Can I Use Any Box To Ship Ups? (all You Need To Know)

In some cases, the label printing solution can be provided by a third party, and that’s the case with UPS’s SmartPost online label printing service.

I found a bunch of information about how UPS ships with boxes, but I couldn’t find how to tell them if I need boxes for an order. So, I’ve gathered all that information and saved it for you!

Can I Use Any Box To Ship UPS In 2022?

There is a very good chance you can use the shipping box provided by Amazon or the box provided by another company as long as it satisfies the size and weight requirement for UPS, has a UPS label, and is otherwise fit for purpose.

If you intend to ship your next package with UPS, you will want to check out this article to see what is needed to include in your package before you put it in the mail.

What Kind Of Boxes Does UPS Accept?

Thankfully, UPS accepts all kinds of boxes. However, only if the packaging weight or size is not restricted.

Any shipment weighing less than 5 lbs that is larger than 19 inches wide will not be shipped through UPS. Any shipment that is larger than 19 inches wide but does NOT exceed 48 inches in length will not be shipped through UPS.

The only limit is you know how much you have to pay to the airport.

The size or weight exceeds the maximum weight allowance for the package dimensions.
The size or weight is less than the maximum weight allowance for the package dimensions.
There is no extra space for an item to be shipped.
Extra charges apply to shipping due to incorrect weight or size of the shipment.
Extra charges apply to shipping due to a product not meeting packaging or labeling requirements.

A simple answer is that you don’t want to use old boxes. Even if the company that makes the boxes promises that a new box will be delivered to your door, using a previous shipment can void this warranty.

UPS accepts any type of box as long as its dimensions allow it to fit inside.

The top things to consider when choosing a box for your UPS package is to make sure it has enough room, that it is sturdy, and that it will withstand damage.

When the box arrived, I opened it and found it very well boxed with lots of padding. The plastic bag and cardboard box were well protected. The packaging was protected from rough handling.

To avoid any confusion when using an old shipping box, please black out or tear off any old shipping labels, even if they’re from UPS!

Are There Free Boxes At UPS?

Make sure you have a UPS shipping label.
Make sure the item on your order is eligible for free shipping.
Make sure the shipping destination is correct.
Make sure your shipping address is correct.
Submit your order, and wait for confirmation that your order has been processed.

If you want to get free UPS boxes, you must order them online. The boxes are free on the My Choice account.

Then, once you’ve selected your shipping type and entered your address, select the package size using the drop-down menu on the right-hand of the page.

From the “order supplies” page, you can scroll down and choose from a variety of box sizes and types, and you’ll be able to choose the type of free shipping you’d prefer.

So that’s a pretty quick tour of the options for free shipping. Let’s go ahead and try it out!

After filling out information about the packages, you’ll only have to pay for shipping, and we’ll send the packages directly to your door!

But, even though getting free UPS shipping boxes is easy and online, it’s important to keep in mind that this deal is only available online.

I will also be paying $1-3 per box, depending on where I am picking my stuff up and what kind of shipping I am getting.

Finally, if you need assistance with selecting boxes that fit your needs, check out this great EasyShip blog post for helpful ideas!

Can You Ship A Wooden Box Through UPS?

1. It’s much easier to ship a wooden box using USPS.
2. If you’re shipping multiple boxes, UPS’ shipping cost is more expensive.
3. I think you can ship a wooden box using FedEx too, but I’m not sure how to do it.

When you ship the wooden box, you’ll need to write on it and attach the documents on the package and fill out the customs form.

You can use pretty much any kind of box, not just wooden boxes. Check with your shipper for requirements for your boxes.

I ordered new hardwood flooring, so we had to box it up and ship it from Pennsylvania to Georgia. They also come to your door to pick it up, and they deliver at no cost. It’s an efficient way to send things.

However, if you’re using a different service to ship a crate, check out our crate shipping options.

The shipping cost for a domestic package is typically based on weight, and UPS will charge you the standard shipping rate for most domestic packages. However, if the package is larger or heavier than the standard domestic package, the price might be based on the size or weight of the package.

To learn more about USPS holding your package, read our post on whether or not USPS will take your package if you ship with another postal service. Also read about what time will USPS hold a package if you ship with another postal service, and whether or not USPS will hold your package for 7 days.


As long as it has a “UPS” logo on it, it will be marked the right way and you will be able to send a package.

In order to keep its costs lower, a package may be shipped with a low-quality sticker on the outside, but the inside will be in an envelope or box.

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