you do not have an Amazon Payments account, you can create one here. After you create the account, you will have the ability to manage your credit cards. You must also have a registered email address on file with Amazon Payments in order to get notifications (which is why the email address you use here must be different from the email address you use to access your Amazon Payments account).

To get the most value out of the gift cards, you should ensure to cover the total value of the cards. You can use this calculator here.

To order Amazon gift cards directly from, you must have an active Amazon account. Simply select the gift card link found at the top of the webpage, and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you want to add to your cart a gift card that is going to use one of the cards that you have already added, you need to remove two of the cards from your cart.

It’s best to purchase multiple gift cards to ensure that you’ll have a card available when you need one.

Please add your gift cards so you can get the products you want.

Select the Amazon Wish List you’d like to apply for a pre-paid gift card to and then select the “Apply for a Gift Card” option.

If you bought the gift cards as a set, make sure that you pay the sum of your purchase as gift cards, the payment method is different from the “Payment Method” screen.

You can also add a debit or credit card as your second form of payment here.

You should review your purchase before checking out to be sure you followed all the proper steps.

Once you have completed the payment, select the checkout option to complete the purchase.

How Do I Add an Amazon Gift Card to my Amazon Account?

First, login to their Amazon account on the website, the account must be linked to a credit card you wish to be added as a gift card.

In order to avoid any issues with a larger purchase, you should plan to spend most of your money on gift card purchases. Split your purchase evenly between your debit/ credit card and gift card, and you should end up paying at the same rate or even less than you would have paid otherwise.

Can I Use a Visa/ Mastercard Gift Card to Split a Payment on Amazon?

As for the other three products, you can buy in bulk if you want, but you can only use the cards with Amazon Payments on it.

Pre-paid credit cards are like regular credit cards as they have debit machines on them, but they are also different because they only are good for the amount on the card.

However, a customer can still enter its email account and password to their Amazon account in order to link their prepaid card to their Amazon account.

However, if customers have pre-paid credit cards they’d like to use up, they can purchase an online gift card from and split their payments in the same manner.

Which Payment Methods Does Amazon Allow?

Since Amazon is an online company it does not accept payments through their Amazon Pay or other traditional methods.

This is because customers will be buying from multiple stores, and if there are any problems with delivery, merchants won’t be refunded.

Why Doesn’t Amazon Allow Split Payments With Credit/ Debit Cards?

Amazon is unable to authorize split payments with credit/debit cards because a service provider that Amazon uses does not allow split payment authorization.

For example, the website doesn’t need to verify that you are actually who you say you are, as they already have your personal information.

Which Stores and Websites Allow Customers to Split Their Payments?

Online shopping sites like Amazon and others limit how much you can pay with a credit card, but there are some online stores and websites that you can split your purchases into equal parts and use cash or debit cards to pay.

We were surprised to learn that most online shopping cart vendors don’t let us split the bill with a credit card. This makes verifying the credit card transaction much more difficult.

Because of the nature of the credit card processing system, the ability for a merchant to process online payments is often difficult, if not impossible. However, in order to protect the online merchant from fraud, and to help protect the customer from the merchants inability to process the online transaction, e-commerce websites typically allow the customer to go through a check out process that includes a paper form and is usually a part of an offline transaction.

If you are doing research in Europe you may find a few online retailers that allow split payments but it is not common.

Nevertheless, customers should be prepared to pay in full when they visit our store.

If you want to get in touch with Amazon, you can always send them an email. That’s the way they contact you. You can also see some info about how to contact Amazon and how to contact Amazon’s customer service department.


Amazon allows customers to split payments into a credit/debit payment and an gift card.

It is not possible to use two separate credit/debit cards or pre-paid cards to split the purchase either on Amazon or most other websites.

Once customers use a gift card at checkout, they’ll see their gift card balance increase by the amount of the purchase. Once they apply the card to their purchase, the purchase amount will be charged to their card.

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