Does Ikea Have Curbside Pickup? (How It Works 2022)

You might be looking to update your living space, or perhaps get new furniture for your home office. IKEA is a great place to purchase home furnishings, no matter what the reason.

COVID-19 is ravaging the country and it can be a bit scary to spend hours in crowded stores like IKEA. IKEA offers curbside pickup as a solution. Is curbside pickup available at IKEA? You now know the answer!

IKEA Curbside Pickup Available?

IKEA has curbside pickup. But it might not be as convenient as you think. IKEA’s Click and Collect service allows you to pick up your order online. You can pick up your order online at any IKEA location near you.

Click and Collect customers have access to designated parking spaces, but you will still need to visit the store to confirm your order.

It can be difficult to arrange curbside pickup for retailers of home furnishings. But we will show you how easy it is with IKEA’s Click & Collect feature.

How does IKEA’s Curbside Pickup work?

We’ll show how to pick up your IKEA order. There are several steps involved. IKEA’s curbside pickup system will require a smartphone with stable Internet access. A power bank is a great idea!

How do I choose IKEA’s Click & Collect?

Choose the store closest to you.

Choose the most convenient time and date for you.

Continue with your checkout as normal.

You will receive an email confirmation of your order. But don’t rush to the store yet!

After your order has been shipped, a second email will be sent. This is when you can go to the IKEA store.

How do I Collect IKEA Orders

Once you have placed your order online it is time to pick it up. Before you go to the store, there are a few things that you need to do.

That’s all! IKEA’s curbside pickup system makes it easy for customers to purchase and collect furniture from anywhere.

IKEA Customer Service

What happens if you order items that aren’t in stock? You accidentally brought the wrong item home. IKEA’s customer service team is available to help with any post-purchase issues.

These are just a few of the services they offer and how they work.

TaskRabbit Assembly

TaskRabbit allows us to complete tedious tasks through a platform called TaskRabbit. TaskRabbit can help you with everything, from grocery shopping to yardwork to moving places or running errands.

They are collaborating with IKEA to assist you in assembling your furniture as soon it arrives. Once you have booked the date and time for your assembly, a Tasker will arrive at the location to complete their task.

Pricing is determined by the Taskers and each one has their own rates, based on their experience and qualifications. All assemblies will be charged a minimum of one hour. Pricing will then be determined in increments of 15 minutes.

At the end of each assembly, a 15% Trust & Support Fee is charged. This fee is used to pay for safety and operational measures, as well as training and other business expenses, in order to provide the best possible services.

Planning Tools

IKEA offers a variety of planning tools for renovating your home. These tools include planning tools for your home, kitchen, office and living rooms, as well as storage planning tools.

Their website offers an in-built planning tool. You can even create your own space and experiment with the various tools. To see what your space will look like, you can add IKEA furniture.

You can change the dimensions of your room, add lighting and decors to make it more spacious. After you have finalized your design you can upload it to IKEA. They will assist you through the entire purchasing process.

You can even use different tools to build different spaces in your house. A space planner, shown above, can give you a bird’s-eye view of a specific area.

You can also use office planners or kitchen planners. These tools have intuitive interfaces that allow you to drag and drop furniture. You can then see what the planner will look like so you can make informed purchases and avoid making mistakes.


IKEA is more than a furniture retailer. IKEA is now a full-service home improvement and family retailer offering a variety of services. Click and Collect is IKEA’s curbside pickup program.

IKEA could offer other services. Are you satisfied with their Click and Collect service? Comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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