Does Instacart Accept Cash? (all You Need To Know)

A service called Instacart has brought back the convenience of shopping in your own time and at your own pace.

Instacart accepts all the common forms of payment – Credit and debit cards, cash, and many other payment methods – but does it accept cash? If you want to find out, keep reading!

Does Instacart Accept Cash In 2022?

The delivery company doesn’t accept cash payments for groceries, fees, or Express memberships in 2022. It does accept most major credit and debit cards and some forms of third-party digital payment, as well as EBT SNAP through some retailers in some areas.

To read more about Instacart, if you haven’t signed up yet, you can get started here. You can also find out how to save time and money on your groceries and how your order will be delivered. You can also find out how you can pay for your groceries on Instacart.

What Methods of Payment Does Instacart Accept?

The only thing we would ask of the customer is that they place their order on our app and have the delivery address on their account so that they can track their order.

We accept many forms of payment – all major US and Canadian credit and debit cards, EBT cards at participating stores in select states, China UnionPay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Paypal.

Instacart is not accepting cash, nor are they accepting gift cards that are specific to a retailer.

If you can’t buy your desired gift card, you are able to redeem your gift card for free merchandise from their site and choose to have it shipped directly to the person on your list.

If you can’t find any friends that have Instacart accounts, you could use the services of a friend that uses them instead.

They can have the groceries delivered to your address, and you can work out between you paying them back by having sex with them.

How Do You Pay for Groceries on Instacart?

In order to buy groceries on Instacart, you must add the payment method to the app.

When a purchase takes place, you are prompted for your payment information, including your credit card number, your payment method, and your expiration date. Then, when you want the product, you complete a check out.

Instacart connects with your PayPal account and you can use the Instacart app to start shopping.

Go to the SNAP Web site, or the Mobile SNAP application for the iPhone or Android phone or tablet.

The third change you need to make is in your payment methods. This is a little more difficult to find, but all of your payment methods are now in a tab called “Credit Cards.” This is the third tab from the left after Log in and Security. You need to scroll to the bottom of the tab and edit the first option as a credit card that you own.

I can’t seem to find it on the Account settings main page, under the list of settings for the account. I can only find it in the Account Settings dialog.

If you select Apple or Google Pay, your customers can use their device to authorize your business’s card on the payment page without needing to add additional information.
If a customer has chosen Google Pay or Apple Pay, they can enter or scan a credit card or debit card, and your business can still use the same checkout buttons as usual.

Instead, if you have cards loaded onto Apple or Google Pay, the app will detect them automatically at check-out. So you don’t need to use the Google or Apple Pay card scanner.

When you want more information about a piece, just click on it to see its “about” page.

Do Prepaid Cards Work on Instacart?

If you don’t have extra money on hand, you can also purchase the Instacart Visa and Mastercard debit debit cards for use with Instacart, however, they will not be accepted for use with other services.

While some sources (incorrectly) state that it is not possible, the vast majority of first-hand anecdotes indicate that it is.

The reason seems to be that with every order there is a chance that the final totals could be more than what was given at checkout, and thus refunding would entail manual intervention.

I would also like to mention, that if payment at checkout is $50+ with a $25 order, and the order is in fact $85, the final $40 dollars will be transferred only after the $50+ has been received by Instacart.

Since the company gift cards can only be used to purchase instacart-provided products, they will not work as a store cash-only workaround.

Finally, as mentioned previously, we’re also providing an option for you to manually purchase gift cards for each of your orders. While we strongly encourage you to use our free online system, we’re here to support shoppers who prefer the convenience of a cash-only method of payment.

You need to have at least one other payment method on file with the app. You’ll need to make sure the final total on the Instacart order is less than the balance on that payment method.

Can You Use EBT on Instacart?

EBT SNAP benefits can be used with eligible items ordered through several stores including select Walmart stores.

If a store accepts EBT, the SNAP card is usually accepted, but if available, you can still use a different card. Some stores accept only US debit cards, so the SNAP card is not an option depending on the chain.

Grocers Aldi and Publix tend to accept debit cards, credit cards and cash in every state where Instacart is available.

When it comes to SNAP, you need to know your grocery store and what days they offer EBT SNAP. It’s important to find out your grocer’s acceptance of EBT SNAP.

I have been using the EBT card as my form of payment and it has been fine. However, you may want to have another form of payment on file just to be safe.

Does Instacart Let You Pay with PayPal?

Just make sure to go to the grocery store to get your items. It costs $20 plus your regular Instacart fee.

Now sellers and creators can connect their PayPal account to the Instacart app to help them accept payments from customers.

I don’t believe you can do this at the payment step for the products though, only via a payment method.

Can You Use Gift Cards on Instacart?

So unfortunately you may have to save up your Target and Aldi gift card for a whole other purpose.

If you’re willing to be a little more direct about what you’re looking for, you can also ask them for a gift card to Amazon or Walmart.

You can get a card at Walmart/Target/etc. which enables you to add funds that you can spend with your Visa or Mastercard, or if you prefer something simpler, you can just add a balance to your account.

I’ve also noticed that the video editor doesn’t always work in the background. But you have to check it every time you want to add a new clip.

Once you have entered the credit card number and provided it to your account, you will get a confirmation email with a link to your order and instructions on how to move money from your card.

This is correct, however, only if shopping on Instacart is a new experience for you. If you are used to shopping online, the process is much faster, and in many cases cheaper, than shopping in-person.

To learn more you can look at our blog post about Instacart shop-only orders. To learn more about the Instacart pay stub, you can read our post about Instacart scammers.


Instacart does not accept cash and there isn’t really a workaround if you don’t have a bank account or a credit card.

However Instacart does not accept credit cards from people in the UK and Australia

But, can I still purchase a package from Instacart through a credit card?
Yes, you can! Since you’re using a credit card, you can add the item to your cart and then checkout with the payment method that you’d like to use.

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