Does Popeyes Take Apple Pay? (Updated 2022!)

You can’t go wrong with a little bit of fried chicken from your local fast-food joint. Fried chicken is always in fashion, whether it’s served as a sandwich or with salad and fries.

Popeyes is one of the most popular American restaurants. It has the best-fried chicken in America and has a lot of fans and followers since its inception in New Orleans in 1972.

Many customers will be able to use all payment options, including apple pay in 2022. But does Popeyes accept apple pay? Let’s learn more about Popeyes.

Popeyes accepts Apple Pay

Popeyes accepts Apple Pay in-store and online. Popeyes accepts Apple Pay at their restaurants from 2019 and added it to their app.

You are lucky if you have an Apple watch or iPhone.

Continue reading to find out more about Popeyes’ payment options.

How to Use Apple Pay at Popeyes

  • First, inform the Popeyes employee who takes your order at the counter that Apple Pay is the preferred method of payment.
  • Next, open the Wallet app on Apple Device.
  • To change your default card, simply tap on it to choose a new one. If your current card is not available, you can go to the next step which authenticates your card.
  • Double-clicking the power button will activate your Face ID scanner if your device has one. If this is not possible, enter your passcode.
  • Touch ID devices have a Touch ID button that you can press to scan the Touch ID.
  • If you wish, you can also use a passcode.
  • Place your Apple Device near or on top of the contactless reader.
  • Wait until there is a checkmark or a message that says “Done”, before you remove your device.

How to use Apple Pay on Your Apple Watch

You can use your Apple Watch to pay for Popeyes meals if you have one.

  • Double-click the side button first.
  • Next, choose the card you prefer.
  • Keep your wrist close to the contactless reader in order to verify that the payment was made through the watch.
  • The purchase is complete when you feel a slight tap or hear a beep.

Can You Order at Popeyes Online?

You can order food online with the Popeyes app.

Apple Pay can be used to make purchases if you choose.

  • When you go to checkout, first choose Apple Pay.
  • To switch cards, click the “Next” button until your chosen card is displayed. Or the “Expand” button to view all cards at once.
  • Fill in your details if necessary. Apple Pay stores your information if you’ve previously entered it. This includes billing, shipping and contact information.
  • Confirm and authenticate the payment.
  • To activate Face ID, double-click on the power button.
  • Touch ID devices will require you to tap the home button to scan your ID. You can also enter your passcode if this feature is not available or you prefer another method.
  • Double-click the side button if you’re using an Apple Watch
  • Mac with TouchID: Before scanning your TouchID, follow the prompts on this touch bar. The screen will also provide instructions.
  • Mac without Touch ID: Follow these instructions to use Apple Pay. To approve the transaction, you can also use your Apple devices that are connected via Bluetooth.

Popeyes Accepts Cash App?

You can use Cash App to pay your Popeyes food. It is simple.

Follow these steps to pay for your meal using Cash App

  • After opening the Cash App, enter the amount you wish to pay and then tap “Pay”.
  • Enter a valid email address or phone number.
  • Enter the recipient
  • Last, tap “Pay” once more


Popeyes is a great place to go if you’re looking for fried chicken. You can use a card, cash or apple pay to make the purchase.

Now you know that Apple Pay can be your friend at Popeyes. So if you feel the need for fast-food chicken fried chicken, you can simply go to Popeyes and pay using your Apple device.

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