Can You Doordash With A Motorcycle? (What To Know!)

You might be interested in becoming a DoorDash dasher or looking at the possibility of switching to another vehicle. Here are some things you should know before you do so.

DoorDash is an easy way to make money. All you need is a vehicle for your deliveries, and a smartphone to use the app to guide you.

The second most important aspect of being a DoorDash driver is your vehicle. Let’s see if we can use a bike to make some extra money or if we can use a motorbike if we don’t have one.

Is it possible to DoorDash with a motorcycle?

DoorDash can be used with a motorcycle. All you have to do is register your bike while you get started.

There are pros and cons to using a motorcycle for deliveries. These may be enough to convince you, or discourage you from using it.

First, you might be able do your orders faster because it is easier to travel on a motorcycle than in an automobile.

You may get a delivery request that is too large for your vehicle.

You might be surprised at the other vehicles that you can drive as a dasher.

Can You Work For DoorDash On A Bike?

You can transport your cargo on a bicycle. And you’ll save gas because your legs do all the work.

However, this can be both a plus and a minus. Delivery on a bicycle can be time-consuming and may result in poor ratings depending on where you live.

How to Apply for DoorDash with a Motorcycle

It’s the same process as with a car. You just need to mention that you will be using a motorcycle for delivery.

How to Apply for DoorDash with a Bike

You should keep in mind that not all locations offer the opportunity to rent a bicycle. If you need more information, contact support.

  • To start your deliveries you will first need to create a new account. You’ll be asked for your credentials to complete the form.
  • Next, choose the vehicle that you will use to deliver your orders. In this instance, you’ll choose the bike option. This is different as you don’t need insurance nor driving records.
  • You will need to show a valid driver’s license for background checks.
  • Finally, once the background check has been completed, which typically takes about three business days, you can start working with DoorDash immediately.

What apps let you deliver on your bike?

You have the option to choose from several options if you’re looking for other ways to travel while still being able deliver on your bike.

  • DoorDash
  • Uber Eats
  • Instacart
  • Postmates

These are the top delivery apps you can use to deliver your bike.


Doordash can be a great way to make a little more. It allows you to use any type of transportation, including cars, bikes, and motorcycles.

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