Does Amazon Deliver In The Rain? (storms, Snow, Leaving Package In Rain + More)

If you’re an Amazon customer, you may have wondered how deliveries are affected by the weather. Yes, Amazon does deliver in adverse weather conditions. It also provides delivery options for customers who need their deliveries and don’t want to wait if it’s storming outside. You can also leave a delivery at a pre-designated pick-up location or have your package shipped to you.

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Does Amazon Deliver in the Rain In 2022?

There have been rare instances of packages being delivered when the weather was bad. Amazon says that drivers will place packages in an area that will protect them from rain and snow. They should not deliver in major snowstorms or hurricanes.

To read more about the various advantages of using Amazon for your delivery needs, keep reading.

Does Amazon Ship and Deliver on Rainy Days?

As one of the few major internet companies headquartered in Seattle where it rains a lot, Amazon is well used to the weather here, and so they were ready for the rainy-day delivery program, and they are planning to continue offering the service on rainy days and also on weekends.

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Even if the extreme weather isn’t causing damage to your package, it may take Amazon longer to deliver your package due to the weather, which could cause your package to ship and arrive after the expected delivery date.

I’ve ordered a lot of things from Amazon and I’ve never had any problems.

While some critics have alleged that Amazon isn’t actually paying its delivery workers fair wages, the company counters that it’s a $2.1 billion business in the country and has created tens of thousands of jobs.

Will Amazon Leave Packages in the Rain?

The official policy is that if you have anything in your package that you’re not comfortable with, please do not drop it off in an Amazon locker. Just leave it on the back porch or in a drawer and somebody will pick it up at the end of the day.

When it rains, delivery drivers have to be extra careful with their packages. They have to be creative about where they park their delivery truck so that it’s sheltered from the rain. They also have to work very hard to avoid rainwater.

However, to make sure that you have a reliable delivery company, you should make sure that they have a valid tax number. In other words, make sure to check the license plate on the driver’s vehicle to make sure the car has a valid tax number.

If they can’t find a safe or shake tend spot, they will wrap their products in plastic to avoid getting damaged.

Sometimes the drivers will provide their own plastic bags, plastic sheets, or blankets to protect the parcels if these are not provided by Amazon or the shipping companies.

Can Amazon Deliver to My Garage?

And the Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery service makes it easy for people to place delivery orders from any supported Amazon device using an Amazon Key enabled garage.

Garage delivery is a free service. It is a one-day service that will allow myQ to open and close your garage door. The garage must be electronically linked to a myQ controlled garage door opener.

Does Amazon Deliver in Bad Weather?

If the weather is extreme or is preventing deliveries, Amazon will deliver that day. Deliveries are made on Sunday through Thursday.

Also, Amazon has no choice but to close their office if they are not able to buy items in bulk.

Amazon delivery vehicles have to be towed out of snow drifts. Some get stuck, causing delivery delays.

Stopping a delivery due to bad weather can sometimes cause a problem for Amazon.

Because the private delivery vehicles, are privately-owned, the drivers are not insured like the public transportation.

It also appears that Amazon is asking the government to step in and save it from its own bad decisions (delivery services were halted because of weather).

Does Amazon Deliver in a Storm?

The company told people that it might not operate during bad weather, but there were many instances where Amazon had to close up shop anyway.

I’ve gone to the Amazon, and it was like a jungle. You had to be ready to fight your way through a forest and snakes. It was a tough life.

To ensure that we can continue delivering packages, it is also likely that USPS will suspend package deliveries until roads are cleared.

The package you requested will be held at the local processing facility for 12 hours. After this time, we will attempt to deliver the package as soon as possible.

If you need to contact our Customer Service Department, please call 1-800-275-8778.

Thank you for contacting the United States Postal Service.

What it means for you as a customer is that you may see your order take longer than usual if there is severe weather, flooding, etc. There is no guarantee your order will arrive on time, however with our 2 day priority service, it is likely that you will receive your package within 2 working days.

If you want to know how long it will take Amazon to pick up your package, you will have to go to the Amazon app store to see what kind of delivery your package will have.

You will see here information about your orders delivery that has been delayed, with an estimated delivery date as well as a revised delivery date.

Are Amazon Packages Waterproof?

The company also has a waterproofing policy for its delivery drivers to prevent the packages from getting wet and to allow the driver to return the package.

To be sure, your delivery driver might have just forgotten to follow Amazon’s waterproofing instructions.

One common way to prevent this is to place a plastic bag or similar bag in a plastic container and then place the container in the trunk of your car. Make sure you are not getting carsick if you are driving your car on wet days.

Also, if you are a regular shopper, you can also find related articles listed at the top of any Amazon delivery page.


Amazon has delivery drivers that will try to ensure all packages are delivered in good weather.

However, it is unclear if Amazon could be able to slow down deliveries after such a large storm.

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