Does Instacart Deliver To Hotels? (all You Need To Know)

If you want to try different types of food while on vacation, you should plan for it because you might not find it at home.

Buying groceries is not as bad as it sounds. Since the hotel room already has a fridge, it’s easy to cook anything you want. Buying groceries is not as bad as it sounds. Since the hotel room already has a fridge, it’s easy to cook anything you want.

After doing some research on the topic, I found that Instacart does not deliver orders to hotels. Instead, residents receive orders for their homes only.

Does Instacart Deliver to Hotels In 2022?

Since July 9th, it’s been reported that Instacart has also begun delivering to hotels. Some hotels won’t allow it, but some do accept delivery. Costs are subject to location and time, though Express members do not pay delivery fees, no matter where they order in 2022.

If you’re wondering whether to order online or over the phone, here’s what to do.

Want to know more info on Instacart hotel delivery? Keep reading to learn more about how it works and what options are available to shoppers, what it costs to shop at a hotel, and even how to go about getting your hotel to allow grocery delivery!

How Does Instacart Delivery to Hotels Work?

You should talk to the front desk, so they know if they allow grocery delivery, and ask if you can bring a bag with you to the hotel.

The second paragraph is the exact same word for word as the third paragraph, so you can just use one of them and not need to re-word it.

If they will be expecting delivery, they should know who is bringing the bags. Otherwise they may have them stop the drivers and delay delivery.

Then you will need at least one shopping account with at least $20 worth of goods in your cart. You also need to be at least 18 years old.

You need your hotel’s address so that your location will be correctly shown after you click the button that takes you to your home page. You don’t need to enter it because it’s already in the address field when you signed up.

Once you find a grocery store you can select the one you want to use and the app will reload itself for about a couple of seconds. Once it has loaded all the info, the store will be in your navigation bar so you can easily browse to it.

Select a store, like Amazon, and add items to your cart.

As the article points out, while alcohol is not delivered in Oregon, you can still order it online and have it delivered to wherever you live. You just have to show your ID.

Once you’re done shopping, you can go to check out and choose a time and day for the delivery.

The box might ask for your apartment number. It sounds like you will be able to enter the code if you see and hear the number on the screen. If not, you can confirm the address and they will enter it from there.

After filling out the instructions box, go back to your profile and make sure its time is correct.

If you don’t have a delivery address, your package will be sent to the address on your Shipping Profile.

Fill in your payment options, check the tip, and then submit your order.

Even though you might be on vacation, you should still do the work of keeping your phone near you while you are shopping so that you can answer any questions the shopper has.

You can see the position of the delivery vehicle, and the
vehicle itself is clearly visible.

When you’re in a hurry, it’s always a good idea to take your time on the way to the airport, so you can enjoy the journey and get there on time.

To begin, you must find your items on the luggage cart, in the delivery bags, or left in your room. If no items are in any of these locations, then there is an issue with the delivery. Contact the merchant immediately.
If you have a delivery bag, you can check the contents of the bag by opening the box, then clicking on the Delivery Bag.

I think your better off to leave them in the room unattended and not leave your keys out and/or in a place accessible to others.

If you don’t answer or you are on a different time zone from the driver, the bag may be returned to you or stolen.

The driver is a third party and cannot legally force you to answer the questions on the trip request form. Even if you were a passenger in your own vehicle, the driver is a third party.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Instacart Delivered to a Hotel?

Instacart does a good job of keeping the fees its delivery people charge quite flat, but there can be peak shopping times surcharges to be aware of.

At the end of the day, shopping with Instacart might be a great way to save on groceries while supporting small businesses. When you include the service fee, you’re not paying more than what you would pay at any other grocery store. If you’re a healthy eater, this can save a lot of money. But for others, it may be less lucrative.

However, if you’re used to paying more for groceries in a smaller city, you might find that you’re starting to be billed more when you start doing your grocery shopping in larger cities.
The following table shows the average price of your groceries using the prices below.

When you do a restaurant review, always tip well so that they will continue to look after you well in the future. If it’s a large, heavy or more complex order, you should tip at least 15 percent.

Finally, if you’re looking to catch the midnight snacks, you can also get some delivery of your smaller orders for free at the convenience stores in the area.

You can even get it delivered to you if you want to order late at night or on the weekend and don’t have time to wait for someone to deliver.

What Hotels Allow Instacart Delivery?

Some of the major hotel chains that have partnered with Instacart are Marriott, Hilton, Wyndham, Hyatt, and other hotel chains that don’t have a grocery delivery program.

For anyone not lucky enough to be staying at a Hilton resort, don’t worry, because you can order directly from Amazon Prime.

I’m actually here for work, but I can’t wait until I’m free. Hopefully I will not have to wait too long.

If you have a question about the staff, you cannot appeal to them.
If a member of staff is busy they may say no to an appeal.

Will Instacart Deliver to Hotel Rooms?

Instacart is a delivery service that delivers groceries from an Instacart seller to your location. They will deliver whatever you order.

If you aren’t there when your Instacart delivery person arrives, they aren’t allowed to leave your property with your groceries.

As an Instacart customer, you are permitted to leave your grocery bags at the front desk, or in your room for the duration of your stay. This is to ensure that you actually receive your groceries.
You may be charged for this service, depending on availability.

What If My Hotel Doesn’t Allow Instacart Delivery?

Hotels don’t allow Instacart deliveries because they usually have restaurants on the premises.

If you call down to your hotel’s front desk and are told that management does not allow Instacart delivery in the hotel, you are not completely out of luck.

Buying groceries in France can be a hassle. You have to go to the supermarket, and you don’t know what you want to buy until you’re there.

You should also consider ordering delivery, but have your shopper meet you in the parking lot, near one of the side/back doors, versus the main entrance, so you can be less concerned with them being present.

The hotels don’t want your delivery person on-premises because they want to keep the area as clean as possible, but they can’t stop you from obtaining the order off-property.

If you want to know more about Costco Instacart, you can also read this post on how to get discounts from Costco Instacart.


When I click the place I want, I find it on Google maps and it says “Sorry, I can’t deliver here.” And then it gives me another option to go to a different location.

When you’re doing a hotel drop off, a lot of hotels aren’t too crazy about it. So you’ll have to opt for pick-up.

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