Renting Movies On Amazon Prime (how Many Times Can You Watch, How Long It Lasts + More)

Amazon Prime is an online streaming platform that allows you to stream movies and TV shows for free. You can also rent Amazon Prime movies for one week or six months.

If you have never rented a movie from Amazon Prime before, you might be wondering how it works. When you are ready to see what has been happening throughout the site this month, keep reading through this article to see what I learned.

Renting Movies on Amazon Prime In 2022

Amazon has one main source of revenue: Prime memberships. Its services are used by Prime members to watch streaming television programs and movies on their televisions, computers, and more. Prime memberships are available for $79.99 a year, $6.99 a month, or $7.99 a month for members of Amazon’s Student program.

If you would like to learn more about how renting movies through Prime works, how much rentals cost, how many movies you can rent at once, and more, continue reading for more facts and tips.

How Do I Rent a Movie on Amazon Prime?

You can rent anything through Amazon Prime. The only requirement to rent is to subscribe to this service.

Do I Need a Prime Membership to Rent Movies from Prime Video?

Customers can get free video through Amazon, but they must have an Amazon Prime account to watch Prime Video.

But for people who don’t have a Prime account, only Amazon account, they only rented videos from Amazon.

If you don’t have Prime yet, you can rent any movie in the Prime Video library for free for one month. If you’re interested, just head to the Prime website, sign into your account and search the movies for free.

Once search is complete, the film will show up on the results page with a price. Customers can select the price, and will be taken to the Prime Video page, where they can choose to rent or purchase the movie!

How Long Can You Rent Movies on Prime For?

While a movie is rented from a DVD kiosk or through the Amazon Instant Video service, the customer can rent a movie for 30 days.

Yes, they can watch the movie for 48 hours, but after that it disappears.

In the original, the film’s name is said when it is about to start.

If customers would like to use Prime Video for a longer period of time, they also have the option to purchase the movie.

Once you purchase it, you will have the chance to be able to watch it whenever you want in Amazon Prime.

How Many Times Can You Watch a Rented Movie on Prime?

When a customer rents a movie through Amazon Video, they can begin watching the movie 30 days after they bought it. After they start watching the movie, they can watch it for two weeks, then have access to the movie for two months.

Therefore, customers can watch the video as much as they like within the allotted 48-hour period. If customers do not want to purchase the movie permanently, they can rent it again after their first rental expires.

Because customers are able to watch the film multiple times, it is recommended that they purchase the film instead of renting. The price difference is generally quite small, depending on how new the film is.

How Much Do Movie Rentals Cost on Amazon Prime?

The movies that people want to watch are mostly the movies that are already popular and can be bought. So that people don’t watch them when they have to pay, the movie rental prices are high.

Older (usually earlier) releases will be cheaper and are usually the ones to look for.

The company will also usually reduce the price if a movie becomes popular enough to warrant a DVD release.

So basically, if you’re a Prime member it’s an easy way to enjoy the latest and greatest movies, but when you’re looking for something a little older, it can be a little more difficult.

How Many Movies Can I Rent at Once on Amazon Prime?

You can rent up to 3 videos at once through Prime Video.

However, customers can only watch one video at a time on their own device with Prime Video.

Prime Video has no limits on how many movies you can have in your library. However, at this time, there is no limit to how many movies you can purchase at a time. Therefore, you should opt for Prime instead of renting if you have a larger selection of movies in mind.

How Do I Download Rentals on Prime Video?

1. Log in to the app, and go to your library.
2. Look for the title, and click on the download button.
3. The app will guide you to download it.
4. Follow steps 1 to 3 to download any other title you have rented, and don’t forget to watch it on your TV.

How Do I Cancel an Accidental Rental on Amazon Prime?

If a customer accidentally rents a movie and notifies the company of his error, he can get his money back.

Return an Amazon purchase simply by clicking the “Cancel Purchase” option. This can be found on the bottom of the page after selecting a purchased item.

A great deal more information about Amazon Prime, including the fact that Amazon Prime includes, can be found in our Amazon Prime posts.


Amazon Prime offers rentals for its members and regular customers. Members can search for videos available to rent in the Amazon search bar, or add the video to their “Purchase” library.

“Prime Instant Video” allows customers to stream Prime movies for up to 4K resolution on any device for 30 days after they’ve begun watching the film, and also give customers the option to buy the film. Once the customer has finished watching the film, they can use Prime to download the film to their device. You can find the same rules for other streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

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