Should You Tip Instacart Delivery Drivers? (all You Need To Know)

It is not really clear if a tip is mandatory or not, but some users are now saying that a tip shouldn’t be necessary.

If you want an Instacart delivery driver to go all the above, then tip them.
This is where Instacart has a clear advantage. Since it is the service that is providing you with the product, a tip from its owner would be the best option. If you want to tip the driver, you have to do this online though (for reasons we will get to later). Since Instacart owns the service, the tip is already built-in.

Should You Tip Instacart Delivery Drivers In 2022?

Instacart delivery drivers are allowed to set their own prices for deliveries, though the company will adjust it at the end of the day if it is too low. The service is also available outside of their service area too. One dollar is the suggested minimum.

To learn more about how much you should be tipping your Instacart driver, whether the tip is visible before delivering your order, and how you can change your tip, keep reading for all the details!

How Much Should You Tip Instacart Delivery Drivers?

When Instacart asks you to enter a tip for your driver, you should set a tip that is equal to the service fee charged by your driver.

Instacart allows you to set a lower value and adjust the percentage up or down based on your order volume.

If you choose “Custom”, you can enter the custom URL and domain.

This could make the difference between a $10 and a $15 delivery fee depending on what percentage of your order cost is passed on to the driver.

The server is under load because you have a lot of connections open.
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Yes, maybe 10 percent would be the norm too, but the minimum should be 15 percent. Yes that’s the law.

What Is the Minimum You Should Tip Instacart Delivery Drivers?

While I don’t necessarily think that tipping is necessary, I do think that it’s very generous to tip more than what Instacart is recommending.

When you buy groceries via Instacart, you get access to their app for a limited time.

However, with a little extra cost to your business it is entirely possible to make the extra $1k/month you need.

Do Instacart Drivers See Tips Before Delivery?

Instacart drivers will see the tip the customer has entered immediately before delivery.

It states, “If they can, shoppers who receive and decline an order due to tips could also decline the order if the tips are not high enough”.

There is no tipping for the amount you spent on that transaction.
But if you were to order a $15 order and pay $15 for it, you might get an additional tip.

Sometimes, shoppers will leave large tips to try and “hook” the shopper faster. But then, they will go back and reduce the tip after the order is delivered.

However, it is best to act honest and be generous when ordering and make sure the order is well taken care of.

Can You Change Your Instacart Delivery Drivers’ Tip?

If your order is delivered by a driver you can also skip the drop-off and pay the driver directly. You can also tip the driver while they are in the delivery vehicle.

If you want to change the tip, which you can do up to 24 hours after the delivery is completed, just scroll to the three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner.

If you are not able to find the order you want to edit, you can check the list of orders instead. Tap “My orders” and select the order you wish to edit. The information will then be displayed.

The problem with “excellent” is in this sentence, if you were great, the people who tipped you would tip you because they appreciated your service.

So the key is if you are not great, do not increase the tip to compensate for this.

The following examples are a bit more extreme, but still true.

To protect shoppers from scam artists, Instacart is watching how often customers change their tips and notes any unusual activity.

Should You Tip Instacart Delivery Drivers in Cash?

You don’t have to tip cash as Instacart forwards 100 percent of the digital tips to drivers, but it is certainly appreciated by drivers. In fact, you can even customize your tipping instructions.

One of the benefits of being an Instacart shopper is that your earnings are not available 24 hours a day and therefore a cash tip is the best option.

What If You Can’t Afford the Instacart Delivery Drivers Tip?

As we said before, it’s a great way to get groceries from stores and restaurants you already frequent, but it’s also a very pricey way to get groceries.

If you can’t afford a tip, then you should eat your food and just be happy with what you ate.

Some stores on the website offer delivery, which tends to be more expensive than pick-up, but will provide delivery to your home or office when you’re not around.

If you order the pizza online, you can choose the best time to have it delivered. You don’t have to wait in line or interact with a delivery person so all you have to worry about is what flavor you want and how far away the pizza should go.

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Instacart delivery drivers work extremely hard to deliver groceries to customers so they deserve to be compensated.

A good tipping etiquette is to tip well if service is on the low side, and be prepared to be flexible with your tips when they’re on the high side.

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