Does Mcdonald’s Take Apple Pay (Updated 2022!)

McDonald’s is a well-known fast food chain. It’s the largest fast-food chain in the world, with more than 37.000 locations across the globe.

McDonald’s is well-known for its classic hamburgers and children’s meals. With so many customers, it begs the questions: What payment options does McDonald’s accept? Do they accept Apple Pay?

Although it may seem minor, a giant chain like McDonald’s needs to be able offer more options to increase their profits and make the transaction process easier and less confusing.

Let’s see if we can use Apple Pay at McDonald’s to get the Big Mac you’ve been imagining all day.

McDonald’s accepts Apple Pay

Since 2014, McDonald’s has accepted Apple Pay at all of its US stores. So you can go to your favorite or nearest McDonald’s and use the Apple device to pay.

As contactless ordering and digital wallets become more popular in restaurants, we recommend that you continue reading to find out more about Apple Pay in McDonald’s as well as the other payment options they offer.

How to use Apple Pay in McDonald’s

You finally found a McDonald’s, and now it’s time for payment. How do you use Apple Pay, when you’re only one step away and can get that delicious meal you desire?

You first need to decide which Apple device will be used to pay for your order. If you use an Apple Watch, these steps are:

  • Double-click on the button to the side.
  • Choose a card.
  • Keep your wrist close to the contactless reader in order to verify that the payment was made through the watch.
  • The transaction is successful when you feel a slight tap or hear a beep.

These steps will help you use your iPhone.

  • Open your Wallet app on the phone.
  • If you don’t already have a default card, then choose another card.
  • You have two options: a Face ID that allows you to verify your ID using a facial scanner or a Touch ID that lets you verify it by placing your finger on the scanner.
  • If you wish, you can also use a passcode.
  • Place your phone next to the contactless reader
  • Before you remove your device, wait until there is a checkmark or a message that says “Done”.

After the process is complete, you can simply enjoy your meal!

Apple Pay is free. This applies not only to McDonald’s, but to any other place you want to use it. Apple Pay will always work and you can pay for your purchases with it.

Is it possible to use Apple Pay in the Drive-Thru

You can use Apple Pay at a McDonald’s drive thru. There isn’t much difference. The only difference is that the employee may hold the terminal near you. Other times, you’ll need to hand your phone to him so he can process the transaction.

It is impossible to predict how each employee will handle your order. However, if you would prefer a contactless order, you can ask them to get the payment terminal outside of the window so that you don’t have your phone.

What other payment methods are available at McDonald’s?

All major payment methods will be accepted at McDonald’s including Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

They can also accept Google Pay, and as we mentioned before Apple Pay.

Although you can still pay cash, most restaurants and customers prefer contactless payments to traditional cash payments.


We hope this information will help you to make an informed decision about Apple Pay at McDonald’s.

It’s very simple to pay at McDonald’s with an Apple Device. All you need is the Apple Pay app and a card.

McDonald’s is a large fast-food restaurant chain. Customers have many payment options.

Google Pay will be available. You can also use traditional payment methods like cash debit or credit cards.

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