Does Instacart Take Ebt? (Must-know!)

Instacart is a great way to order groceries and food online, with quick delivery right at your door. Instacart customers can place orders 24/7 and relax.

Instacart provides a variety of payment options, as you would expect from an online shopping site. Instacart offers a variety of payment options so you can choose the best option for you.

However, this begs the question: Does Instacart accept EBT? Instacart is able to accept EBT. This article is intended for EBT beneficiaries.

Instacart accepts EBT


You can use EBT or SNAP to pay in any of the 40 participating retail stores that are part of Instacart.

Instacart allows you to order groceries and pay with EBT. You can also purchase snacks and other convenience products using EBT or SNAP payments.

Instacart’s Convenience Hub has many snacks, essential items, and ingredients you can purchase with your EBT/SNAP card.

What is EBT?

Imagine you are low on groceries but also low on cash in your bank account. Hunger doesn’t care about when your next payday falls, so you will have to make it happen. This means that you will need to find another way to pay your grocery bill. EBT is the solution.

EBT simply means Electronic Benefit Transfer. It is an electronic system of state welfare that provides a small amount of money to beneficiaries in order to meet their basic needs.

It’s like a state-owned bursary for groceries, which comes in handy when things get tough. EBT is designed to help low-income earners and comes with an electronic credit card.

EBT cards work just like other debit cards. The state welfare department has specified that the EBT card can only be used for fresh, uncooked food. EBT is not yet accepted by many stores, but there are online and retail stores such as Instacart which accept it.

EBT is also known as “food stamps”. It allows you to get free food, groceries or cash to pay for groceries. EBT was originally part of the Food Stamp Program in 2004. It evolved into the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in 2005. It’s now known as EBT and SNAP but it’s better known under its original name, “Food Stamps”.

Where can I pay with EBT?

Some Instacart retailers don’t accept SNAP or EBT payments. There are some retail stores that accept EBT or SNAP payments on Instacart.

  • PAQ Inc (Food 4 Less California, Rancho San Miguel)
  • ALDI
  • Food Bazaar
  • Market 32
  • Ahold Delhaize USA
  • Little Giant Farmer’s Market
  • Earthfare
  • Fairplay Foods
  • Food Lion
  • Homeland
  • Brookshire’s
  • Woodman’s Markets
  • My County Market
  • Harps Food Stores
  • Publix

Is it possible to use SNAP or EBT for grocery delivery on Instacart

EBT and SNAP payments are available to replace regular debit cards when you order groceries on Instacart. EBT and SNAP orders qualify for special delivery and pickup discounts. To enjoy these discounts, you just need to have a valid EBT/SNAP card linked to your Instacart account.

While there are many retail outlets that accept EBT or SNAP payments for Instacart orders, this doesn’t necessarily mean they will accept EBT or SNAP delivery.

Many retail stores will only accept EBT or SNAP payments for grocery orders. They do not accept delivery or pickup. However, Instacart is slowly integrating EBT/SNAP payments with many of its retail partners. It’s only a matter time before they do so for grocery deliveries.

Instacart has a list of partners that can help you place orders and pay delivery with your SNAP or EBT card. These are the retailers that accept EBT or SNAP payments for delivery and orders.

  • ALDI
  • Food Maxx
  • Food Lion
  • Market 32
  • Save Mart
  • Market Bistro
  • Lucky Supermarkets

How to Pay with your EBT Card or SNAP Card on Instacart

You must set up your EBT/SNAP card as an alternate mode of payment in your Instacart account before you can use it on Instacart. How to set up your EBT/SNAP card on Instacart

  • First, create an Instacart profile.
  • After your Instacart account has been verified and is running, click Account Setting.
  • Click on Payment Options in your account settings and choose “Add EBT card”.
  • Save your EBT Card details by entering them as needed.
  • To link your regular debit card with your Instacart account, click on “Add another Card”. This is especially important if you plan to shop for products not eligible for SNAP or EBT payment.
  • Add the ZIP code of your city. This will tell you if your area is eligible for EBT and show you the closest retail stores that accept SNAP or EBT.
  • Click on the search filter to add EBT-eligible items when shopping on Instacart This will reorder your shopping results to display all EBT-eligible products first.
  • You can add as many EBT products to your card as you like and then proceed to make payments. Choose your EBT card to be your payment method.
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What products can I buy with an EBT card?

Instacart generally accepts uncooked food and convenience products as EBT/SNAP payments. You can purchase the following items with your EBT card:

  • Milk and other dairy products
  • Cereals
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Produces for meat, poultry and fish
  • Bottled water, and other non-alcoholic beverages
  • Snacks

What products are not eligible for SNAP or EBT payments?

It doesn’t have to be a food item in order to be eligible for SNAP or EBT payments. The following items are not eligible for SNAP or EBT benefits:

  • Drinks containing alcohol
  • Non-food products
  • Tobacco and any other nicotine product
  • Bodybuilding and steroids
  • Ready-to-eat and cooked foods that do not fall under the EBT or SNAP requirements.

Instacart will accept EBT SNAP benefits. Instacart allows people with low income to link their SNAP benefits via EBT. They can use them at select stores in the US.

Who is eligible for Instacart EBT and SNAP payments?

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), a program that provides nutritional assistance to low-income families, was established by the US welfare agency in 2004. This program allowed low-income families and earners to easily purchase healthy groceries.

The general concept is that low-income earners are the main beneficiaries of EBT and SNAP.

Instacart has been authorized to accept SNAP and EBT payments. However, there are still restrictions. Customers from all 50 states, except Alaska, Montana and Louisiana, can currently use SNAP or EBT as alternate payment methods on Instacart.

Users from restricted states will need to wait a while before their states are integrated in the EBT or SNAP pilot programs.

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The United States government is committed to meeting the needs of its citizens, particularly those with low incomes. EBT is the acronym for Electronic Benefits Transfer.

EBT cards, the latest innovation in retailing, mean customers no longer need to bring paper cards or food stamps.

Instacart EBT card users can use their EBT card online and avoid any mockery when using food stamps offline. Instacart has made it easy to integrate EBT as a payment method.

Instacart users can quickly set up their EBT cards and filter the products results to show only EBT-eligible items.

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