How To Rate Movies On Amazon Prime (Easy!)

Amazon Prime allows you to access over 5000 movies in multiple languages. You can also find your favourite films here. Ratings can help you decide if you want to see a film. Amazon Prime also allows you to leave reviews for viewers who are interested.

It is important to research the topic extensively as rating is an integral part of Amazon Prime videos. Want to learn more about Amazon Prime ratings Continue reading ….

Can You Rate Amazon Prime Videos?

You can rate Amazon Prime Video movies you’ve seen. Your rating will improve your personal recommendations and help other users decide which movie to watch. Amazon Prime video also arranges movies according to their popularity. Your rating can significantly impact a movie’s popularity.

There are three main methods to rate movies in Prime Video using your desktop browser. Here’s a list of these methods.

How to rate movies on Amazon Prime

The review option is not available in the mobile app so you can only rate Amazon Prime movies from a computer. These are the different methods that you can use for rating:

  • Customer review.
  • You can improve your recommendations.
  • Use the IMDB App.

How to rate movies on Amazon Prime Video using the Customer Review Option

It is easy to rate movies by customers reviews if you follow these steps:

Improved Recommendations: How to Rate Movies on Amazon Prime

You can rate Amazon Prime Video movies by this method. Other users will not see your ratings. You may be wondering what the purpose of rating is. Your ratings can make a big difference in your movie and show recommendations.

You can save time browsing through hundreds of movies and Amazon Prime Video will recommend movies that you like. These steps will help you rate movies and improve recommendations.

  • Start your desktop browser to log in to
  • Navigate to the section ‘Accounts and List’ in the upper right corner. Click on the down arrow to the left.
  • Click on the “Your Recommendation” option
  • Your browser will open a new tab. Here you can select the “Improve Your Recommendations” option.
  • To find out which movies and shows you have already seen, click on “Videos you’ve seen” while you are here
  • Select the movie that you wish to rate.

How to rate movies on Amazon Prime Video using IMDB

IMDB ratings might be displayed when you stream Prime Video content. They can be found in the upper left corner of your screen. IMDB, a subsidiary to Amazon Prime Video, receives ratings through its platform. These ratings are also available to Prime Video customers.

This is how you rate Prime Video movies with IDMB

  • Open the IMDB website using your browser
  • Sign in to Amazon by selecting the sign-in option
  • To find the movie that you want to rate, use the search option at top
  • To open the movie, click on it
  • Click the “rate this” option in the upper right corner of the screen next to the star icon.
  • Now you can rate the movie anywhere from one star to ten stars

Why can’t I rate movies on Amazon Prime App?

Many people have complained about the inability to rate movies on Amazon Prime. The rating feature is not yet available on the Amazon Prime app.

If they want to leave a rating, they should use the desktop browser. Amazon works hard to make this feature available on the app.

Why is my review lacking a ‘helpful’ action under it?

Most reviews will include a delete or edit option. You can edit or delete your review at any time.

Only customers who have read your review will be able to access the helpful option. If they find your review helpful, they might click the “helpful” button.

What do I do if I have difficulty rating movies?

Although it is unlikely that problems will occur while rating movies on Amazon Prime Video you can still call or email Amazon Customer Service if you have any questions.

Why can’t I see my review on Amazon?

Three reasons may explain why your review isn’t appearing on Amazon. Amazon may have blocked, deleted, or restricted the number of reviews due to policy violations.

However, sometimes this is not the case. Reviews can take up to two weeks to appear. This should not be alarming.

Amazon has a profanity filter?

Amazon Prime Video does have a profanity filter. To help you enjoy your favorite movies and shows, the TV Guardian automatically filters out profanity and other offensive clauses.

It connects easily to a VCR, TV, satellite receivers, DVDs and cable boxes.

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Amazon Prime gives you access to an entire new world of amazing movies. This platform is better if you leave a review and watch videos. The rest is simple once you have decided how to rate the videos.

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