How To Rate Doordash Drivers (Quick & Easy!)

Many people find the convenience of ordering groceries and meals from their home or office to be one of the greatest things about the 21st Century.

This is also a great thing for employment as many people can use DoorDash to apply for work and get their vehicles delivered.

This is a great idea and has become very common. However, customers might lose sight of the hard work that goes into deliveries. That’s why it’s important for them to be rewarded with tips or good reviews.

You should rate your Dasher if you order with DoorDash. Here’s how to leave feedback about DoorDash

How to Rate DoorDash Drivers

As a customer:

It’s easy to become a customer and rat a Dasher. All you have to do is receive your order, then score it with a score between 1 and 5 stars.

The rating does not reflect the quality of the delivery service. If the food is not satisfactory or there are any other issues, the Dasher should report it to the merchant or store that sold the food.

As a merchant:

You can rate your Dasher by visiting the Merchant Portal at DoorDash.

Here’s how it works:

If you have the time, make sure to use this feedback feature responsibly. DoorDash treats their customers seriously, and Dashers can be negatively or positively affected depending on what kind of review you write.

Are DoorDash Drivers Rated?

Yes, each DoorDash driver is assigned an overall rating system that is based on four ratings. These ratings cover customer service and performance.

Let’s find out which ratings the service considers important for monitoring and improving the experience.

Customer Rating

This is what we have already covered, and it is all about the customer experience with delivery.

These ratings will be considered in order to get an average rating based upon the 100 most recent.

This is a great way to keep some control over DoorDash’s quality service. In other words, it’s easy to become a Dasher. However, if you want to keep a spot on the platform, excellent customer service will be crucial. A Dasher who doesn’t have a rating above 4.2 will be removed.

Completion Rate

When calculating the Dasher rating, it will also consider how many deliveries have been made.

It is important to note that a customer can cancel an order at any time.

DoorDash does not require you to complete a minimum number of tasks in order to get a spot, but this is still important for good ratings.

Delivery on-time

Every delivery service has made it a priority to arrive on time, even after safety concerns.

Being punctual will guarantee customer satisfaction and a higher rating.

Acceptance Rate

The Dasher typically places an order through the app. He or she then decides whether to accept it. However, it is logical to try to accept as many orders as possible since fewer orders will result in lower ratings and eventually, no orders.

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What can I do to complain about a DoorDash driver?

DoorDash customer support can be reached via email, live chat or phone number.

These options can be used to contact Dasher or the service if you have any problems.

Call 855-973-1040 if you have any questions.

In case you are in trouble with a Dasher customer or a Dasher customer, you can check their Anti-Harassment policy.

If you feel that you have been unfairly reviewed, you can also contest a customer’s rating as a Dasher.

Learn more about DoorDash These articles will help you learn more about DoorDash.


If you are a customer, please take the time to rate your Dashers. They are independent contractors and will appreciate the 5-star rating.

You can rate a Dasher as a merchant. Although it works slightly differently, it still has an impact on their overall performance.

It is important to rate your delivery driver honestly and to avoid any issues. In the end, the customer wants their order and Dasher wants to make extra money.

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