Does Instacart Deliver Alcohol? (all You Need To Know)

People buy wines in grocery stores for the same reasons they buy food. Most people are not knowledgeable about wine. They want to be able to buy something they can enjoy right away. Many people prefer to have a bottle of wine ready and waiting when they get back home, rather than searching for the wine they need.

That’s a great question, Chris! Instacart does not deliver alcohol. If you want your merlot or your Bud Light delivered, you’ll have to either choose one from a local store, or choose alcohol delivery from another service.

Does Instacart Deliver Alcohol In 2022?

Check out our guide to Instacart’s Alcohol Delivery rules! If you’d like to check whether or not you driver will be able to scan your ID, keep reading.

How Does Buying Alcohol on Instacart Work?

If you live in states that are covered under the pilot program, such as Washington DC, California, Florida, etc. you can now get alcohol delivered to your car.

The first step to signing up is to create an Instacart account and confirm your email. From there, you’ll have to link a payment method and fill out your profile.

In fact, if you find yourself using Instacart frequently, consider signing up for Express membership for $10 a month, or $99 a year.

There are several ways to spend the money you’ve earned through mining.

Press on Aisles and you will see one of your pre-selected retailers. Scroll down until you see the Alcohol section and you can either start filling in the information or press on Add.

There will be a drink called “Alcohol” in the “Drinks” section.

You can just order alcohol for delivery though the app.

To add an item to your cart you have to be able to search for the item in question and type it into the search bar.

All the shops can be found on the “Home” tab, and you can then click on “Nearby” to see a list of each store in your area.

After you select your food, you can add any beverages you’d like and the price will automatically adjust. You can use the grocery card you’ve linked to your account to pay for your groceries, or if you pay for your groceries in advance, you can get an even better deal.

If you work for Instacart, you will likely see a lot of different alcohol options, including wine, beer, liquor, and more.

When your cart is full, you can continue with checkout.

Customers will be required to provide proof of age. It is recommended that they bring proof of age with them to their home during delivery.

What is your date of birth:

In the same matter, if you choose to use this service, you shall ensure that you are familiar with the terms and conditions detailed in the Terms & Conditions that will apply to the use of the Site and to the processing of your data.

In the “payment details” section, it’s important to make sure to leave a tip for your driver, and to include a delivery address where the FedEx box will be delivered. These details aren’t required, but it’s always best to fill them out to ensure a smooth transition.

Once you have submitted your order it has been confirmed, you should check back because it might take some time for it to process.

It is very important that you are available to your shoppers while they are placing their order so that they can answer their questions quickly. As a result, you should be available to their calls during your peak time.

When they are finished and on their way, it is time for you to get ready for the delivery.

You will not get to the store without an ID on you. It is required unless you have a membership, which is $30 a year or $5 a month.

The driver will ask you for your name, and to cross-reference with your fingerprint and birthdate.

What Are the Instacart Alcohol Delivery Rules?

Because alcohol is strictly regulated by the U.S., particularly by age, Instacart follows specific guidelines and rules to make its alcohol delivery operations above board.

Instacart has not received any major fines from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or other regulatory authorities for safety issues.

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You cannot buy alcohol for delivery if you are below the minimum age or if you are in any of the groups below.

You might be denied a purchase, and then you may be out of money for the delivery and tip.

What Stores Sell Alcohol on Instacart?

There are also tons of liquor stores, liquor stores if you live in a state that allows alcohol delivery, and liquor stores that allow you to order alcohol online and have it delivered.

Alfreds, Barnes & Nobles, Staples, etc.

This is the same option for each store you are in. If you are in San Francisco, your alcohol options will be different than if you are in Boston.

Does Instacart Scan ID for Alcohol?

The people who deliver alcohol are Instacart shoppers, they scan IDs and they are trained to deliver alcohol.

Shoppers aged 18 and older are able to fulfill alcohol and tobacco packages, as long as a parent or guardian is present to supervise.

Well, there is no such thing as a non-alcoholic beer, so you have to take a certain amount of alcohol. Not taking alcohol might cause you to miss a good drink.

Shoppers train with the Alcohol Module to familiarize themselves with alcohol laws in their state and to verify that they have a drinking age of 21 or older.

As well, any shoppers found not in full compliance with said laws will have their cookies deleted.

Can You Pick up Alcohol with Instacart?

You can opt to have your purchases delivered to your door or have them delivered to the nearest bar/store.

Instacart is a company that connects local stores with customers through an app. It allows the stores to have online sales and the customer can order what they would like through the app.

The process is much the same, with the exception that you need to verify your birthdate at check-out.

Then when you go to get your groceries, you will show your ID to the person bringing your groceries out.

– You can learn more about Instacart on our blog, website, and blog posts.
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– You can learn more about Instacart on our blog.


We want everyone to enjoy the freedom of being able to get all the groceries they need, and Instacart has been an integral part of the way we do that.
We’ve been able to provide more variety to our customers and also make the ordering process even easier.
Our customers love being able to order everything they need from one spot, and Instacart keeps getting better as our customers keep sharing their feedback with us.

If you are 21 and have a valid state ID and also are not visibly intoxicated, your Instacart shopper is authorized to bring an entire case of beer right to you.

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