Does Costco Use Paypal? (all You Need To Know)

PayPal is by far one of the world’s most well known e-money transfer applications used for online shopping and even in retail and grocery stores!

Costco is a popular destination for thousands of people looking to buy a variety of items regularly. You may be wondering if Costco uses PayPal? Today, I’m going to go through all the details of how you can use PayPal to pay at Costco.

Does Costco Use PayPal In 2022?

However, Costco does not take Visa as of 2023. As Costco has a direct agreement with MasterCard, Visa is not accepted as a payment method either in-store or on the website. However, customers can get a MasterCard debit card which allows instant transfer of MasterCard funds to the card.

If you are going to find out more about Costco Canada’s payment systems, keep on reading!
Check out Costco Canada’s website, where you can find a complete list of payment methods and a map with the locations of Canadian stores.

Does Costco Online Use PayPal?

Costco’s online store does not accept PayPal. Instead, they accept a variety of other modes for purchasing items online.

Is There A Way To Use Your PayPal Balance To Purchase Items At Costco?

You still have to use your PayPal account to buy your Costco membership, otherwise, you would be unable to purchase anything at the Costco stores.

Here are several indirect ways for you to use your PayPal balance at Costco stores and online. The easiest way is to use the direct deposit feature. Next, you can link your PayPal balance to your account and shop at Costco stores using your gift card balance. You can also pay with a credit card using your PayPal balance. And finally, you can also download the Costco Mobile app and use the Balance feature to pay for your purchases at Costco.

Remember that Costco only accepts Visa cards and not MasterCard in the U.S. So if you are planning on using a credit card, then make sure to select the Visa one.

Does Costco Canada Accept PayPal?

You could purchase a Costco card and receive the membership benefits in Canada through a Costco club.

The website is a bit sparse in explaining which store locations accept PayPal, but we’re fairly sure Costco Canada offers the online option, but not the in-store option in this case.


The answer is that Costco does not have an official program in Canada.

What Other Forms Of Payment Does Costco Accept?

The company does require payment with credit card and payment in cash, but will accept other forms of payment.

Cash is accepted at the check out area, but we
recommend that you keep your money in a separate bill
fold inside your wallet, and not in a plastic
card holder.

While most of the time Costco will let you use your Costco Credit Card without a Costco Member ID (this is where Costco does most of their business), there are some rules you must be aware of.

You can use any card or you can link them to a specific bank account to pay.

If you run across any issues or are wondering about Costco gas, you can also look at their policies on Costco gas.

In addition, if you have some PayPal funds available, you can see our other guides on whether or not Ikea and Walmart accept PayPal.


Costco does not accept the use of PayPal on their websites in the U.S. and Canada, therefore it is not a valid form of payment.

We are aware that Costco has a great rewards program. We are aware that some of the cards that Costco does accept do not have any rewards. I want to make sure you get the full mileage and benefits of signing up for your Costco card, as well as know that many Costco cards do have benefits.

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