Does Costco Take Apple Pay? (all You Need To Know)

Apple Pay has gotten more popular, recently. It allows you to make payments using your debit card and credit cards.

Costco’s official website states that it doesn’t accept Apple Pay because of its “strict privacy policies” and the fact that it is a credit card company.

Does Costco Take Apple Pay In 2022?

Costco is currently planning to only accept Apple Pay as a payment method for groceries and gas in the U.S. in 2022.

The Costco app is also the only one that allows you to make in-app purchases while using Apple Pay – all of the other apps can be used for purchases but require you to tap out on the merchant card in the Apple Pay website before making the purchase.

If you want to know how to pay at the store, what types of credit cards you can use, and other information, keep on reading!

How Do I Know If My Local Costco Takes Apple Pay?

Costco stores that have credit cards readers may now also accept Apple Pay for iPhone users.

To know if your local Costco accepts Apple Pay or not, you can go to the website of the Costco warehouse and find whether the store accepts Apple Pay or not.

Do Costco Gas Stations Take Apple Pay?

Although Costos is not listed as accepting Apple Pay as a payment method at gas stations, we have found that some Costco gas stations in the U.S. do allow for Apple Pay.

As long as the contactless NFC reader is in a range of 2-3 feet from your iPhone and has sufficient magnetic power, it will be ready to accept Apple Pay as your valid form of payment.

Learn more about how to get a Costco membership by checking out our complete Costco membership guide.

Does Costco Take Apple Pay In Canada?

From Costco Canada’s FAQ:

What payment options will be available at Costco Canada locations?
We will continue to accept and accept credit and debit cards,
cash, and Apple Pay as standard credit card payment. We will no
longer accept cash from cashiers. Cash transactions will not be
accepted at our Gas Stations and our bulk warehouses.

While in Japan there are no Visa or MasterCard, there is one of a similar nature called the JCB.

How Do I Use Apple Pay At Costco?

To use Apple Pay at a Costco warehouse or gas station, you need to first have your credit card or debit card added to your Apple device before you
go shopping at that location.

Apple Pay can be useful if you’re making a purchase with a card that isn’t on your Apple Watch.

Once you added your card to Apple Pay, you simply need to bring your phone to the checkout counter when prompted to pay with your iPhone.

You cannot use Apple Pay with a credit card, or a debit card that is not linked to a bank account, such as a prepaid card.
You cannot use Apple Pay on your iPhone with an old-generation iPhone.

Apple Pay is currently exclusive in the countries of Canada, the US, Australia, and Singapore.

What Other Forms Of Payment Does Costco Accept?

You can also purchase Apple Music memberships and Apple Watch bands with your Costco card.

You can pay using any Visa card, PIN-based debit or ATM card, cash, check, or any form of mobile payment (such as Samsung Pay and Google Pay) at a warehouse location or gas station.

To pay with a credit card, you can pay using Visa and MasterCard cards, PIN-based debit and ATM cards, and Costco shop cards.

To learn more, you can also see if Costco accepts Amex and PayPal as a payment method.

– The payment method you choose depends on the country you are in.

Additionally, you can also see our guide to the different Apple Pay payment methods. If you are shopping anywhere other than Walmart, Walgreens, Dollar General, or IKEA, you can also see our guide to what these stores accept.


However, you can still use Apple Pay with your debit card. So, you can use it just as you would if you had swiped it at an Apple Store or iTunes.

Use Apple Pay when you are near the NFC reader when the store employee asks to do so.

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