Does Mcdonald’s Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay? (guide)

McDonalds customers can select from various payment methods such as credit, debit, or even Apple Pay, and Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

If you’ve been wondering about McDonald’s accepting Google Pay and Samsung Pay, now is the time to listen, because I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants and their acceptance of these payment methods.

Does McDonald’s Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay In 2022?

 McDonald’s will accept Google Pay and Samsung Pay as late as 2022. However, the McDonald’s app does not accept either Samsung or Google Pay. Additionally, McDonald’s will also accept wearables that are also compatible with both Google and Samsung Pay.

If you have more questions about using Google Pay and Samsung Pay, I’ll answer them in this article. Please tell me if there’s anything I missed!

How Does Google Pay Work At McDonald’s?

The McDonald’s payment system is easy to use since it works like a credit or debit card.

Once that’s done, you’ll see your order in the Google Pay app and you can pay with a single tap.

Besides paying with cash, you can also use your phone to pay at certain locations. This will also allow you to pay with cash at the register without having to give your card to the cashier, as the card reader will be stored on your phone and used to pay.

What I did was I placed my cell phone above the card reader and waited for the transaction to complete.

You will know when the transaction is completed because your phone will make a sound, and the card reader will show the information for the transaction.

How Does Samsung Pay Work at McDonald’s?

Google Pay works the same as the Apple Pay. You will need to be a registered user on an iPhone and have an Apple Card to work with Apple Pay.

 I usually order my food at the drive-thru and tell them to add an extra $2 if I’m paying with Samsung Pay.

Then, a manager would come by and take the cash, but they need an ID card. And then, the manager would enter the cash into a computer at some point.

Then, just like with Apple Pay, you should swipe your finger over the display to verify the card information.

In terms of the process of getting an international wire transfer to your bank account, you’ll know once you hear the beep or ring on your device. If you’re still unsure, please call us.

Can You Use Google Pay On The McDonald’s App?

McDonald’s is now accepting Apple Pay in Canada. You can use the Mobile Order & Pay app on your iOS device to pay with Apple Pay for McDonald’s orders at McDonald’s locations.

Can You Use Samsung Pay On The McDonald’s App?

Although it’s only available in the US at the moment, McDonald’s users will be able to pay for their food with their iPhone or iPhone 6 S with Samsung Pay.

Is It Safe To Use Google Pay & Samsung Pay At McDonald’s?

McDonald’s offers a safe method of payment that works with mobile devices. Its mobile app is especially useful for people on the go.

So, with Google Pay or Samsung Pay, you need to go through an additional step of inputting a code or PIN every time you pay with these cards.

If you’re not a fan of the card swiping process of inserting credit cards and you’re not a fan of the risk of credit card skimmers, then you’ll love Samsung Pay or Google Pay. They allow you to not worry about swiping things.

With a contactless reader machine, it is like you are not handing your card to the McDonald’s worker, and that is better protection of your personal information.

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There are various options. I use the Google and Samsung Pay. At the moment, these are only accepted in-store or drive-thru.

Sadly, neither Samsung Pay nor Google Pay are accepted by McDonald’s Mobile Order & Pay app as of now, but it might change later on.

It is very easy to pay with Google Pay or Samsung Pay at McDonald’s.

To perform this task, first you need to open the payment app. Then, just hover the phone over the card reader and let the transaction complete.

So far, there are many advantages to using a smartphone over a traditional payment device, but you’ll have to ask yourself which is the right option for you.

The main disadvantage to using a smartphone is its lack of accessibility to cashiers. You won’t be able to pay your parking meters or the driver at the restaurant with your phone if you don’t have a data plan. So, if you’re taking a business trip, or going on vacation, having a smartphone is not practical.

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