How To Cancel A Doordash Order As A Driver (Easy!)

Sometimes, you accept a DoorDash delivery and then find out that you are unable or unwilling to fulfill it. This is perfectly normal and happens quite often.


How to Cancel a DoorDash Order as a Driver

DoorDash makes it easy to cancel or unassign yourself from an order.

These steps can be taken to cancel an order using the DoorDash Driver App

For Dashers with Android

  • Click on the? Click the???? button at the top right corner of Dasher app
  • Tap Unassign This Delivery under Picking up
  • Choose a reason why you are not assigning delivery

For Dashers using iOS:

  • The Dasher app has a Help button at the top right corner.
  • Select “Can’t do this”
  • Choose a reason why you are not assigning delivery
  • Click Submit Request / Submit
  • To confirm the unassignment, click Continue

If you have already marked an order as ‘picked-up’, it is impossible to unassign yourself.

Can You Cancel A DoorDash Order As A Driver?

Yes. You can cancel a DoorDash driver order so long as it hasn’t been marked as picked up yet.

You can cancel an order you have accepted at any time. After you pick up your order, you must deliver it. The app will not allow you to cancel the order or return it to the restaurant for delivery by another Dasher, even if you are in an emergency.

DoorDash will cancel my order if it takes too long

DoorDash will not cancel an order if it takes too long. However, the customer may.

DoorDash customers can cancel orders at any time for a partial or full refund. If the restaurant or dasher takes too long to prepare or deliver the order, the customer has the right to cancel.

DoorDash will not cancel if you as a driver get stuck in traffic or are delayed. You can communicate with customers to let them know your setback, so that they don’t cancel unannounced.

How do I get a higher paying DoorDash order?

There are several ways you can ensure that your DoorDash order is paid the most.

Book your Dashes in advance. Many of the most popular hotspots are filled with Dashers, and the map becomes greyed out.

You won’t be disappointed if you order your dashes well in advance.

Another tip is to be aware of which deliveries you should avoid. If there are no other orders, avoid orders with a low base payment. Keep your eyes open for $7-$10 base salary orders.

To make it worthwhile, accept lower orders if you can.

Avoid placing orders far from hotspots. It doesn’t matter if your order has a $10 base payment, it won’t pay off if you have to travel both directions.

Learn more about DoorDash These articles will help you learn how to DoorDash without a redcard and what is a DoorDash redcard.


You can cancel or unassign an order at any time before it is marked as ‘picked-up’.

You can cancel an order without penalty, regardless of the reason.

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