Usps Mailing Tube Regulations (how To Ship, Price + More)

If you are considering using a shipping box, make sure that the packaging has a square shape. This will make it easier for the carrier to handle and place in a truck.

It can be tempting to think that you should ship your items inside standard shipping boxes, but they are usually too small to properly ship larger items. Try a better alternative like a shipping crate, wooden crate, or a shipping container.

For USPS deliveries, mailing tubes are the only type of mailer that’s acceptable. Other than postcards, no other type of mail can be delivered with a tube. This is a good thing, as tubes are super durable and lightweight, and it’s more convenient than packing all your mail into boxes.

What Are the USPS Mailing Tube Regulations In 2022?

To ship a tube, you might want to read the rest of this article, to learn about how to ship a tube and how much it costs, along with other useful related information.

How Do I Ship a Tube Via USPS?

USPS doesn’t actually treat mailing tubes any differently other than making them more difficult to find.

You have to pay to ship anything that is larger than a box by
USPS, and this isn’t something that you have to worry about with
me. However, I will ship the entire tube in a padded envelope.
I am a fairly heavy packer and I don’t do this for everything.
Usually I just stick with priority mail.

If you have any questions about your package, you are welcome to
contact me. I have not had any complaints about my tubes.

Select this shipping option if you’re going to use your own packaging. The USPS can’t use rectangular tubes and will have to make a rectangular tube out of whatever you want. Remember that they’re more triangular than round.

You can use USPS Click-N-Ship to print shipping labels for your empty tube or tube-less box.

Select the shipping address and location, enter your package’s weight and value, and choose between ground, second-day delivery, and third-day delivery.

If you are asked to provide dimensions, always provide them as you would for a rectangular package. Keep in mind that tubes can be used as long as their length is no more than ten times their width.

If you’re not using USPS-branded Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express tubes, make sure to select your other shipping options with USPS-specific instructions for each option. When you print these labels, make sure to reference your shipping label as the PDF file, not the label itself.

If you are using a delivery method that requires a priority mail tube, you need to purchase Priority Mail Express postage.

You will have access to flat-rate pricing when mailing tubes, but you won’t be able to use it.

Do Mailing Tubes Cost More to Ship?

USPS charges on the weight of each container, but when it comes to shape, they treat the tube like a block of wood.

In some cases, it may be cheaper to mail using a tube, rather than a carton.

When you write the title of the document in the first line of the body text, then you can refer back to the title to provide a concise (one line) description of what the email is about.

If you use a box, you’ll likely have to go with one that’s bigger than you need in order to accommodate an item’s unique shape.

But let’s say you have a tube and it’s just for one day.

Is There a Certain USPS Mail Class for Mailing Tubes?

mailing tubes are not allowed for regular USPS mail class shipments.

In this example, the tube weighs less than 13 ounces, so travelers can take advantage of the affordable First-Class Package Service.

No restrictions. If you can’t fit it in a tube, we’ll take it out to your site for you.

You should also take into account the size of the item when determining which size it should be. For instance, you could have a piece of furniture that’s 24″ x 24″. If you want to bring that into the country, it has to fit within a 32″ x 32″ box. If you want to ship it, the box has to be larger, such as 44″ x 44″ or even 48″ x 48″. The larger the box, the more expensive the shipping, so you may want to look at smaller pieces.

In case your package is larger or heavier than what’s allowed for First-Class packages, then send your tube via Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Tube Via USPS?

Mail tubes follow the same pricing structure as rectangular or square boxes. In other words, you’ll pay the same price to mail a tube as you would to mail a box. If you decide to pay more for a special service, such as overnight shipping, you can usually find that information on the USPS web site.

To receive Priority Mail for orders of $150 or more, use our Priority Mail Express service. It’s the same price and shipping time as Priority Mail, but your package is not held. Your package will leave our facility in 2 business days.

If you mail a Priority Mail package that’s heavier than 70 pounds, you’re charged more.

The shipping cost is based on the weight of the item being shipped. The rate is set by the U.S. Postal Service based on a variety of factors including the number of zones in which the package must travel. The cost is calculated at the time the package is shipped.

Tubes are packaged so that they can be shipped via the United States Postal Service. Most tubes will likely be shipped through USPS’ Priority Mail services, but it’s possible to use the First-Class package service if your item weighs less than 13 ounces.

People who live inside the city limits who have a regular package delivery route will get the lower-priced packages first.

Does the Post Office Have Mailing Tubes?

You can buy mailing tubes to use for your letters and postcards at the U.S. Postal Service counter at most post offices.

I would encourage to use this for mail that is to be delivered within your local postal office. It is not available as a shipment option though.

Are Priority Mail Tubes Flat Rate?

The US Postal Service, (USPS,) does not provide flat rate shipping on Priority Mail. Priority Mail does have a price per weight and destination combination.

To know more about USPS mail, USPS fastest shipping and USPS lost mailbox key, you can read our blogs on these issues.


For most people, mailing a tube seems a bit daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, USPS treats mailing tubes the same way it treats boxes. Therefore, creating a label is the same process- the price doesn’t change, and you’ll use the same mailing services you would for any other package. The only difference is the tape, which we will cover in the next section.

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