Does Jack In The Box Take Apple Pay? (Updated 2022!)

Jack In The Box offers a variety of fast-food options, including a wide range of combos and meals.

Let’s say that you’re interested in Jack In The Box’s tacos. But, when it comes time to pay, how can you pay?

You can find out if Jack In The Box accepts Apple Pay. Also, you will learn more about their payment options.

Is Jack in the Box a member of Apple Pay?

Jack In The Box accepts Apple Pay. All you need to do to make your Apple Pay purchase is notify the person taking your orders that you are using Apple Pay. Follow these steps:

  • Open the Wallet app on an Apple Device.
  • You can change your default card by tapping the card you currently have. If your card is not selected, you can go to the next step which is to authenticate your card.
  • Double-clicking the power button will activate your Face ID scanner if your device has one. If this is not possible, enter your passcode.
  • Touch ID devices have a Touch ID button that you can press to scan the Touch ID.
  • If you wish, you can also use a passcode.
  • Place your Apple Device near or on top of the contactless reader.
  • Before you remove your device, wait until there is a checkmark or a message that says “Done”.
  • An Apple Watch can be used during purchase.

Is Jack in the Box a member of Google Pay?

Jack In The Box accepts Google Pay. This makes it much easier for Android users.

Here’s how to use Google Pay

  • Turn on your phone, then unlock it. It’s not necessary to open Google Pay to make the transaction work.
  • Once you receive confirmation, hold your phone back close to the reader until you receive it.
  • If you need to create a card or provide additional information, you may be asked for instructions.

Jack in the Box accepts cash payments

Yes, you can use the Cash App at Jack In The Box

  • For Cash App, select the “$”.
  • Next, select the amount that you wish to send.
  • To search for a $Cashtag or Phone number or an email address, tap “Request or pay”
  • To complete the payment process, select “Request or pay”.

Jack in the Box Payment Methods

Jack In The Box offers a variety of payment options to their customers, including Mastercards, Visa cards, Discover Cards, American Express Cards, American Express Cards, American Express Cards, Debit Cards, Apple Pay and Gift Cards.

Jack in the Box offers contactless ordering

Jack In The Box offers contactless ordering. This allows Jack In The Box to offer a more flexible, efficient workflow, and safe delivery from afar. Customers and employees today value this convenience more than ever.

Jack In The Box is a pioneer in contactless ordering onboard since the days of “contactless” cards readers.

In 2006, Michael Verdesca stated in a statement:

Jack In The Box’s partnership with American Express and Discover Financial Services, MasterCard and Visa makes it easier for guests to purchase on the move.

Although it’s been a while since the announcement, it proves that Jack In The Box is always up-to-date with new technology and payment solutions.

Guests don’t have to look for cash or coins, swipe a credit card, or sign receipts. They can activate the transaction by simply holding their cards within a 2 inch range of the contactless reader. This allows them to keep control of their cards and our cashiers can concentrate on great guest service.

It is good to know Jack In The Box places safety and efficiency first and will continue to do so for many years. They also offer a wide range of payment options, such as Apple Pay.


Apple Pay users will be happy to know that Jack in the Box is able to pay with Apple Pay on any Apple device, including iPhones, iPads, and watches.

You can also use the Google Pay app and Cash app if you wish. They are up-to-date with payment options and offer contactless ordering, which is easy and much faster.

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