Does Mcdonald’s Accept American Express? (your Full Guide)

It’s not hard to know which fast food restaurants accept American Express, but you need to be sure what the specific credit card type is.

You may have been having doubts about using your American Express Card at McDonald’s or at any other restaurant around the world. Well, with the use of the American Express app, it can now be used with any McDonald’s restaurants around the world.

Does McDonald’s Accept American Express In 2022?

Unfortunately, it’s been a long time since we’ve had any significant innovation at McDonald’s. If the trend continues of a new fast-food burger company that gets off to a hot start, it could be a good long time before we see fast-food chains as interesting as Chipotle or Panera.

You’re wondering about the specifics of McDonald’s and how you can use American Express at the fast-food chain? Continue reading to find even more!

Does McDonald’s Accept American Express In-Store?

McDonald’s now accepts American Express at its more than 5,400 restaurant location throughout the United States.

McDonald’s is one of many companies to offer cashless payment options since they started taking credit cards and debit cards back in 2004.


Does McDonald’s Accept American Express at the Drive-Thru?

American Express was going to work together with McDonald’s for the partnership to allow consumers to use their card when using the drive-thru.

Does McDonald’s Accept American Express Gift Cards?

McDonald’s accepts American Express gift cards, which works the same way as a traditional American Express credit card.

You can do a purchase with it through American Express, and it will be accepted by any merchant that accepts Amex, whether it’s American Express or not.

You need to contact the merchant directly to find out how you can dispute the charge with them. You are not able to contact American Express directly.

What Cards Does McDonald’s Accept?

McDonald’s accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit cards. We plan to accept Apple Pay and Google Pay in the future.

However, if you live within the United States McDonalds must accept a credit card or debit card issued by an American bank.

If you use an American Express gift card, it is not valid outside of the United States and you will not be able to use it for the following.

Other Fast Food Restaurants That Accept American Express

I’m afraid I’m not aware of any American Express credit cards accepted by any restaurants in the area.

Can You Use American Express Points at McDonald’s?

It works with other restaurants too, but it seems like McDonald’s is the only one supported by American Express at the moment.

Click the link found on your confirmation email.
For information about enrolling in the program, visit the Membership Rewards Program webpage.

You can get 2 free Big Macs at McDonald’s if you use your American Express points. McDonald’s is donating $1 to the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

That means that children will be directly positively impacted by your decision to use your points at McDonald’s.

So it sounds a little confusing, but the answer is that the first part [in parentheses] is saying that the first part is an explanation or an explanation of how the second part works.
To see how this is useful, let’s say you were doing the same thing in a different way.

This is not the first time McDonald’s has cut ties with an app. Last year, the fast food restaurant decided to cut ties with popular app Venmo.


You can use American Express to make purchases at McDonald’s through the drive-thru by scanning the AMEX Bar Code at the window.

McDonald’s accepts all major credit cards and with the Mobile Order & Pay feature, you can do the entire payment process from your phone.

Additionally, you can use both Apple Pay and Google Pay if you have the McDonald’s app downloaded and have stored your credit cards in your digital wallet.

But if you’re not using either Apple or Google Pay, you could still use the app for other transactions.

But it’s also worth noting that if you want to make a purchase using Apple or Google Pay, you need to have the relevant credit card already stored in your digital wallet.

 The main reason why they accept American Express can be because of marketing reasons. Some of these fast food restaurants can be very popular and attract a lot of customers, but they cannot turn down requests for credit cards. They can be very expensive, so they want to sell as much as they can afford. This is the reason why you can find some of these restaurants that sell a lot of fast food in their restaurants along with a large number of them selling American Express credit cards.

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