Does Walmart Change Motorcycle, Rv, Atv, Golf Cart, Trailer, Lawn mower, & Bike Tires?  

The massive retailer also supplies customers with a plethora of services as well, including a large variety of car sales, banking, appliances, and home services.

A friend in the industry, explained that the Walmart tire department is very well stocked with tires for almost any product on the planet. So, if you look at their tire department you’ll find tires for motorcycles, RVs, ATVs, golf carts, trailers, lawn mowers, and more.

Does Walmart Change Motorcycle, RV, ATV, Golf Cart, Trailer, Lawn Mower, & Bike Tires? In 2022?

The Auto Care Centers that carry Walmart tires will have to purchase the tires through Walmart but at a discounted rate. The Auto Care Centers can purchase them at a price lower than what they would normally pay for tires.

Now that we have a general idea of what tires you have, here are some details about your options and replacements.

Does Walmart Change Motorcycle Tires? 

Unfortunately, your motorcycle tires cannot be replaced at any Walmart department store. This is mainly because Walmart’s automotive department does not have the specialized equipment to safely remove and replace motorcycle tires at the department store.

You can also get your tires serviced at Walmart, and if you need a new tire anytime, you can always get a new tire at Walmart, and you can save money at Walmart, and Walmart’s salespeople and tire pros can be trusted to help you find the right new tire for your motorcycle.

Instead of paying someone to replace your tires, you could bring the motorcycle in to the dealership and they will do it for you. This is often done if the tires are damaged by cuts, dents, or other imperfections.

The mechanics will quickly check the tires and, if there is a problem, will replace the tires and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Does Walmart Change RV Tires? 

Yes, Walmart does change RV tires and also does service and tune up. This is a very convenient service for camper owners and those who own other types of holiday or leisure vehicles.

You can also save yourself some time by taking your RV in to get your tires changed at Walmart RV Center.

This could be in part to their partnership with Tire Rack, and their ability to get new tires to Walmart stores early. Also, they have the brand power to make sure their locations stock as many name brand tires as they do.

Walmart charges $200 – $300 to change an RV tire which includes the price of the tire. In addition, there are RV tire shops that charge $15 for changing a tire.

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When traveling with your RV you could also check out our guide on overnight travel at Walmart.

Does Walmart Change ATV Tires? 

When you have a flat tire, you bring your ATV to your local Walmart. If the tire is damaged or damaged beyond repair, you can expect to pay somewhere around $5 for a replacement tire.

There are four types of ATVs that can either be serviced, or replaced. They are dirt bikes, quad bikes, Arctics, and quad bikes.

It’s very easy to change the tires on all of these types of ATVs yourself, so if you prefer to change the tires at home, you can easily do so without breaking the bank.

Does Walmart Change Golf Cart Tires? 

If you would like to upgrade your golf cart tires to a different size/type, you can do that on your own by shopping for new tires online or in-store at your local Walmart Store.

Thats why most courses have their own maintenance workers to tend to any damaged tires, so most people don’t have to worry about changing golf cart tires very often.

Does Walmart Change Trailer Tires? 

Walmart does not change trailers tires at their Auto Care Centers. You must bring your trailer to one of their nearby retail shop.

You may also find a local shop that repairs trailers or sells trailer tires to do this, but there is usually a small charge in addition to the cost of the tire they would use.

Does Walmart Change Lawn Mower Tires? 

Although many Wal-Mart stores have a tire installation area, it’s not always manned at all times.

Your best course of action is to phone your local Walmart store and request to find out if they sell replacement lawn mower tires.

Another option for replacing spare tires is to buy tires from a local tire store. Walmart does sell tires, however the costs of shipping can be quite high and tires are often a bit more expensive than buying them right from Walmart.

You probably don’t want to go around your yard with a knife, but it is surprisingly easy to accomplish.

I had a situation in which there was not enough room in the parking lot where my unit was parked in my neighborhood. I took my unit to Walmart and asked for help with the small tires. The guy in the service department replaced both tires, and they were fine afterwards. My unit looks better, is safer, and is more stable on the road.

Does Walmart Change Bike Tires? 

Walmart does not repair or replace tires. You can purchase a tire repair kit online or in-store if your tire is only damaged or if you need a full replacement. Walmart also sells a wide variety of bike tires for all kinds of bicycles.

You also may need to adjust the bike tires to ensure they are on the proper setting before starting any ride.

If you’re getting a new tire, you should get it mounted on a valve stem. You do this by opening the valve cap and pushing the tire up onto the valve stem, where it will stay until it needs to be removed.
If you have more than one bike tire, you should try to replace them at the same time. Make sure to get an appropriate size for your application, and have each tire on its own valve and stem.

I don’t know what kind of bike it was, but changing a tire at home is not that difficult and is less of a price.

If it’s a regular bike, you are probably better off getting it fixed.

To learn more, you can see our tire replacement service for cars at Walmart, whether or not Walmart will replace headlight bulbs, Walmart takes old tires and Walmart’s tire warranty.


There are a variety of reasons you would want to get a new tire. They can include things like a flat tire, a worn out tire, or even a damaged tire.

If you are looking for convenience, Walmart offers tire changes that are not serviced on most vehicles for just $0 on the tires themselves in-store. If you are looking for a convenience with a low price, Walmart offers tire-on-the-spot for just $0 on the tires themselves.

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