Do You Tip Costco Delivery? (your Complete Guide)

It’s a good thing we’re a fast-growing company or we would never get to offer you this awesome new service. The best thing about grocery delivery is that we deliver things to your home, right from the store.

Delivery is great, but you may wonder if you should tip your delivery driver when they arrive. I’ve been researching this and here’s what I’ve found.

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Should You Tip Costco Delivery In 2022?

Costco offers free delivery when you spend $100 or more. They will deliver your order free of charge to the recipient address, and the driver will place the order on the porch of the recipient. It is a great way to save on your grocery costs, especially if your recipient lives in a different part of town.

So how can we tip Costco Delivery? Read on to find out more. You can also try out Costco Delivery as a non-member.

How Much Should You Tip Costco Delivery?

Costco is not the store we’re delivering to, but it’s in the same area and the same time of day.

if the number of items you already placed is too many to fill your shopping cart, or you just want a discount on your first purchase, you can use your coupon and get the discount.

If you believe a driver went above and beyond you can choose to leave a higher tip after the delivery is complete, you can choose to leave a tip by choosing either the Instacart or Shipt app or by going to the Costco website.

Do You Tip Costco Delivery In Cash Or Card?

You can either tip in cash or via your order (by card) in case the driver has been kind enough to do extra work for you.

You can also tip on a tip calculator with the tip in cash option.

If you want to change your tip on an order that you’ve already placed at instacart, simply visit the “My Profile” page.

Although you could tip your driver in person, Costco and Instacart recommend using their online services and website to ensure that the driver will receive their tips.

Can Costco Delivery Drivers See My Tip?

The driver gets to see the tip he or she has made, whether there has been any tip added, or whether the tip has already been added.

As much as Instacart appreciates how drivers help each other and want to give back, that’s why they will always try to create a culture of support for all their drivers, so they can be successful at what they do.

As far as tips go, it’s important to remember that Instacart is more of a service company than a restaurant, and they do work hard to make sure your groceries are always delivered in a timely manner. However, they may charge a delivery fee (which you will see on checkout) and they also charge a 5% service fee. So, it’s important to keep this in mind when choosing your tip.

How Much Do Costco Delivery Drivers Receive From Tips?

To make sure your tip is being added to their paychecks, they all require you to fill out a tip slip.

You can easily use a credit card or Debit Card to tip your driver.

Your online account balance or credit card balance will all be taken directly to your driver.

You can use your Debit Card or Credit card payment to pay your driver directly.

Your online account will not be debited the amount until your driver has received the amount from you.

Your online account or credit card will be debited automatically at the end of each ride.

Who Delivers For Costco?

If you select same-day delivery at, it will have two delivery options, Instacart and Shipt. Costco provides some exclusive benefits to these two delivery services, like free same-day pickup for Costco members.

Costco online takes about a week. You can get it if you order it in two days.

You can shop online and get free delivery, but if you pay at the warehouse, you’ll pay less because you’ll cover the cost of the shipping.

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Costco delivery services also suggests you tip your Costco delivery driver if you tip them at all.

You can choose to leave a tip for the driver on the first delivery when making your grocery list but you can also adjust the tip amount when you are in the final checkout process for that order.

The preferred method of tipping is to use a debit card directly through the app. However, all tips go directly to the driver and not the delivery company.

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