Does Costco accept visa & Mastercard Gift Cards as payment? 

When you check out at Costco, the process is now easy and simple with all the various forms of payment the Costco accepts.

 We are often asked this question on our site and we have found that Costco cannot accept Visa gift card payments on an online basis. The only way to use a Visa gift card in a Costco store is to go into the store and use the credit card machine to purchase a Costco card.

Does Costco Accept Visa Gift Cards As Payment In 2022?

However, Costco accepts Visa Gift Cards as a form of payment in warehouses and at as of 2022. Additionally, you can use MasterCard and Discover gift cards at only, but not in-store. Costco no longer accepts payment through any American Express cards or products.

There are a number of reasons why Costco accepts all forms of Visa products. If you wish to purchase a product online, you should use the website.

The same is true if you wish to return items to the store.

However, if you wish to shop in-store, you must have the credit card on hand to make the purchase.

Also, if you wish to withdraw cash from the ATM, you must have a Visa product on hand as well.

Does Costco Accept Amex Gift Cards As Payment? 

Costco only accepts Visa gift cards. They will, however, accept Amex gift cards with no charge to the cardholder.

[Costco’s] payments will be handled by [Visa] now and [American Express] can continue to accept and process its own customer payments.

What this means is that it is impossible for you to tell Amazon that someone did not purchase a gift card on your website, and if they purchase a gift card from you, you will earn an affiliate commission.

Does Costco Accept Discover Gift Cards As Payment? 

While Costco warehouses do not accept Discover cards of any type for payment, you can check out with a Discover(r) Card or Discover gift card at

With the growing number of membership cards, Costco has also added the ability to purchase goods online and have them delivered to home.

Does Costco Accept Mastercard Gift Cards As Payment? 

For your information, Costco is not a bank, and therefore cannot service your credit card transactions for you.
You will need to call them and have them issue a new card.

However, you can use Mastercard, Amex, and gift visa cards to checkout at This is because Costco’s online shopping portal accepts almost all types of cards and gift cards from major credit partners, including Mastercard, Amex, and gift visa cards.

What Forms of Payment Do Costco Warehouses Accept? 

* Credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards.

What Forms of Payment Does Accept? accepts all the online shopping options listed above.

Learn all about whether Costco accepts MasterCard, whether or not Costco sells Visa gift cards and Amazon gift cards, and whether or not Costco accepts credit cards.

Conclusion: Does Costco Accept Visa Gift Cards As Payment? 

When it comes to, using a gift card is the same as using your own personal account. You can pay for your purchases with a gift card or with your own credit card and your total will be charged to your gift card. You can choose to pay your bill with a gift card or your own credit card, and your bill will be charged to the gift card.

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