Does Amazon Deliver To Apartments? (your Full Guide)

Amazon is a company that has an extensive network of local warehouses located both in the United States and overseas. This allows them to deliver to almost every corner of the country, eliminating the need to hire drivers to deliver to those locations.

Amazon’s delivery services for residents are the same as regular orders. They send a van to your house and it is fully insured.

It sounds like you will have a safe and smooth delivery.


For customers living in an apartment, Amazon will send their package via a company called DHL.

Does Amazon Deliver To Apartments In 2022?

Amazon has begun delivering to apartments in some US cities. You can choose to have your Amazon orders delivered directly to your apartment or left at the front desk of the complex. The package delivery process varies between apartment complexes, so check in with your landlord to see your instructions.

To learn more about how Amazon deliveries to apartments and apartments can get packages, keep on reading!

Can You Have Amazon Orders Delivered To Apartments?

The checkout page has four different methods to deliver the delivery of the package to the home.

The first option states that the carrier will leave your package at your front door, regardless of your address, so long as it is delivered at least once during a 24 hour period.

You can also arrange for your delivery to be made to a secure location of your apartment building, like a front desk or security office.

You can choose to have your Amazon order delivered to your doorstep as long as an adult is home to accept the package.

Finally, Amazon also has a delivery option where your product is delivered to your front door, unpacked by the delivery person, and you have an opportunity for Instant Returns.

There are many different rules when it comes to packaging packages. So, it is better to ask your apartment managers on how they handle package deliveries.

Additionally, if your apartment is in a gated community, you might be able to get the mail delivered to your front door.

You’re also likely to have any utilities in your name, depending on what level of control your landlord is providing.

According to other customers, Amazon delivery drivers are sloppy and will leave the parcel in the public entranceway where it is prone to theft.

Does Amazon Deliver Large Packages To Apartments?

If you plan on ordering a more pricey item to your apartment complex, you may be wondering if the package will be shipped directly to your home.

We have found that if a customer is in a new or empty apartment complex, but is not paying rent, Amazon will not deliver.

To protect my home from potential danger I recommend putting my information up to date, including providing clear delivery instructions and a proper access code.

The Amazon’s website also states that they deliver packages only within a 2-block area of your address, and only up or down 2 flights of stairs. If you live in a complex with more than one floor, you are most probably out of luck.

[Original]: Some apartment complexes don’t allow couriers to deliver large items to your door.

Can You Track Amazon Orders?

 If you are looking to know how long it will take Amazon to ship your package, you can check the tracking number of your delivery.

The dashboard will show you all of the orders that you have in queue. You can also see your order status. There are some pre-order options available by the seller.

Next, choose “Track Package” to see if your item is already in the hands of the shipping service. You can also see how many days it will take for your order to be delivered.

If you order through Amazon Marketplace, you will be able to track the order until it ships, even if it is sold through an Amazon seller.

However, if the website says that you have received your order, and you do not have it, contact Amazon’s Customer Service line immediately.

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Amazon makes delivery painless no matter where you live. Amazon offers delivery to most residential addresses in the US. Many delivery options are available, including delivery to your home, to your workplace or to a front door, and no need to be home for delivery to arrive.

It is also important to note that some Amazon deliveries may require an adult to be home before they deliver the package. It is best to contact your apartment complex manager or landlord to see how deliveries are handled.

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