Does Bath And Body Works Have Curbside Pickup In 2022? (No, But…)

It is a precious commodity that not everyone can afford to spend their time in a Bath & Body Works shop. They need to take their time, browse the products, and then get the items they want.

Although online shopping is preferred, many people don’t like the additional shipping fees for delivery to their doorstep. You may have to wait days to change your mind or cancel your order after it has been shipped.

Is Bath and Body Works available for curbside pickup? You’re in luck, because you can now pick up your online order at a local store!

We’ll answer any questions you might have about the in-store pickup at Bath and Body Works.

  • What is the process of Bath and Body Works in-store pickup?
  • What should you do before you pick up your order?
  • What time do you need to collect your items
  • Is it possible for someone else to pick up your order

Is Bath and Body Works offering Curbside Pickup

Bath and Body Works doesn’t offer curbside pickup, but they do have an in-store pickup option that works the same. Bath and Body Works refers to it as “Buy Online, Pick up in Store”, where customers can pick their items up at selected stores after making an online purchase.

What does Bath and Body Works’ Online Pickup In Store do?

Bath and Body Works has introduced Buy Online Pick Up as an option to pick up items in-store for customers who order online. It takes just 4 steps to collect an item from Bath and Body Works.

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What stores are eligible to buy online and pick up in-store?

Only a few stores offer Pick Up In Store. Here are the details to help you locate Bath and Body Works stores that offer in-store pickup.

It is important to ensure you choose the right store. You cannot change it later. Due to high demand, some participating stores might not offer Buy Online Pick Up In Store.

In-store pickup at Bath and Body Works does not include promotions. These are only available in-store.

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What should you do before you pick up your order?

To collect your items, you will need your government-issued identification and ready-for pickup email. You can also use the email to replace your ID if you forget.

Can Someone Else Pick Up Your Order?

You must send the email to the person picking up your items. To designate someone to pick up the items

What time do you have to collect your items?

Within four hours, your order will be available for pick up. You have up to three days to pick it up once your order has been processed. Otherwise, your order will be cancelled. You will receive an email confirmation and, if you paid by card, a bank statement. If you paid by gift card, an e-gift certificate.

What should you do if you have any problems?

Bath and Body Works customer service can be reached at 1-877-832-92272, or you can refer to the FAQ Buy Online Pick up In Store


Online shopping has never been easier with the Buy Online Pick Up In Store Program. Customers like you save time by having the option of picking up in-store. Your order will be ready for pick up the next day.

You can also avoid extra shipping charges for orders that are delivered to your house. It’s easy to find the closest store and checkout your items before heading to the store to pick up your order.

Have you ever tried to get in-store pickup from Bath & Body Works What was your experience? Comment below to let us know!

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