Does Costco Have Curbside Pickup In 2022? (Yes, But It’s Slightly Complicated…) 

Costco is the preferred warehouse and retail store for many households due to its low prices and large network of stores. They have 804 warehouses in 12 countries around the world and provide excellent customer service.

Access to daily necessities was difficult during the years of pandemics. Costco has made it easy for customers to pick-up their groceries/items in these difficult times.

Is Costco going to offer curbside pickup for 2022? Continue reading to learn more!

Costco offers curbside pick-up

Yes, Costco does have curbside pickups. However, the number of these pickups is much smaller than one might expect. Costco launched their pilot curbside grocery pickup service in January 2021 at three warehouses in Albuquerque. This would be only available to Costco members.

Costco used to only offer pickup for expensive items like jewelry and electronics. Costco has not expanded this service to other warehouses, so it is still not fully accessible.

Costco members are the only ones who can access this feature. The answers to your questions are below, in case you’re curious!

You can find more information on Costco’s curbside pick-up service at their official website, located under the Same Day Delivery page.

What is Costco’s Curbside Pickup?

Costco offers curbside pickup for online orders, but many customers prefer delivery due to the ongoing pandemic.

It’s an easy and efficient system that is simple, but it’s disappointing that it hasn’t been extended to all Costco locations.

Is there another way to get groceries from Costco?

There are many other options for customers to receive groceries and products from Costco. You can also get your Costco products delivered through the Instacart app and website, or pick up lockers at Costco Warehouses.

Instacart, Costco’s main delivery partner, allows customers to order groceries and other Costco products online. You can order online from Instacart, which will deliver your Costco groceries right to your door.

Instacart’s most popular delivery options for Costco products include 2-Day Delivery and Same-Day Delivery.

The minimum order cost for Same-Day Delivery should not exceed $35. Your first order is free of charge, but you will be charged $5.99 plus a 10% Instachart delivery fee.

This is a popular way to order fresh food and perishable goods delivered right to your door.

If you place a minimum order $75, your 2-day delivery fee will be waived. Instachart charges a 10% delivery fee. This is a popular method for non-perishable food and goods that are not perishable.

Costco’s CFO Richard Galanti stated that Costco plans to expand its pickup lockers in its warehouses to accommodate more than 200 retail stores across the US by 2022.

Pick up lockers work in the same way as curbside pickup. You pre-order your items online, and then pick them up at Costco Warehouses. This process allows for little contact between customers and employees, which ensures safety in the post-pandemic era.

This is a new expansion for Costco. We look forward to their fully developed Pickup lockers system!


Costco has made many major moves to become one of the largest retailers in the world. Costco’s success is due to a seamless customer experience and many delivery options.

Costco’s curbside pickup program hasn’t become a standard, but it is still possible to pick up. Costco also offers other ways to reach customers, including Same-day Grocery Delivery via Instacard or Pick Up from Pick Up Lockers.

What was your experience with Costco’s pickup services? Comment below!

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