Does Autozone Change Tires? (all You Need To Know)

When you are driving over rough roads, you may need to check the flat tire or leaky tire to ensure it is safe to drive.

After a little while your tires lose some air and they start to perform poorly. At this point, you have two options: fill or change. AutoZone will change your tires for you at no charge, which means you never have to worry about paying for a $0.01 tire.

Does AutoZone Change Tires In 2022?

Unfortunately, AutoZone doesn’t have a plan to change tires for its customers in 2023. If you have tire failure, AutoZone will provide you with a quick fix solution by selling products such as tire repair kits, tire patches, and rubber cement. While these are temporary, they can fix a leak or hole in your tire to keep you on the road.

To keep informed about this information, check out our Tire Rotation Checklist!

Why Doesn’t AutoZone Change Tires?

Your tires need to be replaced
You don’t have the right size tire for your vehicle
The tires have a problem that will make it unsafe to drive
There is damage on the tread and/or sidewalls
Tires are worn out
You are running low on tread or other tire-wear indications.

The best way is to first analyze. Then come up with a solution.

When you are having a problem with your tires, AutoZone will help you get the repair that you need.

AutoZone offers its customers to buy tires and other automotive products online. The company wants to help you and guides you to choose what you need to buy.

AutoZone is a business that buys and sells used auto parts.

AutoZone is a retailer of automotive parts and accessories. Their strategy is to focus on product sales and services.

This will allow you to sell it on ebay, but you can only sell it locally.
It’s also important to note that if you sell it locally, the money is going to go to the mechanic, the mechanic’s shop, and likely the shop that is handling the sale. If you’re selling online, the money is going to your PayPal account.

How Does AutoZone Help You Change Tires?

If the customer encounters an issue with a part that they have purchased, they can call AutoZone and a service rep will be able to assist them.

For those that don’t know, they can be repurposed to clean some other piece you have, or just to take apart and clean.

You can get anything that you need from AutoZone, whether it’s your vehicle, car needs, or tire repair, you can get it at AutoZone.

You can get a tire repair kit for about $5, a tire patch for about $3, and rubber cement for about $9.

And if tires are an obstacle for you to get what you want, you are able to buy the ideal repair solution.

I think that the online tips can be found in the documentation. It is written there in the official tutorial.

 Customers can use the online tips provided on AutoZone’s website to get information on a simple way to replace tires if they are getting worn.

If you need information on how to maintain and replace your tires, you will find some tips on these pages.

Can You Change the Tires Yourself?

This is a problem that car owners must learn to fix themselves. This can be done either aftermarket or at the garage.

A new study reveals that almost half of us have changed a flat tire, but only about a quarter of us know how.

If you learn the skill, you can stop your car and change the tire very quickly and easily and without inconveniences.

The temporary kit will temporarily repair the leak until your car reaches the dealership for proper, professional repair.

Don’t forget to do online tips like this one to make sure your tires are sealed properly to keep more air pressure and a lower air temperature, so your tires keep from leaking.

How Often Should You Change Your Tires?

Changing your tires should be done frequently because different brands and tire types have different mileage ratings.

To prevent unnecessary tire wear, you should check your tire pressure and rotate them properly.

Once your tires get close to the mileage rating, it’s time to shop for new ones.

You can of course use your favorite search engine to search for more data.

How Much Does It Cost to Change Tires?

Tires are usually more expensive in countries that have bad roads. Therefore, you might want to consider buying tires in the US.

You could end up spending a lot more money. Make sure to check the car dealer’s web site for special pricing on tire maintenance.

Because you could actually get a cheaper price for a particular installation from a national, rather than a regional install group.

Where Can You Get Your Tires Changed?

There are other stores you can go to, if you need tires.

Jiffy Lube has an international chain of service centers.

Jiffy Lube has a tire services which include installation, balancing, rotation, replacement, repair, and tire services.

Because of this, if you have a tire issue on the road, you can go to the nearest Jiffy Lube to get a replacement.

Pep Boys used to be one of the most dependable and trustworthy automotive service shops in the whole region.

Pep Boys offers tire alignment, flat tire repair, balancing, and rotation services. You can get tire changes at your nearest Pep Boys location.

If you have any other questions, you can reach us on our AutoZone Facebook page or by calling us at (801) 885-4115.


AutoZone don’t change tires for their customers if they are not broken. If they are not broken AutoZone will provide them with a solution called tire repair kits, tire patches and rubber cement.

You can get the best tire-changing products and tips on the AutoZone website. You will have an easier time fixing a leak or tire hole with a new tool and these products.

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