How Many Times Will Amazon Attempt Delivery? (full Guide)

I was one of those people that ordered anything that Amazon sent to me. I had the patience of a saint, which led to me being scammed by Amazon on numerous occasions.

Amazon sends delivery attempts, if it fails to deliver. This happens mostly when the packages are oversized and/or heavy. This time, I’ll look into the number of such delivery attempts and how many I received my first time around.

How Many Times Will Amazon Attempt Delivery In 2022?

Amazon will make up to three delivery attempts on three consecutive days for expensive packages or those requiring a signature in 2022. Usually, Amazon will email customers to notify them that a delivery attempt has been made, even if the package is delivered. They may also call customers to inform them that a delivery attempt had been made, even if the package is delivered.

To be honest, when Amazon first started delivering to Europe, I was shocked. I hadn’t expected them to even be delivering in such a major city like London. I mean, I like Amazon Prime, but I expected to receive it by a truck, not a bicycle.

How Do Amazon Deliveries Work?

 Amazon drivers use their own vehicles to conduct deliveries. Amazon is pretty good at tracking packages and has a network of sensors, cameras and other devices that help to determine when a delivery is being made.

Still, the Amazon delivery person might ring your door bell, or they may contact you directly to tell you about the delivery.

If you are not contacted during these hours, it might be best to check the status of the delivery (or other important information) by calling the number on the reverse of this page.

When they contact you, they will give you an order number.

But if you don’t see a package at Amazon, you can ask customer service for a tracking number and they should be able to tell you if it was dropped off.

You shouldn’t lose any packages because there might not be a secure location available. If that’s the case, you’ll receive an email to the address on file.

If this email is not delivered, another email that contains the same information may be delivered.

What Happens When Amazon Attempts A Delivery?

But for obvious reasons, Amazon uses drivers to make deliveries. And like any other delivery company, Amazon drivers are almost always going to drop off packages and move on to the next location without notifying the customer.

Because of this, you are in the process of delivery. You are not on the way to your destination, nor is the package.

Then it is an issue with the package. One possibility would be that the package got signed out and then returned by mistake.

One day, a driver tried to deliver a package to an apartment and got lost in South Philly. He was afraid to try again, because he knew he would get lost.

Will Amazon Attempt To Deliver Again?

Amazon will make several attempts to deliver your package when it’s not initially delivered on the first attempt.

The next delivery attempt will depend on traffic conditions on the route and at other locations.

If you prefer to choose a date to receive the package, you can select a re-delivery date by clicking on the “Track Package” button beside the order in question under the “Your Orders” tab on the Amazon website.

You can update the delivery preferences and also update the delivery instructions from the “Update a delivery profile” button here.

You can expect to receive your package in 10 to 20 business days if your package is not eligible for Express shipping or if Amazon is having issues delivering your package.

Will Amazon Reattempt Delivery On The Same Day?

You can also request that the next delivery attempt be made on another day, but it’s up to the shipper to make that happen. It usually happens on the same day after the first attempt.

If you fail to meet the original delivery deadline, your delivery is considered late and your order is automatically cancelled. In all cases, shipping charges are non-refundable and we are not responsible for any lost or damaged shipments.

What Happens If I Miss The Third Amazon Delivery Attempt?

*Amazon will make an attempt to deliver the item between 6am and 10pm on the same day.
*If you are not home to receive a delivery attempt and the package is left with a neighbour or on a porch, you will be notified by text message.
*If there is an issue with the delivery of the product and a tracking number is provided, we’d love for you to reply with this to [email protected] so that we can assist you.

If your package is returned to Amazon then you refund will be processed using the same payment method as the original order.

You can choose to donate to the charity, or, at the very least, you don’t have to pay the shipping.

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Sometimes you can leave them at a post box, but most people prefer to leave them in their front door, leaving it unlocked.
You can also leave them at a designated drop-off address, and Amazon will send a person to retrieve them.

It’s fine if there’s no safe place to leave the package or if you can’t give the package to the driver. Please give them a call and try again the next day.

The package would be returned after three successful delivery attempts or less if the sender’s address could not be confirmed.

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